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    Glastonbury 2022

    People are starting to notice his voice is deteriorating.
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    Glastonbury 2022

    Macca's voice is getting bad. He needs to quit while he's ahead. Saw video of Brian Wilson recently (same age) and it was sad to watch. Let Brian Wilson retire. And Macca should do the same.
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    Biggest star with lowest gear

    Guitarist from Orange Goblin was playing a Les Paul Tribute. Those are affordable. Matt Heafy plays an Epiphone. One of the Strokes plays an Epi. So did the Silversun Pickups' guitarist.
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    Bands That Changed Drastically After Their First Album

    Stone Roses - first album was chimey powerpop. 2nd album was Led Zep wannabe.
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    You need to find out if they're wax potted. Wax prevents squealing. Maybe contact Fender.
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    Les Pauls, weight, and long gigs: A Poll

    I'm a weekend warrior, but have to carry my guitar to each show. Buses, trains, and walking. I actually sold a Les Paul because of the weight. I'm an SG slinger now.
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    Piezo pickup question

    I'm looking for ways to mute all the strings with the exception of the E and A string. I'm wondering how easy this would be with a Piezo style pickup. I've seen some piezo pickups have individual cables going to each saddle. Maybe i could de-solder the strings i don't want to hear. I also...
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    Take the pickup covers off then double check that the squeal is gone. After that, follow the video above. Good luck, bro.
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    Vocal harmony pedals opinions?

    Boss or TC. I have a Boss ve-5 that works well for live performances.
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    Gibson = Dad Rock? Has Gibson miscalculated for the future?

    I still see lots of Gibsons when i see local bands. Especially SGs.
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    Les Paul high fret access

    I need access to the 17th fret especially on the EAD strings. How easy is that on a normal Les Paul? Is it easier on a Les Paul Modern?
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    Gigging Bands Transportation

    Bus, train, subway. I'm not in the USA.
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    Lightest weight Les Paul

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    Lightest weight Les Paul

    I'm looking for a Les Paul but would like something as light weight as possible. I have an SG that I love, but also want a Les Paul. I'd like to keep it under 3.5kg if possible. Are there any models i should keep an eye out for? I'd be buying used, so running the racks isn't really an option...
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    The squeal was gone. I put the covers back on with a little tape to stop the covers vibrating and making the squeal. It's worth a try.
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    Fender Player Plus microphonic humbucker

    My MIM Fender Meteora mk1 had pickup squeal. I took off the covers and it stopped. I'm not sure if it's the same problem, but thought I'd post just in case. Good luck.
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    Slight dropouts every so often with Phenyx Pro PTG-12 wireless guitar system, how to stop them?

    I have the Boss and have not experienced any drop outs.
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    New Victory Amps

    £800 is $1045. If you're happy to pay that, then you're free to do so.
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    New Victory Amps

    £800 Ouch! That's way too expensive for me.
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    What to do? Failed boutique pedal

    You gave them adequate time to resolve the issue. Name and shame them.
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    List Guitars up to 6.6 Lbs (3Kg) nitro finish

    SG can be pretty lightweight.
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    Fender Meteora out in the wild and all the influencers have them now

    I have the mk1 version which was just ordinary humbuckers. Here's a photo
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    Fender Meteora out in the wild and all the influencers have them now

    Yeah, you shouldn't have to do it on a guitar at this price.
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    Fender Meteora out in the wild and all the influencers have them now

    I had the same experience with my Meteora HH mk1- squealing pickups. I took the covers off and it cured the squeal. So it could be the covers vibrating that cause the squeal in other cases too. Anyway, my Meteora had a bit of fret sprout but i fixed it myself. Now it's a nice guitar to play...
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    new NUX Tape Echo NDD-7

    Yes, I am confident that Roland/Boss worker conditions are better than in China. The protection of basic human rights is enshrined in Constitution of Malaysia. These include liberty of the person (Article 5) and prohibition of slavery and forced labour (Article 6). Feel free to google 'China...
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