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  1. skhan007

    Bad Cat - Sampson Era Questions

    Cool. Posted a similar question in the Bad Cat mega thread. I was told 2000-2001, as these were the years he was with the company. I was curious if the Sampson era extended beyond his years at Bad Cat. So, was the Sampson Era the years he was with Bad Cat or the years his Black Cat model...
  2. skhan007

    The Official BAD CAT Thread

    Is there a definitive answer to this question: What years are “the Sampson era?” From what I understand he left the company in 2001, so 2000 to 2001 would be his time in the company. Does the Sampson era extend to hose yeats that he was not with Bad Cat? I’m told the very first prototypes...
  3. skhan007

    Has Gibson USA ever made a wraptail Les Paul?

    Yeah, I owned a '55 wrap tail custom reissue with P90s. Great guitar!
  4. skhan007

    Does this exist? (Headphone content)

    Correct. OP: Check out the Suhr Reactive Load IR.
  5. skhan007

    Who is number 1

    My exact thought when I saw the thread title!!
  6. skhan007

    Randy Rhoads Les Paul question

    It must've been tough for someone of slight stature to gig a 10 lb. beast of a boat anchor like a Norlin-era LPC.
  7. skhan007

    Komet Amp Thread

    Not familiar with the low power k60. Is that a previous model? What are the specs?
  8. skhan007

    Randy Rhoads Les Paul question

    I’ve always read that Rhoads played a ‘74 LPC. I’m sure there’s tons of info on the internet on his guitars.
  9. skhan007

    "Star" bodies

    I know a couple of after-market builders offer this style. Check out KnE guitar bodies. He does the exact Charvel spec. Also, Chris Holmes from WASP had several very cool star Charvels and Jackson’s.
  10. skhan007

    Yet another Partscaster Story…

    Yeah man! Nice wiring, too!
  11. skhan007

    Tell me about Strandberg?

    I find them quite reasonably priced on the used market.
  12. skhan007

    Leo Scala Guitars

    Same. I contacted him years ago about making me one like Pete Thorn’s. Super, mega, expensive and no way I could swing it. A buddy of mine had a Scala T-rod tele and it was awesome. These Vs look pretty sweet too.
  13. skhan007

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Wow, I had no idea those inlays were even an option on the LPC!!
  14. skhan007

    Komet Amp Thread

    I’ll definitely post some impressions. Thinking about all my tube amps, and there are a lot of them, the K60HD is particularly sensitive to preamp tubes swaps. More so than all my other amps. What I find curious is that overwhelmingly so, most guys talk about and revere the legendary European...
  15. skhan007

    Komet Amp Thread

    Thanks to a buddy of mine, I’ve got some (new to me) vintage 12ax7’s to try out in my K60HD: L to R: 53-58 ge long grey plate 64 sylvania long grey plate 59 rca long grey plate 60 Raytheon Baldwin black plate 59 Raytheon long plate black plate 57 Tung sol long grey plate
  16. skhan007

    What is your "vacation" rig this summer?

    When going to the beach, I take my Strandberg and Line 6 POD-x thingy with headphones. Perfect, lightweight, compact, and sounds good for my travel purposes.
  17. skhan007

    Never grow up, show your jam room mascots. (:

    Not exactly a mascot, but how about a hero in my jam room. Oh yeah, matching amp too...
  18. skhan007

    What Are Your "Perfect" Albums?

    I consider each of these three to be perfection. Among my favorites ever made. They all have something in common, can you guess?
  19. skhan007

    Do you consider "Achilles Last Stand" to be a TOP-TIER Zeppelin song?

    Absolutely one of their high points. I always felt like that song had some good prog vibes going on, which is great IMHO.
  20. skhan007

    Tell me about Strandberg?

    I've been interested in getting one with a rosewood or ebony board, as I already have a roasted maple board OS6. I've been interested mostly in the Salen. It looks like there are two types with a pao ferro board- Red with the sound hole and without. I'd be interested in hearing opinions on those...
  21. skhan007

    The Mars Volta reforming?

    Listening to Bedlam this afternoon. I gotta admit…It’s as strong as Frances and almost as much as Deloused.
  22. skhan007

    New King's X! Let it Rain

    That was great. Loved the effect on the solo, whatever it was.
  23. skhan007

    Yngwie Malmsteen "Rising Force" cover - Superbly done!

    Wow, that was really good! Kinda think the guitarist should be playing a strat, however...or at least a guitar with single coils.
  24. skhan007

    FIRST album that actually changed you?

    I'd have to agree with the posters above that listed Rock and Roll Over & Hemispheres. I'd also add...
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