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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    trade me teh fuzz
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    Stratocaster string gauge?

    I use 9-42, standard tuning, 5 springs, no float. Recently switched from 10s and i think it sounds better and is easier to play.
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    Price drop
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    Amazon Acoustic Foam Panels

    My experience is that I bought similar black foam from the interwebs after watching a few youtube videos and felt later on that it didn't do what I thought it was supposed to. Came to terms with my waste of money/time, put more thought into things, and did DIY panels and bass traps with proper...
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    Would love a basic audio super fuzz, big muff, octave fuzz. Can add a bit of cash.
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    FSOT Line 6 DL4

    The pedal functions perfectly but shows wear as pictured. Pedal only. Trade interests: Fuzz $140 shipped CONUS only
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Welcoming the El Cap and ‘69 back into my setup yet again. Also, this Ventura Vibe is criminally underrated and quite possibly the best bang-for-buck out there.
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    30 years of Angel Dust

    Immense album, one of my favorites. A friend put this one on cassette for me while tape swapping back in middle school, but I didn't "get" Faith No More until later in life.
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    My favorite thing about Guthrie Govan's playing: his sense of humor

    Agreed, I love when guitar players have sarcastic moments. Fredrik Thordendal is another one who has made me laugh with some of his solos -- Entrapment from Catch 33 is a great example.
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    Sold Dunlop Echoplex Delay

    Excellent condition $125 shipped/pp’d
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    Delay pedals with great sounding feedback/oscillation?

    This, and all other delays with an effects loop. Things can get super fun with a wah, ring modulator, phaser, octaver, etc on the repeats.
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    Boss Super Overdrive MIJ Japan 85 drive still on even off

    I've noticed this with my Maxon OD808, there is a slight bleed of overdrive when the drive knob is way up while using a very clean base tone. I only notice it when I'm playing through my load box with headphones on. Turns out not to be an issue since I set mine with the level high and...
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    Those of you who use pedals for all drive sounds, what are you using??

    My amp is a Princeton Reverb. Right now, I'm using a Keeley modded Blues Driver for my main dirt which captures the vibe of a blackface style amp cranked up, and then I send it over the top with a Maxon 808.
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    Show your pedalboard: 2022

    Time for a family photo and the welcoming of a Keeley-modded Blues Driver that absolutely rips and it’s also a great stack with the Maxon. Still might look into a different “super delay” as I’m not loving the volume drop of the DL4 when the dirt pedals are cranked. I’ll have to read up on the...
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    Dedicated Guitar for Alternate Tuning — How best to approach it?

    When i was constantly using different tunings on one guitar, i liked something with a Floyd Rose system and something where i could adjust the truss rod without having to remove the neck. The Floyd helped because with the locking nut you don’t have to worry about the nut slots being filed to...
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    PRS pickups

    I definitely think there's an unjustified stigma with PRS pickups. I swapped them out for other things with 2 different Custom 22s (Duncan JB, Lollar Imperials) and both times reverted back to stock pickups. I suppose that I thought I needed to upgrade by reading the usual TGP conversations...
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