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  1. wraub

    Safety Orange/white guitars?

  2. wraub

    Anyone ever buy a guitar from Walmart?? Experiences...

    You can get a guitar, some salsa, some underwear and a lawn chair... Talk about a holiday weekend!
  3. wraub

    A clownburst to end all clownbursts

    Ah, the rare Fox Pike.
  4. wraub

    How have your music and gear tastes changed since you’ve been a TGP member?

    When I came to TGP I had one guitar. Now, I have five guitars and parts for two others. Thanks, TGP!
  5. wraub

    How About Some Ibanez Love - Most Underrated? Let’s See Yours

    My Musician was an amazing bass, a factory fretless, DS940. I've thought about replacing it but the pricing and the age of the electronics are putting me off- mostly the pricing, tbh. I understand it, i just can't afford it. ;) The Roadstar IIs I have are unusual in that they're five strings...
  6. wraub

    How About Some Ibanez Love - Most Underrated? Let’s See Yours

    I have two atm, both Roadstar II basses, both five string, both from '85. I used to have a Musician bass, still miss it.
  7. wraub

    How About Some Ibanez Love - Most Underrated? Let’s See Yours

    Chalk me up as another Ibanez fan. There's some fun stuff in this thread.
  8. wraub

    NGD - Fender Custom Shop Tele - not your average Telecaster

    Looks good, great color too. Enjoy. :)
  9. wraub

    Who makes headless bodies?

  10. wraub

    PRS chose death instead of being desecrated by speedmetal

    Wood glue used to be better.
  11. wraub

    'Coolest' guitar that you own

    I always operate under the premise that nothing about me is, would, or could be cool. Then I relax and play some of my guitars, which all look pretty sweet.
  12. wraub

    Your favorite budget strat pickups?

    When I got my main Strat, used, I figured I'd just live with the pickups in it before I made any changes. After a while of thinking they sounded really good at all settings, I relented and opened up the guitar to determine what were these really amazing, balanced and just good sounding pickups...
  13. wraub

    Replacement neck vs de-fret to make a fretted guitar into a fretless guitar

    On the fretted bass I made fretless, I used a fret puller to remove the frets and then replaced the frets with maple, which contrasts well with the ebony 'board on that bass. It's held up well for over 20 years. I used simple wood glue, then when dry I used a sharp chisel to pare the maple...
  14. wraub

    Replacement neck vs de-fret to make a fretted guitar into a fretless guitar

    I de-fretted a Squier Strat neck about a decade ago, it's held up okay. I played only a fretless bass for a long time, and de-fretted a 24 fret Ibanez bass before I did the guitar neck. If you do it, look into compression fretting and how removing frets can affect the curve of the neck. It's...
  15. wraub

    The Low-Cost 335 Thing Is Outta Control

    Here's Liam Gallagher's smashed 355-
  16. wraub

    Strat Re-fret cost?

    Thanks all, for the answers so far. Good info here.
  17. wraub

    Strat Re-fret cost?

    Sure. A comparison of pricing for ss and nickel could be good.
  18. wraub

    Strat Re-fret cost?

    I have a RW 'board Strat that needs a re-fret. 21 frets, looking for nickel not SS. What's a typical price?
  19. wraub

    How Many Stratocasters Do You Own?

    I have four, and parts for another in the works. All are Strats but all feel and sound different enough that they're still here.
  20. wraub

    Does the current state of the economy mean Fender and Gibson are going into a new dark age?

    I can imagine Gibson becoming more like Ric, making fewer models and increasing demand for their instruments. I can imagine Fender cutting a model line or two. I can imagine both companies, and others, continuing to raise prices. But, I could be imagining things.
  21. wraub

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Not the real thing, but an incredible simulation!
  22. wraub

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Elvis has left the guitar.
  23. wraub

    Stainless Steel Fret Convert

    My main Strat has amazingly flat frets and needs new ones. but I think I need to play a couple guitars with SS frets for comparison- haven't played any, so don't know pros/cons for myself. Otherwise I'll probably stay with trad fret material, I don't play that hard.
  24. wraub

    Rescued Les Paul!

    A definite improvement over what was on there.
  25. wraub

    That feeling when you have nice guitar, but crappy amps/effects due to living an apartment

    I have a Katana 50 and find the scalable output to be super helpful when volume is a concern- although it's kind of amazing how loud .5 of a watt can be. :D
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