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  1. speedtaco

    WTH happened to this tube?

  2. speedtaco

    Cracked Tube Base

    I have a couple of old Raytheon 6V6 tubes with cracks in their plastic bases. Wondering if the crack will compromise the tube in any way. One of the tubes only has flashing right above the crack. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. speedtaco

    Anyone have two Celestion golds in their Vibrolux?

    Just wondering if anybody has done this. I have Webers (One alnico, and one ceramic) in my Blackface Vibrolux, and I think I’m ready for a change. I have a gold in my Princeton reverb, and I love the way it sounds. obviously it’s a much louder amp, but I usually run my volume at around three or...
  4. speedtaco

    1966 335 tuner replacement advice needed

    I would appreciate any advice on new tuner replacements for my 1966 ES 335. Original ones are bent and slipping. I tried some of those locking types, but I don’t like them. I ordered a set off eBay, and the shafts were too big for the holes. Thanks in advance For any ideas!
  5. speedtaco

    Advice on a brighter, tighter fuzz pedal needed

    Hoping to get some quick suggestions/advice on a fuzz pedal. I have a regular EH Big Muff, just one of those big silver ones. It’s pretty good, but it’s really the only type of fuzz I’ve had and know. My band mate recently bought a Wampler velvet fuzz. I messed around and got a pretty good...
  6. speedtaco

    Why is my Vibrolux Reverb louder than my Super Reverb?

    I have a 35 watt '65 Vibrolux Reverb, and a 40 watt '66 Super Reverb. The Vibrolux is MUCH louder than my Super, and always has been. Too loud to gig with actually. Is it the output transformer? The tubes? Any advice is appreciated! You would think it would be reverse.... As a side note, what...
  7. speedtaco

    Anyone else digging Satellite City by Kimock?

    I was listening to Sirius jam-on the other day and they played it (the song). I’m glad they did because I’m not sure I would’ve heard it otherwise. Geez what a great song! I love everything about it. Great vocals, great production, great build up, etc. Kind of has a 70’s vibe to my ears, but...
  8. speedtaco

    Tube substitution question

    Hey everyone, I wanted to reach out and ask for a little advice. I pulled some old tubes out of a broken console record player the other day and wanted to know if I could substitute any of them for the tubes in my amplifiers. I have a 1969 Vibro champ, a 1973 twin reverb, a 1965 Vibrolux...
  9. speedtaco

    Austin live music suggestions

    headed to Austin Memorial Day weekend and wanted suggestions on good places to see live music. Who better to ask than Gear Pagers? I've been once before and visited some of the popular spots, but would like some 'off the beaten path' suggestions. Dive bars are welcome, and probably preferred...
  10. speedtaco

    Silverface Princeton reverb questions

    Hi everyone – I was recently given a clean late 70s Princeton reverb amplifier. It's got the push pull volume knob on it. I was thinking about taking the amp to my tech and have him remove the push pull feature. I was also thinking about having him wire it to blackface specs. I read...
  11. speedtaco

    Beginner Multi Track Recorder Recommendation?

    I want to start recording songs with my daughters, and be able to layer. I would love some suggestions on a good quality beginner multi track recorder. Nothing too expensive and easy to use are the only requirements. Also, should I get one with a cd burner? I really don't want to use one of...
  12. speedtaco

    Need Advice on a Power Source for pedal board!

    Trying to simplify/organize my board. Can anyone recommend a power source for my pedal board that will handle all these inputs? One Spot, etc.? Here is what I will need for adapters: Vox Wah-9 volt Big Muff- Male 1/16" ? Tube Screamer, Phase 90, Boss Tuner- Female plug Any advice on a good...
  13. speedtaco

    Advice on shipping a tube amp...

    I was wondering if you all could give me any advice on shipping a tube amplifier. I've never shipped one before, and I'm planning on sending out a 1967 deluxe reverb. I have plenty of packaging materials, so that's not really my concern, it's more about the parts. Should I remove the tubes...
  14. speedtaco

    Craigslist:RARE 1955 Les Paul Gibson with Birdseye Maple Top

    Is this real? Never seen on with a top like this: Cool looking guitar.
  15. speedtaco

    What year did they remove the tail from the Fender logo?

    I know you guys have the answer. I just picked up a nearly mint 'Champ Amp' with the fender logo with the tail on the grill. Just trying to date it, and thought you all may help. It looks like a late 60's, but does not have the drip edge. Did Champs come with the drip edge? What is cool is...
  16. speedtaco

    Anyone make brown knobs and pickup covers?

    Looking for brown colored strat style single coil pickup covers and knobs. Anyone ever seen any? I guess wood would work. I know its a long shot, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. speedtaco

    Plucking a low 'E' string fritzes out a BF Fender?

    I have a '65 Vibrolux that recently started making a nasty loud buzz when I turn the standby off after it is warmed up. It happened after I was trying to dial the amp in by plucking/picking hard on my low E sting. The amp was cranked up pretty loud, but not full up. Maybe around 7. It started...
  18. speedtaco

    Anyone use MJT finishing for their guitar?

    Has anyone used MJT Finishes to have their guitar refinished ( Guess I'm looking for referrals. They were referred to me by Dan at Danocasters, which seems pretty good to me. Any info would be appreciated, or any other companies for that matter. Thanks
  19. speedtaco

    What speaker ohms on a 1965 Vibrolux?

    I probably should know, and I assume they are 8 ohms, but wanted to be sure. Any help would be appreciated! Original 1965 Vibrolux Reverb. Thanks ya'll.
  20. speedtaco

    Advice/Experience Needed: Bigsby or Stoptail?

    Anybody who has had experience playing both, I would greatly appreciate your input. Recently been jonesing for a Les Paul. I have an opportunity to buy one with a factory Bigsby. I've heard people (mostly here) say that Bigsby's kill the sustain in their guitars. I have a 60's 335 with a...
  21. speedtaco

    Is this Flying V what he says it is? Ebay...

    Claims it was built between 1966-1970. Just wondering. Would it not have a vibrato unit?
  22. speedtaco

    Mixing Board light Recommendations

    I have a mackie board and need a BNC lamp for it. Can anyone recommend a good brand and length to me? I know it's a simple question, but I want to get a good one. Thanks
  23. speedtaco

    Advice needed with 335 replacement tuners!

    I would appreciate any advice on replacing the tuners on my 1966 Es-335. I bought some grovers off e-bay and was told they would fit all Gibsons. The new tuner shafts were too wide on would not fit in the holes, but the screw holes matched. Of course I would not widen the holes. Any advice on a...
  24. speedtaco

    Any love for Lace Sensor Pickups?

    I have two sets of the gold lace sensors and I love them. I know they get bashed here a lot, so I wanted to see who did like them and why. I think the golds have a nice full sound with little hum, and they are really loud! The 2nd position on my strat has plenty of quack too. Just wondering....
  25. speedtaco

    Mayer's Black Strat-Vintage or Relic?

    I was watching the crossroads festival last night on PBS, and Mayer played that black strat of his. Is it real wear, or reliced? I could not tell, but the paint looked kinda thick on the upper horn. Either way it sounded and looked great. Thanks
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