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    The gap between the bedroom and the bandstand

    Well said. Here's a quote from Michele de Montaigne, a 16th Century (Yes, that long ago!) French philosopher, who really nailed the essence of anxiety: "My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened."
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    Would you do it? 50th bday guitar

    My wife got me a 57 Goltop LP reissue for my 50th, which covered all the bases - I was born in 57 and the Gold represents 50 quiet nicely. It turned out to be my favorite guitar and my go to when I was still gigging. Get what you want and find a polite way to request it.
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    12BZ7 subbed for a 12AX7?

    Thanks Thom. Much appreciated.
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    12BZ7 subbed for a 12AX7?

    Just came across this thread while researching 12BZ7. This was my experience: I own an Omega modded Hot Rod Deville, which I've had for several years and have used with great satisfaction on the occasional gig. It never got a lot of use, so I hadn't really given much thought to changing tubes...
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    Octaswitch Mk II and Fender Deville Channel Changes

    Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?
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    Octaswitch Mk II and Fender Deville Channel Changes

    This may be a stupid question, but I'm guessing that there are many knowledgeable members who can address this issue. I purchased a Carl Martin Octaswitch 2 to program some patches and eliminate tap dancing. I only use a handful of pedals, and the Octaswitch seemed to provide more than enough...
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    Rocktron Patchmate Loop8 Floor agnoy: it can't change presets directly!?

    I sure wish I had consulted this forum prior to purchasing this unit in July. I'm in the process of communicating with Rocktron by email and so far I've gotten a very convoluted sequence of switching sequences to lock the unit in preset mode, which of course didn't work. Just to be clear, has...
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    Omega Hot Rod deluxe or AC15 Handwired

    +1 on that Cannabis Rex. It really smooths out the tone nicely. And yes the OD channel is Dumble voiced, but it still sounds great with CR.
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    Omega Hot Rod deluxe or AC15 Handwired

    If you're getting the Omega Mods HRDX, by all means stay with that decision. I know nothing about Vox, so I can't help you to compare, but having owned an Omega modded HRDX for a while, I can tell you that the cleans are lush and pristine, and the OD channels are sublime. You can goose that...
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    OK I decided on a new amp

    It's a great mod. Very sweet sounding tone and NO PEDALS REQUIRED. It's just the right recipe, but, if you choose to, you can send that yellow channel into the stratosphere with a bit of OD.
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    Got my amp, love my tone, want "more" pedal

    The Jetter Red pedal produces some very smooth low to medium gain tones. Very transparent with the right amount of sustain and no fizz. Definitely worth checking out.
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    Omega Hot Rod Deluxe Anybody?

    Jim is the best - absolutely top of the line. He will work with you to resolve any and all issues. Very professional. The sounds from the modded HRDx are absolutely divine. You can leave your pedals at home, but you can push that yellow channel with a good OD into screaming territory. The...
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    What's your MUST HAVE Distortion/Overdrive Pedal?

    Today it's the Jetter GSR, but it's just a slice of time.
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    Overdrive advice?

    In addition to an eq pedal you may want to consider speaker choice. I was amazed by how much of a well rounded smooth tone I got with an Eminence Cannabis Rex. It really helped to tame an overly bright tone.
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    higher gain pedal advise

    Of course all pedals, guitars and amps don't all play well together, but the MI Audio Crunchbox is a good all around choice for some nice higher gain Marshall grind.
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    Boss TU-2: Tone suck or no?

    I was quite struck by the difference between placing the tuner first and last in the chain and I discovered this completely by accident. I had no idea how much my tone was being altered when the tuner was first. When I placed it last in the chain everything had opened up as if a blanket had...
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    King of Tone ready

    I've had mine for several months. Absolutely the best. Can't get enough of the tone!
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    Does anyone use an EQ pedal as a solo booster??

    I've tried both the Keeley Katana and the CREATION AUDIO LABS MK.4.23 Boost in the effects loop of my amp with good results. The Katana definitely colors the tone, though not in an entirely unpleasant way. The CAL MK 4.23 is very transparent. It works better in the effects loop but you can...
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    Cutting through the mix

    I wasn't mic'd at all. The band was recorded with a Sony digital recorder and a couple of high quality small mics that sat above and a few feet in front of the band. The quality of the recording was astonishingly clear and high quality - great bottom and vocals - though I suspect that the...
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    Cutting through the mix

    Thanks to all for some very good and thought provoking ideas.
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    Cutting through the mix

    Point well taken. It's really a question of balance, which is what i always search for. if there's a mismatch in instruments, adjustments need to be made and that probably involves the whole band to one degree or another. It's really not about solo tone. Thanks for some good ideas.
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    Cutting through the mix

    I've noticed in several threads that I'm not the only one that has trouble cutting through the mix. During a gig last week I thought my tone was good and that I was clearly audible, but when I listened to the tapes, much to my dismay, it sounded like mud most of the time. The band I play in...
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    Tone Tubbys

    Yes, I believe it's very true, that, in essesnce, any tone issue really boils down to one's ears and I suppose that it's a process of trial and error for most of us. It's still nice to have the opinions of experienced tone seekers as a starting point. Are guitarists ever trully content with...
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    Tone Tubbys

    I'd be using it with a Bad Cat Hot Cat Head or as an extension cab for my Fender Prosonic or Bogner Shiva. I play mostly Rock & Blues, nothing too heavy but I use a relatively high gain and crunchy sound fairly frequently
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    Tone Tubbys

    Thanks Alex, that was very helpful. What do you think about mixing ceramic and alnico in a 2-12?
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