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  1. Jess 1971

    Who Makes the Actual Flattest Patch Cables in 2022?

    I would be careful about trying to cram too many pedals too closely together. While it certainly makes for a nice and tidy-looking pedalboard, in practice, having so much so close together can pose other problems. No one wants a huge and unwieldy board, but I'd personally rather have something...
  2. Jess 1971

    Tube Screamer with more adjustable EQ

    I was going to say the right side of the Duellist. It's like all the great parts of a Tubescreamer that also allows you to easily dial out all of the bad parts of a Tubescreamer that you don't like. Really great pedals.
  3. Jess 1971

    Gnarly fuzz pedal recommendations

    +1 Like, the Fuzz Factory is a required acquisition for any fuzz enthusiast.
  4. Jess 1971

    Tuner pedals you have owned which have been fabulous or Meh ?

    I've been a long-time Turbo Tuner user--like well more than a decade. While I generally like it, I do find myself sometimes getting frustrated with it, as it can be really difficult to dial in a perfectly accurate tuning. I find that it can take a really long time to get the dial to be...
  5. Jess 1971

    Looking for some advice on getting a bass.

    I've been playing guitar for about 35 years myself, and for the longest time I had a cheapo Ibanez bass that I used for home recording. About two years ago I finally decided to upgrade my bass and I got myself a G&L LB-100 Tribute model. It's pretty much a streamlined P bass, but the neck is a...
  6. Jess 1971

    Bass Help!

    Thanks. I've actually been keeping the guitar lower in the mix to better identify the pocket with the drummer. The problem is that by doing so I sometimes start to think more like a lead guitarist and venture off a bit. I need to think more like I'm supporting the song and providing a foundation.
  7. Jess 1971

    Bass Help!

    Lots of helpful advice in here. Thanks very much for all the feedback.
  8. Jess 1971

    Bass Help!

    This sounds like solid advice. Thank you.
  9. Jess 1971

    Bass Help!

    I am working on a solo album of original music where I'm looking to play all the instruments except the drums. I've played guitar for about 35 years, and I'm reasonably accomplished. I'm currently tracking bass parts for my record, and I'm struggling a bit, as I'm just not a great bassist. I...
  10. Jess 1971

    Single coils into Modded Marshalls

    That's sort of the nature of the JCM800. On mine, unless I have the gain dialed up all the way, the tone can get a little thin and even brighter. As others have suggested, an EQ pedal can really help. I've also had success with somewhat darker overdrive pedals. A Timmy is another good option...
  11. Jess 1971

    Just got a Little Big Muff :)

    Yes, very much so. Muffs are notoriously difficult to use in live band situations because your guitar will typically disappear in the mix even at high volumes. A common solution is to use a Muff in conjunction with an EQ pedal, or to simply get a Muff with an added mids control, like such:
  12. Jess 1971

    How Did I End Up Here? (Delay Content)

    And yet still no Deluxe Memory Man. :dunno
  13. Jess 1971

    Who wears the trousers in your relationship with pedals - you or your power supply?

    I recently upgraded my power supply to a Cioks DC-10 Link because I needed a 24-volt outlet for my DMM XO. I have a couple of other higher-power digital pedals on my board as well, but the Cioks handles everything like a champ. I have a Cioks Adam on my mini pedalboard, as well as a DC-5 for...
  14. Jess 1971

    How Did I End Up Here? (Delay Content)

    I've been down a similar path with delays over the years as well, although I tend to unload stuff a bit more regularly when it's not in the current rotation. That said, I feel like I've tried just about every day in existence, which is ironic since I'm not really even that big of delay user. I...
  15. Jess 1971

    How to Run Some Pedals in Front and Some in Effects Loop

    Best to use a junction box, which will allow you to place pedals either in front of the amp or in the loop. And if you find yourself playing with an amp that doesn't have an effects loop, it's easy enough to route everything to the front of the amp with just a simple patch cable. You could...
  16. Jess 1971

    JCM800 plus Treble Booster?

    My JCM800 is pretty bright to begin with, but I occasionally play the Beano Boost side of my Analogman Sun Lion through it. As long as I'm playing a humbucker-equipped guitar it isn't too piercing, but it's not really a sound I go for all the time. I think Klon-type pedals sound great with an...
  17. Jess 1971

    What's Your Favorite Analog Delay in 2022?

    Yes, the ML Jr. is digital.
  18. Jess 1971

    What's Your Favorite Analog Delay in 2022?

    It took me a long time to figure it out, but the EHX Deluxe Memory Man is the perfect delay for me. I also use a Memory Lane Jr. on my board, but really just for variety. The DMM is still the king, IMO.
  19. Jess 1971

    Analog Stereo Chorus Pedal?

    Analogman Chorus is pretty amazing, and you can get it in stereo as well.
  20. Jess 1971

    Fender Wide Range Humbuckers are Back. How?

    I had an original 1973 Tele Deluxe with original Fender Wide Range Humbuckers as my main guitar for a long time, and those pickups really did sound great. That said, I have the Lollar Regal in my Tele Custom with comparable pots, and they sound virtually identical to the original Fender pups...
  21. Jess 1971

    Favorite Big Muff and WHY?

    All Muffs are beautiful.
  22. Jess 1971

    This is interesting. . Centour!

    If buying cheapo rip-offs of other people's creative ideas is your thing, go nuts. I mean, there are probably a hundred different Klon clones on the market these days, just like there are thousands of Tubescreamer clones. I personally think it's lame, but that's the nature of this business...
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