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  1. alexanderplatz

    Stu Sutcliffe was overrated

    Well at least he got the memo about wearing dark clothes, which is more than we can say for the drummer. But as a bassist? Pfft. He was better suited to posing for photographs. I will give him credit for totally crushing the competition in the Richard Butler look-like contest. Unfortunately...
  2. alexanderplatz

    are pickups out of phase in this song

    John Lee Hooker's guitar tone here, especially in the intro, has this cool quality that sounds a little pinched, for lack of a better word. I wonder if part of that is the pickups are out of phase, like a Peter Green mod with humbuckers. Just wondering what someone with more knowledgeable ears...
  3. alexanderplatz

    Looking for a Byrdland or something like it

    As brief as possible: Gibson Byrdland is too expensive. Used Epiphone Byrdland is “doable” but at the prices they sell for ($3000-3500) seems like I might get more bang for the buck elsewhere. I looked into Heritage but no dice. Anyone got a recommendation or suggestion?
  4. alexanderplatz

    “Superstition” is the funkiest of all funk

    ... and 2:33 is the funkiest moment in the song, a funkgasm.
  5. alexanderplatz

    April 1969, 50 years ago this month...

    The single was apparently released in 1968 and the album was released in 1969. This week in April 1969 the album was 106 on the Billboard chart. Anyway, this song rocks. I used to hear it on the radio and never realized it was Bob Seger. I don't know who I thought it was. Mitch Ryder maybe. I...
  6. alexanderplatz

    Hoodoo Gurus, NYC 1987

    These guys brought the rock. Great audio on these live recordings.
  7. alexanderplatz

    Some pics from my small guitar collection

    that is, my collection of small guitars 1958 3/4 sized Les Paul Jr. This one is pleasantly resonant and loud when played unplugged. Despite the short scale the neck is pretty full. Early 1960s Fender Duo Sonic. (Vintage body and neck, new hardware.) The body as purchased from eBay had a...
  8. alexanderplatz

    NGD Martin 0-18

    I went to look at a used National tricone at the Guitar Emporium in Louisville but this little Martin 0-18 followed me home instead. I traded away two other guitars I never played much so technically I thinned the herd a little, right? Anyway, I love it. Sweet sound, easy playing neck, and small...
  9. alexanderplatz

    Nick Drake

    Pink Moon LP was released 45 years ago today on 2/25/1972. IMO a shining example of how good music played from the heart needs little adornment and remains fresh forever.
  10. alexanderplatz

    I love the sound of the guitar in the intro to this John Lee Hooker recording

    ...and the rest of the song as well. My first thought was it has a 1940s sound to it but I think the recording is from 1959. Anyway, I dig it. That is all.
  11. alexanderplatz

    can anybody tell me which model Bigsby this is?

    Shown is a Gretsch Rambler (short scale model) with a small Bigsby trem. Anybody know specifically which model Bigsby this is? Thanks.
  12. alexanderplatz

    finally found the goldtop I had been searching for...

    Gold sparkle top that is: I had been on the lookout for a 6129 in this finish for a long while. They are few and far between it seems, so when this used one popped up on the GC website I jumped on it. The volume knob is a little wonky, basically works like an on-off switch, but aside from...
  13. alexanderplatz

    can anyone recommend a humbucker that fits in a strat pickup rout such as SD Lil 59? I'm looking for something like the Seymour Duncan SL59/"Lil 59" but preferably without the name of the company plastered on the pickup itself.
  14. alexanderplatz

    POLL: refinish this vintage guitar or leave as-is?

    This is an early 1960s Fender Duo Sonic. Normally I would not even consider doing a re-finish on a vintage instrument but this one seems to have reached the point where it just looks "damaged" rather than 'aged," so I would consider giving it a re-fin. What say you?
  15. alexanderplatz

    NGD 1961 Fender Duo Sonic

    I purchased a neck and body fairly cheap on eBay several months ago, both from 1961. The body was in a sad state as the original paint job had been altered with homemade lightning bolts, so I decided to go for a re-finish. I opted for a non-stock color based on ReRanch's "smoke green" color. WD...
  16. alexanderplatz

    video of Gibson Memphis NAMM 2014 ES guitars

    2wEiiTc8Kn8 I don't know if "Gibson Memphis" is Custom Shop or Gibson USA or what, but there are some nice guitars shown including Trini Lopez model. The ES-390, a smaller version of an ES-330, looks really cool.
  17. alexanderplatz

    source for flatwound 10s with plain G string?

    I'm looking for flatwound electric strings, 10 for the high E and an unwound G string. Closest I've found so far are "half-wounds" which would probably work out but... Anyway if anyone has suggestions I'd be grateful. Thankz.
  18. alexanderplatz

    NGD Duosonic

    Got this used MIM Fender DuoSonic from GC for not much dough. I guess it's Dakota Red. I was surprised that it has a slab maple fingerboard. Looks like a previous owner installed Kluson style tuners although I don't really know what the stock tuners on this model were. But there's a weird pin...
  19. alexanderplatz

    recommend pickups for vintage DuoSonic project?

    I've got an old Fender DuoSonic I'm putting together. I don't have the originl pickups and am looking for pickup suggestions. The default choice would be Seymour Duncan Antiquities DuoSonic set, but I believe any strat sized single coil will fit in there. Basically looking for a good full sound...
  20. alexanderplatz

    Can anyone recommend a good case to fit Gibson ES-125T?

    Fit is the main issue as some online reviews indicate that a case advertised as being for ES-335 type guitar won't necessarily fit various other, similar guitars. I'd love to hear from other owners of Gibson ES-125T's about what case they use. Thanks.
  21. alexanderplatz

    It's just the normal noises in here.

    It was tough sitting on my hands while the LP Trads and other Gibsons got blown out but here's the payoff: NGD! Rickenbacker 660/12. Once upon a time I spent a month's allowance to buy an LP called "Damn the Torpedoes" because I liked the guitar on the cover. Discovered some great music and have...
  22. alexanderplatz

    Any companies that make short scale neck like Duo Sonic 22.5"? (Warmoth, etc?)

    Looking for something like 22.5" Duo Sonic scale.
  23. alexanderplatz

    NGD: 1958 Gibson ES-125T

    This followed me home recently from Guitar Center. I really can't believe how lucky I was to buy this beautiful guitar at all, much less with so little out of pocket. I traded a nicely preserved Larrivee acoustic that I never played anymore, and the balance was less than the price of a new Godin...
  24. alexanderplatz

    here's something you don't see every day: Danny Ferrington acoustic on eBay

    I'm not the seller. According to the seller this is the first Danny Ferrington guitar ever offered on eBay. It's pricey but not unobtainable. Maybe some TGPer will be interested. Here's the link...
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