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  1. kombi1976

    Jon Bon Jovi butchers You Give Love A Bad Name

    Whatever it is, monitors, hearing damage, voice damage, he needs to seek help. Makes you wonder if he has Alzheimers or similar.
  2. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    For Pete’s sake! Talk about Stockholm Syndrome.
  3. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    DITCH HIM NOW. No matter how “good” you think he is he not only can’t control his volume, he’s refusing to try. That doubling down on having no consideration for band mates. Plus he’s wearing the bloody earmuffs to insulate him against his own poor conduct. No amount of history or perceived...
  4. kombi1976

    Did grunge "kill" the cover band scene too?

    I’m sure other people have said this before, but the emergence of Grunge was in many ways no different to the emergence of Punk. In the same way Prog Rock and Classic Rock had become lengthy and self indulgent, 80s Rock and Hair Metal was bombastic, mysoginistic and technically focused and...
  5. kombi1976

    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    1600…….. Let’s be honest. Everyone thinks the next generations of music are horrendous. Thankfully social media platforms are giving people the sort of publicity they wouldn’t normally have and they can stream with out record companies stealing their royalties……not that streaming companies are...
  6. kombi1976

    Wife Challenge

    For the record, my wife said “What the bloody hell is that. Sounds like 2 cats on a fence.” All I’m going to say is there’s a reason that woman is lonely.
  7. kombi1976

    Wife Challenge

    Maybe someone else has already posted this......:(
  8. kombi1976

    When do you all believe music started to decline?

    1975. The year “A Chorus Line” opened. It was all down hill from there.
  9. kombi1976

    Whats with "musicians" being tired of songs?

    If you’re in a covers band, harden up. The only time I’ve said no to “Sweet Home Alabama” was when I played on Australia Day at a local pub. We played for 4 hours and only played Australian music. Yes, easily. But a drunk 20 yr old kept coming up and asking for “Sweet Home” and other overseas...
  10. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    Alternatively start from scratch. You just don’t know if your drummer wasn’t part of the issue, deep down.
  11. kombi1976

    Our Drummer is too loud... help!!!

    Your rehearsal space is about twice the size of mine. I've played with loud drummers and the last band I was in our drummer was pretty loud, but with IEMs that was usually ok. And his snare was also a bitch. But my son, who I play with often, is an exceptional drummer and he doesn't hit hard. He...
  12. kombi1976

    Songs with great "bad"/weird guitar solos.

    And virtually anything by Reeves Gabrels, especially “Heaven’s In Here” from Tin Machine.
  13. kombi1976

    Songs with great "bad"/weird guitar solos.

    Surely someone has said “Simply Irresistible”?
  14. kombi1976

    Does gigging when you're old even make sense?

    I’m 48 in about a week. I just left one band but I started solo gigging during COVID because that’s all I could do. Just vocals, guitar and backing tracks. The last band I was in we had a shocker gig, but my solo gear doesn’t include any speakers except the powered PA speakers. I use IEMs, a...
  15. kombi1976

    I really want to take guitar lessons, but why is so expensive

    I almost made an explanatory response but giving the OP reasons for lesson prices is like educating a catfish in nuclear physics. Didn’t we go through this about a guitar tech recently? I’m a school teacher and I once said to a high school student: “It’s better to be thought a fool and remain...
  16. kombi1976

    This One Goes Out to Those "Longer in Tooth" Members of the TGP Community: Which Piece of 80s Gear Did You Feel Was the Shiznit?

    I’m still using my BOSS CE-2 and PH-1r pedals and they are going strong.
  17. kombi1976

    What Makes a Player a Hack?

    By categories one and two I’m a hack. But then, like many of us, I have a family and day job and mortgage and, if like me, you have an 80 song set list and have to sing as well, I guess you’d not want to play with me. And I might add that I’ve dropped serious coin on gear.....only to have band...
  18. kombi1976

    Have you played with any "famous" musicians?

    Sorta. I’m Australian and I supported Hoodoo Gurus and The Break (a surf band who are most of Midnight Oil) a few years back. But last year my son (on vibraphone) and I (guitar) jammed with Richard Ploog (formerly drummer for The Church) which was great. Then out of the blue he emailed me and...
  19. kombi1976

    Great players who’s technique transformed bad tone?

    A lot of people say CC DeVille has bad tone. But then I wouldn’t call him a great player.
  20. kombi1976

    Great players who’s technique transformed bad tone?

    I was more or less asking that question.
  21. kombi1976

    Great players who’s technique transformed bad tone?

    We spend tons of time, effort and expense on the pursuit of “good tone”. It means so many different things to so many different people and yet, we all agree that for most amazing guitarists the tone is “in the fingers”. One thing is for sure, we can all define “bad tone” when we hear it. So, in...
  22. kombi1976

    Tips on a portable, good electronic drum kit?

    Here's the situation. My son has been playing drums for about 5 or 6 years now and he's very good. He can sight read straight through most stuff and is playing for musicals here in town. However, acoustic drums are difficult for music theatre. They're too loud and it's problematic to drag them...
  23. kombi1976

    Bummer weekend, feeling down about gigging

    Oh, sure, which is fine if your band has that sort of feel. I just can't think that "Blowfish" has any good connotations. But I'm off topic now.
  24. kombi1976

    Bummer weekend, feeling down about gigging

    Yeah, but it could be worse, like Phish or Hootie & The Blowfish. :rolleyes:
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