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    What’s the best feeling, most effortless playing Electric you’ve ever played?

    My American Professional ii Strat is the best playing guitar I've ever used. Love that thing.
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    King of the Strat colors.

    Sunburst with with a rosewood board is quintessential Strat to me.
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    Strat Pickup Suggestions (Lollar content)

    OP, what did you end up going with?
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    The most "musical" amp you played for up to about $1300?

    Carmen Ghia for sure!
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    Has John Mayer signed/been endorsed by any guitar company after leaving Fender?

    I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe reading somewhere that they will be discontinued.
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    Has John Mayer signed/been endorsed by any guitar company after leaving Fender?

    He plays anything that's a good guitar. I still think a Strat will be his main axe even if he isn't endorsed by Fender anymore.
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    Anyone got an Eric Johnson strat yet?

    I bought one a week ago. I got the rosewood version. Beautiful guitar and very easy to play. I think the EJ Strat is a notch above any other production model I have played.
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    NGD...Lp junior...not vintage, not new.

    Looks great. Looks even better with the Z cab and Route 66 back there.
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    Zebra or nickel covered?

    I like both. In that guitar I'd go nickel though.
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    NGD!! It must be Tele day

    Congrats on the new axe. I just got my first Tele 2 weeks ago.
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    NGD Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut

    Very nice! Happy NGD. Love the yellow on that one.
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    Difference Between Lollar Blackface and Seymour Duncan Antiquity Surfers

    I asked this question over on the Strat forum but nobody seems to have tried both sets over there. How do these two Strat pickups compare? I know both are based off pre-CBS pickups. I own the Antiquity Surfers and think they are great pickups. I'm considering the Lollar Blackface for another...
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    Are Lollar Blondes For Me?

    I have a set of Klein Jazzy Cats currently. Great sounding pickups, but sometimes I would like something not quite as scooped in the mids. From what I've read the Lollar Blondes are scooped as well due to being a 50s wind. Are the Lollar Blondes scooped a lot just like the Jazzy Cats or are the...
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    How Versatile Are Klein Jazzy Cats?

    I'm considering some new pickups for my American Strat. It's my only Strat and it probably will stay that way for a while. From what I've heard and read, I've narrowed it down to the Jazzy Cat pickups and the Lollar Blondes. I'm leaning towards the Jazzy Cats, but I'm a little considered they...
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    Should I Buy D Allen 60's RnB Pickups?

    You are entitled to your own opinion, but if you look around on the web you will see many people praising D Allen for his customer service. I find it interesting that you feel that way. I know Seymour Duncan is a big company, but I sent a few emails to them and didn't get a response for a single...
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    Should I Buy D Allen 60's RnB Pickups?

    Hey thanks so much for those videos. Excellent playing as well. Your style is right up my alley. I can surely tell the great tone even if the videos were recorded using a cell phone. Again, many thanks!
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    Music Theory Made Simple #9: Key Signatures and the Circle of Fifths

    Hey thanks for this! I've really been spending some time learning some theory. Nice reading something that it is new to me. Keep up the good work!
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    I love Dr. Z amps

    My Ghia is easily the best amp I've ever played. You really get out what you put in. You don't really need more than 2 knobs when an amp sounds that good.
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    How often do you play?

    I run into this as well. I'm usually exhausted after work, and even though I really want to play, it's sometimes hard to find the motivation. I usually find myself really getting into my playing late at night before bed. Maybe I should start "going to bed" earlier.
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    Little Green Wonder vs Half of Double Barrel

    I have a Carmen Ghia that I'm running a little bit dirty. I want to get a Morning Glory to add a little gain without changing the character of the amp too much. I have a Little Green Wonder that I've been using to add just a touch of volume and mids for leads, but I'm wondering if there is...
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    Learning difficulty

    This thread is very refreshing to read. I struggle with things very similar to the OP's. Lots of good ideas here. I actually quit playing guitar for years because I felt like I wasn't going anywhere. Picked her back up a year ago, but still sometimes feel like I'm not making much progress. I...
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    Help! Weird Rattle In Guitar

    This was exactly it! Brought each pup up just a few turns and problem solved. Thanks!
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    Question About Little Green Wonder and the PCB

    I own a Little Green Wonder with the PCB and I absolutely love it. I may just keep this pedal forever. Is it possible to repair this pedal if something were to go bad inside? Or is it one of those things were I would just throw it away?
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    Help! Weird Rattle In Guitar

    I did remove the back cover. Nothing odd in there. The more I listen it sounds like it's coming from the front of the guitar. I'm at a loss. Never experienced anything like this before.
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