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  1. Heady Jam Fan

    Accidentally turned on amp without guitar hooked up

    The only possible damage that could occur is if your amp is turned way up and the pop from plugging in your guitar damages a speaker or something. You've got nothing to worry about.
  2. Heady Jam Fan

    Best way to ship speakers?

    I just ship them in the box they came in. If you don't have that, a guitar shop that sells speakers might have an extra. Otherwise, any box works - there is some debate, but the consensus is speaker face up.
  3. Heady Jam Fan

    Mesa 5:50 or 5:50 plus?

    Loving my 5:25+ - it runs very quiet and lots of headroom on the clean channel. Not quite as good as my MKIII, but still plenty. I've never played another amp with Mark/Express-like cleans. I primarily use the clean channel and still think the amp is well worth it - having the GEQ for a midrange...
  4. Heady Jam Fan

    Express 5/50 plus or Mark V?

    Well said! About the noise - your using a 5:50 and not a 5:50+, right? The '+' is supposed to be quieter; my 5:25+ runs very quiet.
  5. Heady Jam Fan

    D-style sounds from a Mark V?

    I know the MKII (maybe specifically the C+?) was considered similar to a Dumble. Not sure how much of that carried over to other Mark series amps, but I have a MKIII Red Stripe that is said to be somewhat more similar to the MKII's. I think my Express+ covers a lot of the same tonal ground -...
  6. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    Good stuff - sorry to hear about the personal stuff too man. Looking at the first post, I coulda said it differently - I think its just that some meaning is lost when typing vs talking. I meant to say its a good thing you can achieve those changes without actually modding the amp, since mods can...
  7. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    Hey - I didn't mean to 'derail' the thread. I am truly glad your happy with the changes you made to your amp and its great when people share that sort of info - it really contributes to others considering the same types of changes for their amp. I intended to contribute to the conversation...
  8. Heady Jam Fan

    Fender (Clapton) Mid Boost in a pedal?

    I believe so - Demeter? There is also this:
  9. Heady Jam Fan

    Smoothing out a bright EL84 amp?

    In my experience, the Blue Dog (and similar speakers - Celestion Blue, Emi Red Fang, WGS Blackhawk...) takes a good a couple days (of constant use) to break in. The top end will definitely mellow a bit.
  10. Heady Jam Fan

    Smoothing out a bright EL84 amp?

    Whats the amp and what speaker is in there now? The Blue Dog is great, less treble than most American speakers, more upper mids, tight bass.
  11. Heady Jam Fan

    which compressor do u like most?

    So many different kinds they are almost like different effects. Check out I like Ross type compressors, the Analogman Comprossor was really good, I am using the Retro Sonic now.
  12. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    Hey, you apparently have a different take on what we both read on Fender Guru. All I am saying is I have used those mods and my experience is different from your expectation. Those mods are not intended to increase preamp DISTORTION. Output amplitude / input amplitude = change in volume...
  13. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    Gain doesn't mean distortion, it means volume. It would be pushing the power section, which I guess could mean the power section would distort earlier, but not preamp distortion. Thats how I read it - IIRC one of the mods says it will result in more midrange push on the PI (first tube in the...
  14. Heady Jam Fan

    Express 5/50 plus or Mark V?

    Yes - the GEQ and Solo boost would be the same... The way it is setup is there are really two channels with two settings in each one - almost like additional channels. Clean and Crunch are on channel one, Blues and Burn are on channel two, and there is just a little toggle switch to go...
  15. Heady Jam Fan

    Express 5/50 plus or Mark V?

    Oh sorry, no idea... I know you could put 6L6's where the EL34's go in the MKIII, but the 6L6's would burn out faster.
  16. Heady Jam Fan

    Express 5/50 plus or Mark V?

    I doubt you could just put EL84's in the 5:50+, they are probably more similar to 6V6's than 6L6's. The bias would probably be way off if the tubes even fit (not sure if they would). On that note, the main difference between the two heads is what tubes the power amp runs. So you would...
  17. Heady Jam Fan

    Two amp recommendation

    Hmm, just a little confused - are you going stereo (since you want to use your stereo outs)? Or switch between two amps? If your switching the 5:25 will do both clean and distortion pretty well, easy switching with the footswitch.
  18. Heady Jam Fan

    odd "low quality" gear that you love?

    Most of my gear is old and stock... 70's Phase 45, 2 early 80's TS9s, early 90's Rat (not sure if my Mesa MKIII fits in here). Those were your typical pedals that could be found at any shop at the time, but I guess now, they are considered pretty cool...
  19. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    Yea a lot of them are attributed to Diaz, however, I'm not sure they necessarily lower headroom... I found it make the amp a lot louder and the DR I had seemed to have more headroom than other ones I played. I had Mesa tubes in it, not sure if that makes a difference. PS - A quick check of the...
  20. Heady Jam Fan

    Costs of BF Bassman mods/tune-ups?

    If you get it all done at once, its cheaper. Really depends on the techs bench fees and how far off it is from where you want it to be, but I would think a couple hundred total - really rough estimate though.
  21. Heady Jam Fan

    Express 5/50 plus or Mark V?

    I just got an Express 5:25+ and I am really impressed. I played a 5:50+ as well. I didn't play out with it yet, but people started jamming with me at the guitar shop if that counts ;) There are reverb knobs for each channel on the Express+ and the footswitch can toggle the reverb on/off. I...
  22. Heady Jam Fan

    Delxe Reverb Simple Mods = Huge Difference!

    I wouldn't necessarily even call those mods... I haven't played on an RI in a while, but I really liked Fender Guru's suggestions for Vintage DRs - not sure which are applicable to an RI: If using the Vibrato channel, pull V1 tube out. If using the normal channel, Pull V2 tube out. If using...
  23. Heady Jam Fan

    Emporium patterns?

    Your supposed to buy-low, sell high. Your doing it wrong.
  24. Heady Jam Fan

    How to fit more pedals on a Pedaltrain?

    Sometimes I turn pedals sideways. I've tried putting some always-on pedals under the pedaltrain (velcroed to the bottom) - they didn't fit, but yours might. I've also tried stacking always on pedals - one upside down, another on top of it. Your probably better off just getting a bigger one...

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