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  1. donthasslethehoff

    SE Silver Sky - not interested

    SE mojo sent
  2. donthasslethehoff

    PRS design flaw?

    I'm no luther, but I think I could fix it....
  3. donthasslethehoff

    Are paint guys that only do relic paint jobs....

    I'd say they're just slackers
  4. donthasslethehoff

    How do you transport your Guitar Strap?

    I travel with my strap on.
  5. donthasslethehoff

    Questionable Luthier Experience - Am I overreacting?

    What kind of classic rock riffs?
  6. donthasslethehoff

    JTM45 troubleshooting question

    Maybe the switching Jack is not making a good connection. And when you turn up the volume,, vibration is causing it to open / close periodically
  7. donthasslethehoff

    NGD x 2

    I was kidding
  8. donthasslethehoff

    NGD x 2

    I think that's a fake custom
  9. donthasslethehoff

    Sweetwater Caution Sticker

    Got a guitar last week, still haven't opened it...but I have been running the AC alot lately
  10. donthasslethehoff

    Sold 2020 Marshall 2555x, 1775$ shipped and paypaled , still available

    Recently got, just not my thing. Works as it should. Footswitch, power cable included. Double boxed in original packaging.
  11. donthasslethehoff

    Sold Like new Two Rock Bloomfield drive head..50 watts, 3800$ shipped and paypalled

    Hi folks, got this brand new this past month. Works as it should no issues. Come with footswitch, pedal, and cables. Shipped in original box. 4100$ shipped and paypalled in the U S. Thanks for looking. Link to reverb ad for better pics...
  12. donthasslethehoff

    What More do You Need?

    And this lamp, but thats all I need....
  13. donthasslethehoff

    NGD - A Fender CS that you DON'T have....

    Your nightstand is adorbs
  14. donthasslethehoff

    Fender Journeyman Relic opinion

    Must have used the same relic template in the punch press
  15. donthasslethehoff

    What Amp(s) Did You Buy in 2021?

    Two rock Bloomfield drive and cab
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