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    String Theory EFX: Sea of Tranquility Fuzz

    I present to the pedal lovers of the world the newest addition to the String Theory EFX lineup, the limited edition Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz. Named in honor of the Apollo 11 landing site, the Sea Of Tranquility Fuzz is String Theory's unique take on the legendary germanium fuzz circuit from the...
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    String Theory EFX KE/64 Overdrive JustNick Demo

    Great demo showing the dynamics of the KE/64 Overdrive.
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    String Theory EFX Tevatron Fuzz JustNick Demo

    JustNick did a great job demoing the Tevatron Fuzz and explaining the ins and outs of the pedal. Check it out!
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    String Theory EFX V2 Pedals

    What’s new about the V2’s? String Theory EFX has been working hard over the last few months to make the KE/64 and Tevatron more pedalboard friendly, reduce production time and lower the cost, all while keeping the same great sound of each pedal intact. Both pedals now feature printed circuit...
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    Premier Guitar String Theory EFX KE/64 Overdrive Review

    The KE/64 Overdrive was recently reviewed for the Dec issue of Premier Guitar and I'm proud to report that it has earned a Premier Gear Award.
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    String Theory EFX: New Fuzz Pedal

    Soon to be in production is our latest pedal: the Tevatron Fuzz. Named after the now defunct Tevatron particle accelerator that was located at Fermilab in the suburbs of Chicago, the Tevatron is a unique fuzz circuit that collides a germanium transistor and a opamp IC to create a unique fuzz...
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    String Theory EFX KE/64 Overdrive on TPS

    Some of you may have seen this in the other thread in the effects section, but I thought I’d post it here in the proper builders forum. Dan and Mick really enjoyed the KE/64 and I was told today that it will be making future appearances on That Pedal Show! For more info on the KE/64 please...
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    OMG!!! My pedal made it to a TPS episode!

    I’m kinda freaking out right now. Just saw the preview for the next TPS episode and my KE/64 Overdrive made it to the show!
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    Anyone Make An Amp Like This?

    I'm looking for a high headroom (40-50 watts) single channel amp that has amazing 3D cleans with the preamp section based on the Fender AB763 circuit (Blackface Super Reverb) and the power amp section based on the Fender 5E8-A circuit (Low Powered Tweed Twin) with a great sounding tube reverb...
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    Banning Guitars Ricky Tele

    Stumbled upon this awesome looking creation from Banning Guitars today on FB. I've never played one, but it looks amazing. Anyone have any experience with one of these Banning Guitars Ricky Teles? lWTZmPP-9ws
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    Trem Pedals For Wilco/Spoon Tones

    I'm looking for suggestions for a single trem pedal that can achieve both of the trem tones in the following clips from Spoon and Wilco. I've tried a few different pedals so far (Fulltone, EHX Pulsar, Black Cat etc.), but I can't seem to find one that can get the sounds i'm looking for...
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    New Collings Model: The I-35 LC

    Just saw this posted on Facebook by Collings: It's a new I-35 model using laminate construction. Looks very cool.
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    Name That Gibson ES Model

    I'm not an expert in the least on vintage Gibson ES models. Anyone happen to know the model name of the Gibson ES w/ 2 P-90's pictured here that Andrew Bird is playing? Thanks!
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    NEW AMP DAY w/ Plenty of Pix!

    Technically I got the amp on Monday, but I've been having to much fun playing it to take some pix & make a post. What you see here is an Orange OR50 (limited edition amp & cab for 2008 only) and I absolutely love it! I could go into all kinds of tone descriptions and all that stuff, but the...
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    M.H. Guitars Update.

    I just wanted to give a quick update of what's going on here @ M.H. Guitars. After taking some time to get the business end of things straightened out I am now back to building guitars. Serial #02 will be completed shortly, hopefully by this weekend. Here's an up to date pic on the Work In...
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    OD Pedal Suggestions Needed.

    Well, since it looks like I won't be able to sell my Overbuilt amp to fund the purchase of a new amp I'll just have to stick w/ it for now. I'm looking for a great OD pedal to match up w/ the Overbuilt to try and give it more of the sound I'm looking for. Does anyone know of a OD pedal that...
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    On the amp hunt again...

    I'm searching for a new amp again and I was hoping that my fellow tone freaks here at TGP might be able to help me out. I'm looking to get away from the amp tones I have now (British tones) and going in a more American-Fender direction. Here's a description of the amp tone I'm after: I'm...
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    My Thorn SFC is Complete

    Here are a few pix of my recently completed (as of yesterday) Thorn SFC. I thought some people here at TGP might be interested in seeing it. :) Here are the Specs: Body & Neck: Black Limba Top: Birdseye Maple Fretboard: African Blackwood (with slight curl!) Bridge: Thorn 1-pc. Tremolo...
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    Thorn SFC Action!

    Got the good news from Ron yesterday that my body for SFC #13 was about to hit the CNC. Here's a pic of the guitar post CNC and sanded. I'm super stoked! Check out the birdseye maple with the subtle quilt figuring underneath.:AOK Check out the rest of the in action shots here @ the Thorn...
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    Moollon Guitars?!

    Have any of you seen these Moollon Guitars before? I knew they made some cool pedals, but these guitars are just as sick. The Narcis NC is drool worthy.
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    Reverend USA Guitars Return

    I don't know if this was posted yet in the Huge Reverend Gallery thread. But I just found this at harmony-centrals website. Looks like the USA built Reverend guitars are back.:AOK
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