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  1. MomentFX

    Adding a cymbal to my existing kit?

    There are definitely better options out there for not too much more money than the ZBTs. I just added an 18" Zildjian S Series Medium Thin crash. I went for inexpensive without going too cheap ($90 used+$18 shipping) from Musicians Friend/Gtr Ctr). I'm very pleased with it, and to my ears, it...
  2. MomentFX

    Drum Kits - Post Them

    My new Ludwig Keystone set (I had the Yamaha snare already). I was looking for better cymbals from a friend of a friend at work, and ending up buying a whole set for a price that was low enough that I would have been an idiot to pass up. Still need to replace a couple of the cymbals though. He...
  3. MomentFX

    You bought the widely considered WORST album by a band......which album & band ?

    They only had two (in the U.S. anyway), but Badlands' Voodoo Highway pretty much went straight to the bargain bins. I loved it then and I love it now.
  4. MomentFX

    What's the worst album cover you've ever seen?

    Stryper - Soldiers Under Command is a contender.
  5. MomentFX

    When/what was the last entire album you listened to in one sitting without skipping a song?

    I listened to all of Sufjan Stevens' Carrie and Lowell a couple of weeks ago and loved every second of it.
  6. MomentFX

    Les Paul owners... whats your go to amp?

    Nothing too fancy, but I like it: LP Classic > [Here there be pedals] > Marshall DSL20 > Blackstar Cab with a Celestion Greenback in it. I mostly keep to the Classic Gain channel.
  7. MomentFX

    Remove neck pickup from PRS but how to seal the cavity?

    Amazon and Reverb have some pickup blanks that should be about the same footprint as the orig pickup ring.
  8. MomentFX

    NUPD* - 2012 Fender Standard Strat MIM

    * Is New Unplanned Purchase Day is a thing? Probably not, and maybe rightfully so. But anyone care to share their recent NUPs, and how do you feel about it now that the dust has settled a bit? Anyway, I went poking around my local music store today just to get out of the house for a bit and...
  9. MomentFX

    Need help finding late 80s single by guitar player.

    I like how the guy said you've given us very little to work with here, even though you had the name pretty much right. Glad you found out. Props to Wolfgansta.
  10. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    I'm talking about compact pedals, as shown in the diagram. The recognizable pedals in the graphic should be right to left, not connected as shown. The standard has been right to left for much longer than 20 years. You mentioned a few brands, but which specific EHX, Vox, and Strymon pedals are...
  11. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    If you're saying that most pedals before 2000 had inputs on the left and outputs on the right, that is just not true. What are some examples that you're thinking of (I'm genuinely curious, that's not a snarky challenge)? I'm guessing some outliers might have, but that was not at all the...
  12. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    I just thought it was slightly amusing and that others might find it slightly amusing. Or we could overthink it, I guess. That could be fun too.
  13. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    If a beginner (the article's intended audience) were to hook up the pedals as shown, it wouldn't work.
  14. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    I don't have an issue with the placement of the pedals. But if you connected everything as shown, it wouldn't work (everything's plugged into the output and comes out of the input). I understand that the lines in the diagram don't necessarily represent cables, but it looks like it. That's why it...
  15. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    If so, the humor was lost on Andertons, who posted it here (scroll way down in the article).
  16. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    haha -- I was wondering if someone was going to do a reverse image search. I found it on Andertons, but I didn't want to call them out.
  17. MomentFX

    This graphic makes me itch

    From an article on how to set up your first pedal board. (EDIT: linked to the article.)
  18. MomentFX

    Newbie Here

    Welcome -- I would take any one of those. Nice.
  19. MomentFX

    I’m 14 and I don’t have a whole lot of money. What telecaster+amp should I save up for in the $3000-$4000 range?

    On the very off chance you're not trolling: this is probably a little too cynical, but if you were good enough for a $3000 tele, you wouldn't be asking. PS When I was 14, this guitar cost what I considered a lot of money:
  20. MomentFX

    What are the coolest looking pedals in your opinion?

    Nostalgia undoubtedly plays a role, but the big box Small Stone, Small Clone, and Big Muff are probably my favorites.
  21. MomentFX

    [ANSWERED] Pickup Question: Gibson 57 Classics

    That explains it - thank you both! I'm not too interested in BBs, so back they go.
  22. MomentFX

    [ANSWERED] Pickup Question: Gibson 57 Classics

    [SOLVED - thank you rockabilly69 and cap10kirk] I don't know much about Gibson pickups, so I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this. I just found (and bought) a couple of used pickups labeled Gibson 57 Classics at my favorite local music store, but I'm confused by the sticker on the back...
  23. MomentFX

    Brian May Guitars - The BMG Arielle - Kind of a Firebirdy Red Special?

    Likewise. I was pretty surprised by it. The styling doesn't seem very Brian Mayish.
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