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    Headstrong Amps

    Just got a Lil King S from Wayne. It looks, and sounds great. Its powerful. Reverb is huge. Very portable.
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    Eminence Wizard or WGS Reaper

    I haven't tried the WGS, but have a Wizard in my Classic 50 and I love it.
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    Pick yer two best Eminence and tell why.

    i've got a wizard in my Classic 50 and have wanted to pair it with another. glad to see so many like the wizard/c-rex combo thats what i'm leaning towards.
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    Peavey Classic 30 - disassemble to replace speaker?

    anyone know if its the same method for the c50?
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    Eminence Wizard Question

    I have a Wizard in my C50. It definitely gets better with age :). I like it a lot, but as others mentioned i think its great to balance it with another Emi. I want to pair it with something myself, just not sure what yet. Depending on the application, i could see 2 Wizards being tough to...
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    What is your favorite Eminence speaker?

    Thanks to this thread, i really have no idea what to pair with my Wizard in my c50 2x12!
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    Peavey C50 2x12 - removing speakers

    bump for any more speaker change experiences with a c50 212
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    Best Place to get an amp modded?

    Go to Andrews Amp Lab man, nice guy and great, honest work.
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    Peavey C50 2x12 - removing speakers

    yeah, thats what i've found from searching- but never seen anything specific to the C50. thought it might be the same method, but just wanted to be sure. thanks!
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    Peavey C50 2x12 - removing speakers

    What's the process? Do the tubes need to be removed? Thx!
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    Everything about Peavey Amps - Put it Here!

    I've played a C50 212 for the last 6 years or so. Its loud and heavy, but sounds great and a great value (used). i put in an Emi Wizard and retubed about a year ago. Gave it a lot more mojo. Now I want to replace the other blue marvel with another Emi, possibly a C.Rex.
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    <<<<<What is your favorite Eminence speakers in 2-12s???>>>>>

    Good thread. I have a Wizard in my PVC50 212. It took some time to break in, but sounds great. I believe the open/closed cab issue with the Wizard is related to cone cry. Now I want to replace the other (stock) speaker with another Emi. I can't decide! Canni Rex, Cani Major, Gov, so...
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    Eminence Wizard in a Carr Mercury?

    I just put a Wizard in my Peavey Classic 50. It has a lot of mojo, and after it broke in, its very articulate.
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