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  1. PianoMan

    Jackson Audio Bloom: Compressor/EQ/Boost

    Looks interesting...
  2. PianoMan

    AC30C2 with tons of popping/crackling

    I recently picked up this amp at a steal of a price (knowing that these issues existed), and I'm trying to figure out what the cause of these crazy noises are. I know very little about how amps work, but I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron and have modded amps in the past, so I'm hoping you...
  3. PianoMan

    Sold Fractal Audio AX8

    This is a brand new Fractal Audio AX8. I had hoped to use it to downsize my rig, but it ended up not working out as I would have liked, so you now get a chance to jump ahead of the massive wait list. The unit is in near mint condition, with only a bit of minor scuffing on the bottom from when I...
  4. PianoMan

    Treble cut wiring?

    I have a 2 pickup guitar with one tone knob. I want the tone knob to only control the bridge pickup, but the neck pickup has too much treble coming through on its own. What wiring mod could I do to cut out some of the upper frequencies?
  5. PianoMan

    Books to learn Recording/Mixing/Mastering?

    I'm looking to find some books to help me start learning the basics of recording & album production. My intention is to spend my lunch breaks reading this stuff, so I would like materials that don't require me to be in the studio. I'm a visual learner as well, so something with at least some...
  6. PianoMan

    Power Amp for Passive Studio Monitors?

    I just got myself a pair of Zaph Audio SR71s (link) for a home studio setup , and now I'm looking for a power amp. I'm fairly new to this side of things however, and I can't find much information out there on what I need for power. From what I can tell from the specs (posted below), I want...
  7. PianoMan

    Amazing craigslist deal or scam? An original 72' Thinline Telecaster for $600? Sounds amazing to me, but I'm not an expert on these. Any of you experts care to take a look and see if you can determine if it's real? Serial number seems to check out at the very least.
  8. PianoMan

    Starting Home Studio Help

    I'm looking to get my own little studio for recording electric guitar set up, but I'm a little overwhelmed by everything out there, and I'm wondering what my best choices are for building the best setup I can. My goal is to create a setup which will allow me to act as a freelance studio...
  9. PianoMan

    Custom Case?

    I've got a Duesenberg Starplayer DTV that needs a hard shell case (first owner didn't ship the original case with the guitar to the second owner, and now I only have a softshell). Unfortunately, it will cost $300 to have an official case shipped to the US for me, and I can't find any kind of...
  10. PianoMan

    Timefactor Delay Troubles

    I posted earlier regarding my efforts to find a delay that would do a quarter note and dotted eighth note dual delay off of one tap tempo. I had trouble with the TC Electronic Nova Delay, and with many recommendations, I just picked up a Timefactor. I'm having the exact same trouble with the...
  11. PianoMan

    Dual Delay?

    I just purchased a TC Electronics Nova Delay thinking that it's dual delay feature would act like two stacked delays, but it seems I misunderstood the feature. In stereo it works as I thought it would, but in mono (like I use it) it "sums" the delay time and creates a strange repeat pattern...
  12. PianoMan

    Strat Price Check Part 2

    I'm trying to determine exactly what this strat is worth for a friend. I've posted on it before, but I've found out some additional information about it since then. It's a 1995 Limited Edition Strat in a metallic red color with a matching headstock and rosewood fretboard. It is in good...
  13. PianoMan

    Help me ID this Strat

    I've got a strat that I'm trying to identify - the make/model, and the current going price in particular. About all I've been able to figure out is that it was made in 1996 and it was made in the USA. The serial number is N527677. Can anyone of you tell me any more? Pictures are below, and I...
  14. PianoMan

    Nut Issue on my new EJ Strat

    I just got my EJ strat last week, and it is an amazing guitar, but I have recently discovered one small issue with it. If I bend the high E string at the 5th fret or lower, the string comes out of the nut and slides into the B string slot. Is there any simple way to fix this (cut the slot a...
  15. PianoMan

    Amp Troubles

    My Atomic Amp has been acting up in the last day or so. The amp volume is suddenly extremely low, though if I give the top of the amp a light slap, the volume increases for a second or so before going back down. Any ideas as to what is wrong?
  16. PianoMan

    52RI Tele Question

    I am debating about whether or not I should install the included bridge with individual string saddles on my 52RI Tele. The problem is that I have no idea what kind of effect this will have on the tone. Someone care to educate me?
  17. PianoMan

    Good places to buy a tele?

    What are some good trustworthy places to get a good new/used tele either online, or in/around Portland, OR? I'm starting to look, but the stock at the local GC just doesn't cut it...
  18. PianoMan

    Looking for an LP or something similar...

    Well, I've got a nice tax refund check coming and I think it's time to replace the Carvin TL60 that was stolen out of my car 6-7 months ago. I've got a Carvin Bolt that I love to death, but I don't have anything that can cover that thick humbucker sound. I'm thinking this time around I would...
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