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    Ibrahim Maalouf - LIVE IN ISTANBUL

    I've never gotten over my fusion period. These folks do it very well! I don't know anything about it as the notes are not in my language, but I like it for sure.
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    Paul Butterfield live with the Gene Dinwiddie band!

    Play it loud! This band absolutely rips! Rod Hicks walks the **** out of this music on his fretless Ampeg!
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    Cheap headphone amps for silent practice

    I've tried to use headphones with a few low-fi multi effects pedals, with little success. They sound thin and lame, and don't get loud enough. I was on the verge of tracking down a Helix or something similiar so I could play and not disturb the wife or pets. I recently piped a Digitech RP-360...
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    Tore out my first stainless re-fret today

    I have been half-expecting this to happen, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow! A treasured customer brought in a solid ash body guitar with an ebony board and worn nickel-silver frets. The owner found the guitar a little dark. It sounded pretty balanced to me, but I only played it...
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    New Speaker Cable a few days

    Yes, I'm pretty excited over here! I'm getting ready to solder up a few new speaker cables! I should rewind. We have a new vacuum cleaner coming in. It should be here by Friday. And you all know what that means. I can cut up the old vacuum cleaner cable to make new-old-old-stock boutique...
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    The John Coltrane Quartet - Impressions, Live

    I think this place could use a little more Coltrane. A lot more actually, but I understand this is not for everybody. I posted this in the bass forums because of the transcendental bass solo. Jimmy Garrison was freaking brilliant! He is so good on this one that I can half ignore the rattling...
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    A Fender 30 from 1980-81

    Here is an obscure amp from Fender, who didn't put out many obscure amps! This is a Fender 30 from 1980 or 1981. It is a 30 watt, 1x12" hand-wired combo with master volume, channel switching and real spring reverb. Blackface cosmetics. That is a dreamy set of features. It was also...
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    A Genzler Magellan 350 combo and an Acoustic Image DoubleShot combo have a play date!

    I thought some of those who are always watching for smaller-and-lighter might find this interesting. A Magellan 350 combo (175 at 8 ohms, one 10" speaker and four 2 3/4" or so paper cone drivers in a line array, 24.5 pounds, $1,200) and an Acoustic Image Clarus SL-R (allegedly 500 watts at 4...
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    I need advice on a subwoofer or two!!!

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer! This is a moviecentric 5.1 system. Three 3-way Emotiva LCR's and two 2-way Emotiva SS's, all long discontinued but pretty good speakers. All five speakers are crossed over at 80 Hz, which is their F3. I have a 15.5' x 21.5' or 5 x 6.9 meter...
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    The Dave Holland Quartet with Kevin Eubanks

    Fast forward to about 8:10 to hear Kevin reach for the sky. Then go back and listen to the whole thing. Play it loud. Dave Holland Quartet - Live in Canada (1991 - Live Recording) - YouTube
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    Tony Williams, with Allan Holdsworth splitting the atom!!!

    Tony Williams Lifetime feat. Allan Holdsworth "Scirocco" - YouTube Warning: The first two minutes are not representative, so if you fast forward to about 1:55 you will get to Allan going nuts! This music was made to be played loud. Holy ******* ****!!! Tony Williams, Allan Holdsworth, Jack...
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    New FrankenJazz Bass - Mister Natural

    This is a parts bass I cobbled together. I wanted to keep everything as simple as possible. I also wanted to keep to a few simple ingredients that always seem to work. 34" scale flatsawn maple bolt on neck, ebony fingerboard, ash or alder body, Bartolini pickups, Hipshot hardware. The...
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    I need a good mic for bass cabs

    I need a good mic for a bass cab. This will mostly be for live use, although it will be a plus if it can double in the home studio. To a degree, of course! Volume will be up to moderate. I'm using a four-string fretless with a piezo pickup and a Genzler BA 110 or a Bergantino HDN-112. The...
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    Sold F Bass BN5 - quilted maple top!!!

    This is an F Bass BN5, in excellent+ condition! There is a little swirling in the slap position, but otherwise this bass is clean as heck! It has no modifications or other issues, and it has the original gig bag. It sounds and plays great! I'm located in San Diego, California, and...
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    Sold Mesa Lone Star Special - 1x12

    This is a Mesa Engineering Lone Star Special, in cocoa bronco! Switchable from 5 to 15 to 30 watts, Class A, channel switching, T/M/B controls on both channels, reverb on both channels, master volume, effects loop, this amp is dripping elegant clean tones and edge of breakup to every flavor of...
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    NAD - Swart STR Tweed

    I recently traded for a Swart STR Tweed, a 5 watt tweed style amp with a 12" speaker in a little tiny cabinet with tube reverb. Minimal controls, just volume, a passive treble bleed tone control, and one knob reverb. There are high and low level inputs, and a mini toggle that cuts a...
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    Weight is pretty important to some folks

    Some years ago I stumbled on a pile of ash Tele bodies at a good price. They ranged from about 4 1/2 pounds to over 5 pounds. Not the sort of thing I want to invest too many hours in. But I don't like to throw anything away, so they slept in the attic until I had nothing to do. Nothing...
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    A suggestion for guitar shop owners who want to make more money! Whoa!

    I used to do the repair work for three of the local guitar shops. I would visit each one on Monday and Thursday or Friday to pick up and drop off repairs. Two of the shops might have a few customers, but the third one was really active, all the time. Lots of customers, lots of spirited convo...
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    How do I post sound clips?

    I was working on a New Bass Day post recently, and as I got to the part where I wanted to describe the tone of the instrument, I was reminded of the Zappa quote, "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." I thought to myself, "How true." What am I supposed to do? Start rambling...
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    Here is a new FrankenBass

    The Mill Rat is a Fender pattern electric bass. The neck and body were built by Warmoth. I shot the nitro finish with rattle cans, leveled and dressed the frets, and cut the nut. It weighs 8 pounds 4.3 ounces with the passive wiring. The components and finishing materials cost about $1,200 at...
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    Gentle Giant - This is one spooky-good band!

    This music is not for everyone, and I need to be in the mood for it, but this is as impressive a group of genre-hopping, instrument-hopping musicians as I've seen in a while! Gentle Giant - Sight an Sound in Concert (Full) - YouTube
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    Afrobeat might be the bass player's Promised Land

    Listen to some of this stuff. Loud! Listen to the bass player in Manu's "Sun Explosion". I'd work for free if I could play with bands like this! I wonder what the Western pop music world would be like if Afrobeat had hit the airwaves in the mid '70's instead of Disco. It's all dance...
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    I need help with a cab simulator. I think!

    (I searched for what I think I am looking for, but I figured no one would mind too much if I started a new thread, for technically challenged folks like me!) I am pretty much lost in some earlier technological period. To give you an idea, I don't know what "IR" means, and that is just the...
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    A good recording of Marcus Miller

    The music is a little different for Marcus, but I think this is the best live recordings of his bass I've heard. That top end sparkle doesn't always come through. Turn it up and crank the bass a little and I think you can get a sense of what it must be like sitting in front. The orchestra...
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    Some fine avant garde playing! This is "free jazz", so...

    I was saving my final 18 posts on TGP for a special project I am planning, but this had to be shared. A lot of the guitar playing I've encountered in free jazz settings has been mostly annoying, but this is different. Probably due to the leader keeping things musical and avoiding the mindless...
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