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  1. BWebb

    The new Fryette PS-100

    That’s weird. I’m hearing the opposite. It gets closer when I use the edge switch on the PS but the Suhr still sounds clearer.
  2. BWebb

    The new Fryette PS-100

    I got my PS100 today and did a quick test comparing the load to a Suhr Reactive Load. They were somewhat similar but I definitely preferred the Suhr. It sounded clearer and less muddied versus the PS. All variables were the same (Wizard MTL - load box - Logic Pro - IR loader). I simply swapped...
  3. BWebb

    The new Fryette PS-100

    Because theoretically the load provided by an actual speaker cabinet would be more accurate than that of a loadbox, no? That’s why I was asking if the internal load of the PS is disconnected on the line out if using a connected cab with the volume down.
  4. BWebb

    The new Fryette PS-100

    Thanks. Question - in my example with the speaker connected and volume turned down, is the load bypassed on the PS and it's using the load from the connected cab?
  5. BWebb

    The new Fryette PS-100

    Can’t you leave the speaker cable connected to both the PS-100 and the cabinet and just turn the volume down all the way on the PS for silent (or at least quiet) recording? PS-100 line out to DAW with IR loader.
  6. BWebb

    Fryette ps2/ir loader question.

    Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks.
  7. BWebb

    Fryette ps2/ir loader question.

    Anyone else find the line out of the PS2 extremely hot? I’m overloading my interface and need to pad it down significantly at the input. The PS2 does not have a line out level adjustment which would be convenient so doing it at my A/D input is the only option I guess. My Suhr Reactive Load also...
  8. BWebb

    New 412 cab for high gain

    Where in PA are you located? I’m about 15 minutes south of the Philly airport right near the DE line and have a Bogner 4x12 I might consider selling.
  9. BWebb

    Best Hotrodded Marshall tone around $1k?

    Splawn Quickrod is one of the best modded Marshall tones at any price. I currently have 2 and one is for sale in your price range. Let me know if interested.
  10. BWebb

    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    Yeah, it’s pretty versatile provided you like gain, gain, or more gain. I’m not much of a clean player.
  11. BWebb

    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    You guys inspired me to clean my room (at least part of it). I have issues.
  12. BWebb

    BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander - Boss’s Answer to the OX / Power Station

    Not what I wanted to hear considering I have one coming early next week. Anyone else experience this?
  13. BWebb

    BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander - Boss’s Answer to the OX / Power Station

    I just bought the DeLisle 8x8 Deluxe. I was surprised that it did not come with a power supply, but does require one. It will be a few days before I can get one and start using it.
  14. BWebb

    BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander - Boss’s Answer to the OX / Power Station

    What amp switcher are you using?
  15. BWebb

    Randall Nuno B. amp - has anyone got one?

    I don’t even think Nuno has one.
  16. BWebb

    Suhr Reactive Load IR or UA OX?

    Did you have to speak with anyone there in order to apply the discount? I just tried the code from their webpage and it said it was not valid on this product.
  17. BWebb

    Santana playing a Dumble for National Anthem of NBA Finals?

    Whatever it was I thought it sounded terrible.
  18. BWebb

    Amp Head switcher

    Was wondering how these amp switchers deal with different speaker ohms? For example, I have a couple cabs that are 16 ohm and one that is 8 ohm. Also, I have a Suhr Reactive Load which is 8 ohm which I would like to incorporate. Would it be safe to switch a head between cabs with different ohms?
  19. BWebb

    Shady Craigslist activity?

    Is this thread for real? What exactly is "shady" about it? You accepted the offer so he can now do as he pleases. Besides, anyone can ask any price they want for something, but until you have a willing buyer with cash in hand, it hasn't actually sold. Move along. Just be happy that you...
  20. BWebb

    Philly - Found Guitar Amp (Italian Market Area)

    Was it a Dumble by any chance? I seem to have misplaced mine.
  21. BWebb

    Marshall Cab - Replacement Casters

    Where? My google skills must suck because I've searched and can't find any. Musicians Friend doesn't look like they carry them anymore.
  22. BWebb

    Marshall Cab - Replacement Casters

    I just picked up a used Marshall 1960AV cab that did not come with casters. Can anyone recommend replacement ones that don't require extra drilling? I just want the standard screw-in wheels that typically come with Marshall cabs. Thanks.
  23. BWebb

    Is the Friedman Brown Eye as awesome as it seems?

    I have an eargasm every time I plug into the Brown Eye!
  24. BWebb

    What was your worst amp decision?

    Ouch! That hurts me just reading it. :cry:
  25. BWebb

    Weird craigslist offer...

    Haha...that's what I was thinking. Textbook scam...
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