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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    The pedal functions perfectly but shows wear as pictured. Pedal only. Trade interests: Fuzz $140 shipped CONUS only
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    Sold Dunlop Echoplex Delay

    Excellent condition $125 shipped/pp’d
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    Sold MXR Mini ISO Brick

    Greetings, I have an MXR ISO brick in excellent condition. They usually come with six DC cables but i lost one. Comes with everything else. Perfect for that second mini board you know you want to build. $75 shipped/PayPal’d in CONUS or trade for a pedal.
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    Sold Boss DM-2 Waza

    Sold, thanks $115 shipped/PP'd in CONUS, or trade for Zvex Box of Rock Vexter.
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    Sold Svetlana 6L6GC matched pair tubes

    I haven't been following the tube shortage saga very closely, so take that for what it's worth. I found these in storage and I don't need them. I took these out of a Tungsten Crema Wheat because I wanted to try a set of NOS 6V6s, and I never did anything else with the 6L6s. They are...
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    Sold Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer

    Sold on reverb
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    Sold Lollar Imperials

    Sold, thanks Trade interests… Boss Waza CE2, maybe other cool modulation pedals For sale is a set of Lollar Imperials with standard winding in uncovered double black with 4-conductor wire, excellent condition. I will only sell them as a set. All mounting screws and springs included. Had...
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    Sold Tech 21 Sansamp Bass Driver v2

    Bass Driver version 2 DI/preamp pedal in mint condition. Original owner, comes with everything as new from manufacturer. $180 shipped/PayPal’d in conus.
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    Sold Mesa Mini Rectifier 25

    I’m looking for a Mesa Mini Rectifier 25. I’m in the Tampa area. Thank you
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    Sold Zvex lofi loop junky, mxr script ‘74 RI phase 90

    Trying to raise funds for an amp (no trades) CONUS shipping only, thanks. ZVex LoFi Loop Junky - pedal only, power plate included!. excellent. SOLD MXR Phase 90 '74 Vintage Reissue - with box/papers, excellent. - SOLD
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    Sold Origin RevivalDrive Compact

    $sold shipped/PayPal’d in CONUS. Excellent condition, comes with original box, rubber feet are gone but other than that there are no issues. I’ll consider trades but I’m set on dirt and delay. I want a flanger but hopefully a cheap one plus cash. Boss preferably.
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    Sold Carbon Copy for your TC Hall of Fame

    (trade pending) Like the title says, looking for a straight trade.
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    Sold JHS Crimson legends of fuzz series

    Sold on reverb $108 plus shipping plus PayPal fee which totals about $124. The pedal is in as-new condition. Trade interest: Boss TU2/TU3 plus cash Boss waza Chorus try me?
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    Sold Foxrox & JHS fuzzes

    *update 9/13/21* Trade in work, ad is no longer being pursued. thanks! Octron v.1 is excellent condition, i purchased used on here. Crimson is mint, original owner.
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    Sold Origin Cali76 Compact Bass

    Mint. $gone shipped and PayPal’d in conus. Funding studio gear, no trades please.
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    DIY Acoustic panels - Fabric question

    Hi all, In preparation for a home studio build, I've been building some general purpose panels. I plan on purchasing bass traps from a reputable vendor like GIK, but the broadband panels seemed easy enough to make on my own. They are 24"x48" panels stuffed with Rockwool. I used a layer of...
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    Sold Diamond Vibrato

    One of the best modulation pedals in the game! I will even include a voodoo lab double voltage adapter and cable so you can power it (this is 18-24 volt). Can’t do trades as i am finding a studio build. $210 shipped and PayPal’d conus. Thanks
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    Sold Strymon Flint

    Strymon Flint, no wall wart. $260 shipped priority mail and paypal'd in CONUS. thanks
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    Sold Fulltone OCD

    Serial number is in the 155,000's so I guess that makes it a version 1.7. Looking for any of the following: Carbon Copy DM-2 waza Wah Silicon fuzz face
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    Sold Tungsten Crema Wheat

    $gone shipped/paypal'd in CONUS. Up for sale or trade is this Tungsten Crema Wheat. I purchased it from a fellow TGP member about a year ago and it's served me well in my studio. I have not taken it out of my home and I believe the previous owner said the same. You've heard this amp being...
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    Sold Gagan Italia Wah

    I purchased this Wah pedal from a TGP member about a year ago. The pot was bad and i replaced it with a Dunlop Hot Potz II 100k pot. Used it for some recording work but i no longer have a need. Everything is working properly. Price is $sold shipped and paypal’d in CONUS.
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    Song feat. Tungsten Crema Wheat, EJ strat

    Digging this Tungsten Crema Wheat, 5E3 thing is really covering a lot of ground for me. Other gear used: EJ strat, delay and reverb from Logic, kicked on a ProCo Rat on the 2nd solo.
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    Sold Earthquaker Bit Commander

    *trade in progress* $100 shipped and paypal’d in conus. Trade interest— carcosa, envelope filter, rat, ehx stuff
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