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  1. MomentFX

    NUPD* - 2012 Fender Standard Strat MIM

    * Is New Unplanned Purchase Day is a thing? Probably not, and maybe rightfully so. But anyone care to share their recent NUPs, and how do you feel about it now that the dust has settled a bit? Anyway, I went poking around my local music store today just to get out of the house for a bit and...
  2. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    From an article on how to set up your first pedal board. (EDIT: linked to the article.)
  3. MomentFX

    [ANSWERED] Pickup Question: Gibson 57 Classics

    [SOLVED - thank you rockabilly69 and cap10kirk] I don't know much about Gibson pickups, so I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I just found (and bought) a couple of used pickups labeled Gibson 57 Classics at my favorite local music store, but I'm confused by the sticker on the back...
  4. MomentFX

    Brian May Guitars - The BMG Arielle - Kind of a Firebirdy Red Special?

    I might be late to the party, but I just saw this today (link). Curious what your thoughts are, especially anyone who has one or has tried it. I'm not hatin', but I don't love the looks. There is also a reverse headstock model (see below), but I don't see it on the BMG site.
  5. MomentFX

    I guess I wasn't clear (eBay sale gone wrong)

    I listed a broken Boss GE-7 on ebay (auction starting at $9.99, sold for $34 plus shipping, with several other bidders). The buyer complained that it didn't work (specifically that it doesn't pass a signal in bypass, even though the listing says "intermittently") and wants a refund (I granted it...
  6. MomentFX

    NGD: Martin 000-15M

    There are only two guitars that I really regretted selling in the past, and this was one of them, so I bought it again. A few notes: I can't remember why I sold it the first time, but after selling fees/shipping, I at least broke even. And I got this one (used) for roughly the same price, so...
  7. MomentFX

    Might want to snap this up while you can (TLDR: Million-Dollar Peavey) I never buy without trying, so fortunately, "Private Jet runway or Helipad access can be arranged if item needs to be inspected prior to purchase." I assume this is a gag - anyone know the deal here?
  8. MomentFX

    NGD - Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro V

    I got another great open box deal on Musicians Friend because of the scratches/gouges on the back (reg 1899, paid 1215). I played it for an hour or so. (As of this posting MF has another one of these listed at this price, but Condition 3 instead of Condition 2, which mine is) Here's my take so...
  9. MomentFX

    NGD - 2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic Honeyburst

    I saw this on Musician's Friend as a scratch and dent for $1279 and bought it immediately. It came today and it's a lot nicer than expected (it was a Condition 3, and the price made me think it must be pretty bad). Everything is like new except around the knobs, which someone had changed to...
  10. MomentFX

    Anyone know a lot about Fender necks (2016 American Special Strat in this case)?

    My 2016 American Special Strat neck has this sticker on it, and I was just curious if anyone knows what this means or how this factors into the manufacturing/assembly process at Fender.
  11. MomentFX

    What is normal hum for an HSS American Special Strat?

    I just got a 2016 HSS American Special Strat and positions 1 (humbucker only), 2, 3, and 5 hum noticeably louder than position 4, which is actually pretty quiet. Assuming everything in the guitar is stock (it still had the plastic on the pickguard, so I assume so) is this normal? Before I take...
  12. MomentFX

    Let's See Some Christmas Guitar Pics

    Anyone want to share some Christmas guitar pics? This is my dad with a Norma acoustic, one of the least resonant objects I have ever beheld, if memory serves. But it sparked my interest at a young age, and he later bought me a yard sale guitar more my size. I have been forever grateful.
  13. MomentFX

    Guitar miming gone wrong

    I have no idea what the story is with this (the link should start at 36:08) - I would guess the guitarist was put on the spot with little notice that he had to mime the guitar parts to this song, right up close, no less. He was a pro about it, at least, demeanor-wise.
  14. MomentFX

    Favorite and Least Favorite Album Covers by the Same Band

    Anyone care to share their favorite and least favorite album covers by the same band (any band - doesn't have to be a band you like)?
  15. MomentFX

    NGD - 2017 Gibson Les Paul Classic

    Editing to show the images this time: I actually received this a few days ago, but I've been waiting for the toggle switch ring to arrive (I'm firmly in the looks better with the switch ring camp). I was pretty nervous after I bought it (ebay), but after playing it for a while, I have no regrets...
  16. MomentFX

    When was the last time you had to sell some guitars in a hurry to pay for one you just bought?

    I just won this Les Paul Classic T on ebay today (orig listing, if you're interested). I didn't think my bid would be high enough, but I bid anyway because you never know. It was kind of unexpected, so now I'm scrambling to sell a couple of other guitars to help defray the cost. Also, the reason...
  17. MomentFX

    Color Blind Mod for 2-Color LEDs

    A few years ago, I helped a color blind guy with a pedal LED problem. I thought I’d share it here, since it’s a cheap solution, and no one would ever find it on my blog. (If you don't feel like reading, see the illustration below.) I was asked to replace a dual-color LED in a TC Electronics...
  18. MomentFX

    Found my album of guitar pages from old 70s/80s catalogs

    I found an album I made as a kid of guitar pages from old 70s and early 80s catalogs (Sears, JCPenney and a couple of others). I thought some of you might find them mildly interesting. Here are a few (link to the full album is below the pics): (Not sure if this will work, but here is the...
  19. MomentFX

    These are the biggest lapels I've ever seen

    I am woefully unfamiliar with some of the old blues players, so I was youtube surfing trying to rectify that. I stumbled upon this Freddie King video, which has the biggest lapels I have ever seen (and I remember the 70s). And the song is awesome, which was a bonus.
  20. MomentFX

    Tip for learning songs by ear: varying youtube’s playback speed

    For those who might not already use this tool: When learning songs by ear, I sometimes set youtube’s playback speed to 75%. Click the gear icon on the lower right, select Speed, and that brings up the menu on the right in the screenshot below. There have been many passages that I otherwise...
  21. MomentFX

    Why is my volume either loud or off?

    I feel like I’m about to reveal myself as the idiot I am, but I’m puzzled: I installed a single humbucker and a 1 meg audio taper CTS pot on a new beater guitar and there is very little taper that I can hear. When I turn the volume knob, zero to one is off, two to three ish is barely quieter...
  22. MomentFX

    Has your preferred guitar type changed considerably over the years?

    My preference since I started playing (80s) has always been the Gibsonish solid body two-humbucker setup (examples I own/have owned: various LPs, an SG, Washburn Idol, PRS SE and the Epiphone SC 350 I'm playing in my profile pic), but in the last few years, I have slowly come to prefer Strats...
  23. MomentFX

    If you chose a Fender over a Squier: Why, and was it worth it?

    I’m in the market for a Strat, but not sure if I should spend the extra on a Fender. I’ve had a few cheap Squiers over the years that I’ve tinkered with (swapping out sundry parts, etc.), but have never had what I would consider a nice one. If I were to get another Squier, it would be a Classic...
  24. MomentFX

    Do you have a favorite headstock? Or one you hate?

    There are a lot of cool headstock designs and a lot of fugly ones. Which ones stand out as tasteful/cool/weird/hideous, etc.?
  25. MomentFX

    Bought a new guitar; do I sell the old one, even though I've had it for 25 years?

    I just got an Epiphone MIJ LPS-80, and I love it (except for the pickups, which are surprisingly bad compared to the rest of the guitar). My question is should I sell the guitar this is essentially replacing -- an Epiphone MIK LP that I bought new in 1991 and have played ever since, or will I...
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