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    Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World - great story here

    Great story about great musicians who are North American Indians. I hope you can get this on your computer.
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    NGD kinda Marc Beneteau

    Well I once had this guitar around 1990 and a friend talked me into selling it. Three years ago I get an email if I would like to have a couple of acoustics that he was getting rid of and I'd forgotten all about this guitar and I think he also had forgotten where he got it from. He lost the...
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    NGD 2000 Gibson SG standard

    I saw this on kijiji and it was still there weeks later. So I thought I'd better go and at least check it out for fun.
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    Traynor Custom Special from hell

    An in depth analysis of the electronics of a 73' Custom Special and how to change a few capacitors and resistors to turn it into a really great guitar amp.
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    Fender 50's -60's Guitars with curly maple flamed necks usually sound ...

    Don't know but, kinda often notice that Fender vintage guitars with flamed maple necks tend to have really great sound. Not saying that the ones without flames don't sound great by the way because we've seen that most do sound really great. Know that people are going to say "Don't judge a...
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    Led Zep 1969 live, SRV live, Hendrix Atlanta and more (bands)

    Great series of videos here: Zepplin in their prime - check out Jon Bonham, his playing, bass drum, Robert Plant's voice, jimmy Page with the violen wand, SRV - up close and I just noticed the strat is not a slab board Hendrix - watch his fingers playing up close Gretta Band - interesting...
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    Behringer Neutron semi-modular

    Check out the sound of the new Behringer Neutron which should be released sometime this year, likely sometime in the first half of the year. What a sound this thing makes with its deep bases, melotron type sounds, shaped bases. It uses two 3340 vco's. Oh yeah, the price is rumoured to likely be...
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    Vintage Off the Wall - Teisco, Kent, Saturn, etc, guitars, amps, effects, etc, show, discuss

    My off the wall guitars in the sixties were a Bradford thinline and then a Beltone speaker in guitar, and are long gone. The most vivid memory was when I saw A white Teisco with striped metal pickguard in the window of a guitar store in the mid sixties. Teisco Coffee Table amp 30W 1968 with...
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    Vintage Fender Telecasters - show them here

    I love vintage Fender Telecasters. Lets see em. The blonde is a 63 and the Custom burst is a 66.
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    Violet Microphones summer sale

    Violet Microphones is having a summer sale at 60%-70% off July 5-11. These are made in Latvia. From what I heard, they are the people that started Blue Microphones. They have a warehouse in the U.S. These are good microphones and the sale makes it a big bang for the dollar. Andrew is a good man...
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    NGD Fender Road Worn Strat

    I read what people were saying about these guitars and just had to go out and see a used one. The photos of the white color didn't always blow me away but it really has more appeal when you have it in your hands and feel and look at the colour. It's kind of a creamy with a hint of lime green in...
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    Amplified Nation Amps only

    Let's restrict the conversation to Amplified Nation amps. In other words, let the discussion on the fake JM amp go, it's now water under the bridge. These AN amps sound quite good and look well made.
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    The heart and soul of Ronnie Van Zant, Ed King, Allen Collins, Gary Rossington, Leon Wilkeson, Artimus, Billy, in very fine form. 3QR28CzONi8
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    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Number 1 again

    Stevie gives a lesson on how to play number 1 Strat. s9YBGaozZW0
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    NPD: Guess the pedal in the box...

    I picked this up last night from a guy on Kijiji. It actually didn't come with a box but I start that this would be a good starting photo. The pedal is actually in that box as the shot was taken and that box has the right floor space to contain it. This is another delay.
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    NPD: gues whats in the box

    I'll give you a clue-ue-ue-ue...
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    Colorsound Wah-fuzz brought back to life after 37 years

    The other guitarist in our band back in the day, about thirty years ago, had two wah-fuzz pedals, one a Kent which had a really different sounding razzy fuzz to it that I really like the sound of, but not such a great wah, and a colorsound wah-fuzz that he hung on to because it sounded so great...
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    NGD Epiphone vintage G400 SG

    Was looking for a Gibson type of cheaper guitar and ran into this Epiphone vintage G400 SG from 2005. Actually its not a bad guitar: nice wood body made out of a few pieces of mahogany with no venier as far as I can see, cream binding along edge of neck, not bad V5 humbucking pickups, one piece...
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    Marshall Major kijiji - feast your eyes

    Look at this old Marshall Major 200 for sale in Toronto
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    NGD Gibson ES345

    First humbucking guitar in a very long time, but this guitar is quite special to me with its sound and feel. Thanks for looking.
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    Pete Traynor in the Toronto Star today

    Toronto Star newspaper has an excellent article about Pete Traynor and some history about him and how he started out in the amp business. Yes he is still alive at 71. Read all about it here.
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    Red Plate Star Dust - big sound

    This Red Plate Star Dust sounds really good in Lance's hands in this high performance auto shop. It's a big block amp with 4-KT88's under the hood pushing well over 100 Watts. PTjl3XR5Z8Y
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    Amos Garret-Midnight at the Oasis-tone is in amp or hands?

    I saw him playing a Telecaster on TV a long time ago. I suspect he might have been playing something like a super reverb or Twin reverb but can't quite remember. But he also has a distinct way of playing using his fingers and simulating a slide sounding kind of style. What a sound.
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    Buddy Whittington - Mr Tone, plays Dr Z

    Check out the tone on these songs on Buddy's myspace page: Can't be Good for Me, Romance Classified Check out Buddy playing Willie G on the new Dr Z Monza at this Dr Z conference:
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    Traynor YBA-2A Bass Mate II Amp - a marvel in tone

    On my way to Toronto to get together with a band I hadn't been together since 1970, and stopped by to try out this late sixties Bass Mate II amp a couple of weeks ago. It was dirty all over, had a bent face plate, an incorrect black plastic toggle switch, a two conductor cord, and some...
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