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    Suhr SSC works as antenna..?

    I had a gig yesterday. My Suhr Antique with SSC system seemed to pick up the wireless system they used. Really loud white noise and whine/feedback type sounds as I roll the guitar volume up. I didn't have another electric with me to investigate further, but I can't really suspect anything other...
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    Altering dynamic/frequency response (Kemper video)

    Just a heads up on the ducking functionality of the EQ in the Kemper!
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    "Jazz Bazz" wiring problem. Both pickups = telephone

    I've got some cheap Jazz Bass copy in the house. Sounds (and plays) quite good, actually...except, I can only roll up the volume on one pickup at a time. When using both, everything below 700Hz goes south and only honk is left... So, maybe some of you guys could save me the hassle of trying to...
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    KPA with guitar cab

    I'm curious....are there profiles made without cab involved? If not, can the KPA really exclude the cab from the complete chain profile in a good way? I mean, it sorta have to guess the impact the cab has in the profile... Does anyone use this thing with cabs?
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    All Access and FV 500 problem

    Anybody using Boss FV 500 with the AA? Can you get these pedals to register the full range, 0-127? Just got myself a couple og FV 500's, one H and one L model. The AA's pedal inputs can't be calibrated and both these pedals go no lower than I have 80-127 from heel to toe. I'd prefer...
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    Unless mine is faulty, the Axe-Fx II is a very noisy unit...

    I get no response in the Fractal forum, so.... Any Axe-Fx II 4CM users in here? Setting up a loop within the Axe and going to the front of my amp. No effects, nada, just guitar > Axe-Fx > Out 2 to amp. I've made som comparisons, with straight guitar, and an Eventide Timefactor (which I thought...
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    Can Axe-Fx II take, and give, the beating from a tube head?

    Just wondering if it can take the juice coming from a dimed tube preamp (loop out) and then send as high an output further down to push that power amp just as much as the tube preamp can? Thinking of getting one for 4-cable use, but too many times I've tried equipment that can't take and send...
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    Testing the DPA 4099

    Just in case you acoustic guys/gals avoid that Gear Demo forum! I just tried out the little clip on condenser from DPA. A really sweet sounding neat thing I encourage you to check out if you're fed up from that piezo clank :hiP A couple of quick recordings, only reverb added: ED04T__Trgw
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    DPA 4099

    Checking out the DPA 4099 mini condenser clip-on microphone on a classical guitar and squareneck dobro. A VERY sweet sounding little thing, which I'm looking forward to check out in a live setting. It's actually a tiny little shotgun design, so it should be able to isolate that guitar quite...
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    Axe Fx Q's - stomp box/4 cable/+

    Anyone using this with a regular tube amp and the 4 cable setup? I'm curious about the stomp box emulations in this unit. Has anyone compared side by side with analog pedals? What's the total delay through AD/DA's? Does anyone notice the latency? (I remember I was annoyed by the original POD's...
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    Looking for a plectrum

    I've been using Jazz II for years, but two weeks ago I was given a Dunlop 205 and fell instantly in love. Especially for single string playing on acoustic guitar, wonderful thick sound on the high strings. However, after only two weeks the 205 is already pretty worn... So, does anyone know of...
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    Timefactor serial

    Does anyone know from what serial number the shield was installed? I just received a brand new Timefactor with serial # 368 which seems scary low to me...
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    Timefactor owners

    What size DC plug does it take? Regular stomp box size? If so, would that be 5.5mm/2.1mm?
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    Ebay ocd

    Can anyone explain this? The exact same one sells new for $143 right?
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    Matchless' website...

    Well, Bad Cat's website got updated after a thread in here, maybe this'll make Matchless redesign theirs? New amps aren't even mentioned on the site. Hardly any clips or pictures or info at all. C'mon Matchless! And don't use "Voltage Factory" to make the new site, they seem like complete...
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    Eventide Timefactor MIDI question

    Reading manuals and whatnot, it still isn't clear to me if the Looper (record, play, stop) can be controlled via midi. Anyone know? Also, I understand it can be sent midi clock to control tempo, but I'm not clear on whether it's also possible to "tap" via midi to set tempo?
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    Trem King

    Trem King Could someone please try this thing and tell me how it sounds? :JAM English is not my native language, and I didn't see exactly how the thing works looking at the pictures, but it looks very tempting. If it sounds good.
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    Damn sub-harmonics....

    I've done some changes to my rig, didn't really notice exactly when or if it happened gradually or not...but now it's become extremely annoying :messedup Those deeper extra notes produced when playing two or more strings simultaneously. I can hear them clearly even on completely clean sounds...
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    Close miking THD 2x12"

    I've been thinking of getting myself one of these. People speak highly of them, and they are small and lightweight. However, I'm looking for a cabinet that will be used mainly in studio sessions, and I've heard some comparisons of close miked cabinets on the net. From those the THD sounds a...
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    Burkey Flatliner/Pedal Power 2+

    Admittedly, I don't really need the power of the Burkey...but I'm wondering about the sag options on these two. I still recall the extremely pleasant sound I got from an OD pedal with a bad battery when I was young(er!). Don't even remember what pedal it was, but I'm gonna have to go through...
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