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    Has anyone played the Seventy Seven "JT" guitars?

    I'm finding it hard to determine whether these are Japanese-made, or made elsewhere and completed in Japan. The website is not much help, and some of the online information is contradictory. I'm asking because have two older, Japanese-made models: an Exrubato Hollow, like a long-necked ES-330...
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    FS WTB: Rivera three-button footswitch for R55-112

    Loaned my amp to a friend, and it came back without the switch. He says he's combed his house with forensic precision and can't find it... :-(
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    Sold Guitar Mill hardtail Strat body in Fiesta Red: $300 w. hardware

    What we have here is a Guitar Mill body, taken from a '50s-style Strat that ace luthier Jim Lowenherz assembled for a forum member. It's ash, professionally finished in pre-worn Fiesta Red, and comes with the bridge, jack and jack plate, ferrules, and strap buttons. I'm pretty firm at $300...
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    Sold Price drop on my ex's vintage Harmony Bobcats!

    Okay, now that I've got your attention, let me admit that I am not and never have been in any kind of relationship with Annie Clark. However, my real-life ex has asked me to sell her two Harmony Bobcats, and in return I'll get the Rivera R55-12 I gave her when she decided to learn to play...
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    Re-converting from humbucker to mini-hum?

    So here's a theoretical question: suppose you're looking at a nice vintage thinline. It's a model you've always coveted, in the most desirable color, and the price is very, very right. But someone's stuck '70s DiMarzio humbuckers where the stock mini-hums once were, and the guitar isn't in your...
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    What's the deal with EKlein Guitars?

    The higher-end models look pretty much identical to Flaxwoods, but they're considerably cheaper. Curiously, the website doesn't say much about Flaxwood or Finland, and very little about the composite material being used... Has anyone here played one?
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    "Princeton" speaker options?

    I just traded into a boutique Princeton-style amp that I'm in love with, except that I'd like a little more clean headroom than I'm getting with the stock 12" Eminence Private Jack. I've plugged the amp into a THD cab and it sounds magnificent, so it's not the tubes or circuit. Any suggestions...
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    Any Bruton Hampden owners here?

    I'm eying a used one, and would like a hands-on report! Tried a search here, but it's not turning up much—although I remember a bit of a buzz about these a few years ago.
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    Price check on early-production Turner Model 1?

    Someone is very interested in my Turner Model 1, which is one of the first 200 made and dates to 1980. The guitar is in very good shape, and sounds fantastic, although the electronics are a bit scratchy. A good cleaning might fix it, although one of the pots might need to be replaced. OHSC is...
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    Vintage three-P-90 "Black Beauty" Les Paul?

    Today's crate-digging find was an excellent early '60s mainstream-jazz LP called The New Wave, by guitarist John Gray, a new name to me. A little online snooping turned up this picture of him. Anyone know anything about this guitar?
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    Epiphone Regent 20: worth upgrading?

    Okay, so I'm a sucker for white tolex. So when I saw a ’90s Epiphone Regent 20 at the local thrift store for a lowly (and entirely appropriate) $20, I jumped on it. Now, I know it's a nasty little solid-state piece of trash, but there are times when something lighter and cheaper than a Deluxe...
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    Anyone here own a LP-295?

    And if so, how do you like it? I've come across one at a fair price, and would like some user reviews before acting. Thanks!
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    Fret King Super 60: opinions wanted!

    Anyone had any in-depth experience with this Trevor Wilkinson take on the Strat? Or, for that matter, does anyone know how to distinguish the U.K.-made models from the Asian ones? (Not that it necessarily matters, except maybe in terms of resale value.) I played one recently and was impressed...
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    Info sought: Electro-Harmonix EH-8000 guitar synth

    A little web-surfing indicates that I have in my possession the unicorn of the Electro-Harmonix line, a treasure made of purest unobtainium: the rare three-rack-space EH-8000 guitar synth, circa 1978. I guess I could put it up on eBay as is—and probably pay for a chunk of my kid's...
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    Stylish new Ritter design...

    I'm not entirely convinced about the bridge design—if it protrudes as far as it seems to it will NOT get along with my stomach—but otherwise I'm intrigued. I'm also afraid to ask "How much?"
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    Thank you, Don Mare!

    So I went to the mailbox this afternoon, and here's what I found: a FREE pickup from one of the best boutique winders out there! (And the best as far as Strat pickups go, IMHO.) Of course, there's a bit of a back story. Some time ago, I bought a set of Don's Formvar ’50s pickups, which...
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    Hey, It's World Snake Day! (And my ex has a new CD out...)

    You can't make this stuff up... The lovely Hilary Peach and I recorded Dictionary of Snakes as we were breaking up. Not a creative strategy I'd recommend for everyone, but it worked for Richard and Linda Thompson, and it worked pretty well for us, too. Hillbilly beatnik Victor Anthony on...
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    Info needed: PBG Koll Duo Glide

    Has anyone out there played a PBG-built Koll Duo Glide? One may be coming my way in a trade deal, but first I wanted to ask my fellow Gear Pagers what they thought. I've played Saul-made Kolls, PBG-made Fanos, and PBG-made Gustavssons, but not a PBG-made Koll. There are none to try in my neck...
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    Cab builders: what to do with yard-sale vinyl score?

    On a whim, I coughed up a whopping $2.50 for this lovely piece of gold vinyl, which seems heavy enough to use as cabinet covering. Its full dimensions are 4' 4" by 3' 2". Enough for a 2 X 12?
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    NDD (New Deck Day, with gold trim)

    If I haven't been very busy in the Emporium of late, it's because I just bought this: For the same dough, I could have bought a used Gustavsson or vintage thinline. But don't cry for me, because I still have these: A little closer? I've always been told that it's good to have gold on...
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    Glissentar Vs MultiOud?

    I'd pretty much decided that a MultiOud would be my next gear purchase, but have the opportunity to pick up a used Glissentar at a very good price. Anyone done a direct comparison? What are the pros and cons of each? Mr. Splatt? FWIW, I do play some oud, but not terribly well or...
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    Snarkle, Seal, and Kaiser

    No, not that Seal! Henry Kaiser and I recently recorded a 63-minute guitar-duet version of Wadada Leo Smith's composition Pacific Coral Reef. Here's an excerpt, with bonus seal sounds and some of Henry's underwater footage from Antarctica. I'm playing the acoustic and backwards guitars...
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    Price check on original Turner Model 1?

    I'm thinking of selling mine, but only because the neck is smaller than I prefer. Otherwise it's an AMAZING guitar in great condition, and most likely I'll keep it. Still...this one is from the first batch of approximately 200, made circa 1980. FWIW, I bought it from Rick Bockner, formerly of...
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    Psychedelic alnico! (Quicksilver content)

    Some people were asking what a staple-pole pickup in a vintage Les Paul Custom sounded like. Well, check this out! (Solo starts around 3:19.) D79ujliNh4Q This doesn't help my staple-pole GAS one little bit...
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    Who makes aged Fender parchment guards?

    I'm looking for a couple of light to moderately aged 1965/1966-style parchment pickguards: one for a real ’65 Strat that had been humbuckered (I'm trying to restore it to stock), and one for a ’66-style partscaster. Any suggestions?
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