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  1. James Hill

    Fender Meteora Neck Swap

    Not sure but it looks as though a Strat heel neck from Warmoth would work.
  2. James Hill

    What is an aesthetic deal breaker for you on guitars?

    White pickguard. I have purchased guitars with white but I order a replacement guard at the same time as the guitar purchase.
  3. James Hill

    Every guitar I've ever owned had issues

    Get the exact guitar Gregory Kochery plays in a Wildwood video and the damn thing doesn't sound anything like Greg! Fellas, fellas, where is the damn Gristle!!!!
  4. James Hill

    Favorite guitarist, current and all-time

    Hetfield and Iommi
  5. James Hill

    Please help beginner to choose a guitar!
  6. James Hill

    Does The Neck Shape Matter To You ?

    Only neck that I have an issue with is the PRS Wide Fat. Tolerable but not comfortable for me.
  7. James Hill

    Recommend me 1 guitar, 1 pedal and 1 amp

    Dual HB Strat of choice. Mesa Tremoverb Tuner of choice.
  8. James Hill

    NPCD (new partscaster day) the Fire-Chicken

    Lincoln Guitars has the Bitterbird models.
  9. James Hill

    Spoof/funny Fender decal for partscaster?
  10. James Hill

    BKP Black Dog, Suhr Aldrich, other higher output passives?

    I recently installed MojoTone DW Tomahawk set in my strat and have been very pleased with them.
  11. James Hill

    What Is Your All Time Favorite Mesa Boogie Amp?

    Heartbreaker and Tremoverb
  12. James Hill

    best P90's that fit humbucker cutouts

    I've been more than happy with my Duncan Phat Cats.
  13. James Hill

    Any love for Pearloid Strat pickguards?

    Pearloids are great, actually anything other than white for me. I have a very large rubbermaid container filled with white pickguards from every instrument I've ever purchased that came with one.
  14. James Hill

    Best guitar store in the US?
  15. James Hill

    If money were no object...

    Wizard Modern Classic
  16. James Hill

    Only electrics, no acoustics?

    Got my first guitar at age 13. The cheapest Washburn electric at my local guitar shop. I recently turned 48 and I have never had, or wanted an acoustic of any type. For whatever reason they don't appeal to me in any way. Love to listen to other people play them, just not for me.
  17. James Hill

    Where do you buy vintage?
  18. James Hill

    Songs that rock that people will dance to ideas?

    Queen "Fat Bottom Girls". If this tune doesn't work I usually wonder if we should be checking for a pulse... YMMV
  19. James Hill

    Must-have albums that you "don't get"

    Any Dead album. YMMV
  20. James Hill

    Bands you have witnessed being aggressively Boo'ed off stage ?

    White Lion opening for AC DC in Huntsville, AL. The crowd was chanting Angus so loud you could barely tell the band was making a sound.
  21. James Hill

    Top 5 Boutique Guitar Builders.

    Kauer Melancon Trussart Thorn Sully
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