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    Any one using Wilkinson tremolos ?

    I have a Wilkinson "style trem" on my Ibanez RS 1000 --I like it.
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    That feeling when you have nice guitar, but crappy amps/effects due to living an apartment

    I love the responses---SPEND MONEY LOL, and Money is easier than Talent and Ability.--LOLZ
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    That feeling when you have nice guitar, but crappy amps/effects due to living an apartment

    some of what I hear on this topic is that you cant get great sound at TV volumes????? HOGWASH.
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    That feeling when you have nice guitar, but crappy amps/effects due to living an apartment

    I live in an apt and I have 2 Rivera's, 2 Peavey"s ,ADA MP1 classic and 2- 2 2/12 cabs I turn down and then turn up when the neighbors are gone. I also have a pretty great pedal board. I also still have my rack from the 80s LOL
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    Amps you regret buying

    It cost me $1400 total to buy and repair -even with warranty
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    Amps you regret buying

    Marshall DSL 40c
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    NGD: 1975 Ibanez "Destroyer"

    I remember when those came out and a Friend of mine bought one. I thought it sounded and played better than my 73 LP Custom.
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    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I own an Epi inspired by Gibson LP Standard played better than the $2600 Gibson--rear pickup is a bit bright and will change it with a Duncan. Everything else is very good for $649. Just for reference I own 4 Gibson's
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    Gibson price increase

    Gibson make great headstocks, I know because I own 4. Ibanez makes a better guitar though, I know because I own 8.
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    Diverse cover gig - do you go for one clean channel and drives or a multi channel amp?

    Clean-warm overdrive and a heavy crunch = done
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    Let's hear your steal of a deal stories!

    The 2005 Les Paul Standard 5a top used (in my avi)for $1250 in perfect condition back in 2018.
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    What is the greatest guitar you've ever had the honor of playing?

    Back in 91 I played a 59 amber flame top Les Paul at Guitar Crazy in Portland-at that time the price was $68,000 and was eventually sold to Ron Wood of the Stones. Not to be confused with the one I have in my avi.
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    The scooped mids rhythm guitar sound of 'Beat It' (1982)

    According to Rivera's web site it was infact Luke's modded Fender Rivera Deluxe. That amp was re issued by Sweetwater a few years back and they talked about it being used on the Beat It track.
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    How would you Describe American Vs British Medium Gain Tones

    when it comes to those tones its really as much or more about the speakers.
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    Rivera Venus Recording - any impressions?

    You should check out Doug Bossi's demo on the Rivera facebook page--maybe the best amp Ive ever heard
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    Best Rock band of the 70s=AC/DC. Fight me.

    Dont forget that from 73 to 75 Alice Cooper band was the biggest band as far as concert attendance goes
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    Best looking amps ever
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    Fripp is back at it. And I have to say...

    quite binipular
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    Middle aged men playing punk.

    Alice can now sing Im 80
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    Artists who always have smoking hot backing bands

    Some will laugh but Im going to say Three Dog Night
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    Ethics of selling guitars with Floyd Rose

    one thing that newer or inexperienced trem players dont do is ---STRETCH those strings
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    Ethics of selling guitars with Floyd Rose

    I have Ibanez Edge's ,Pro Rocker, Power Rocker and Kaehler Trems , all stay in tune very well. My Bigsby --well LOL
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    Leslie West Gravely Ill On Ventilator

    To me--growing up in the 70s there were 2 unmistakable guitars solos--Whole Lotta Love and Mississippi Queen---RIP Leslie West.:(
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    What is the best Combo amp for all around gigging clubs

    the best--for what, when,who?????--there is no best only different. take a listen to a bunch and decide for yourself
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