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    Delay pedal suggestions

    Love the TC Nova Delay
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    Most used drive pedal on TGP?

    haha i've had a Tim, TS, KoT on my board for a while now.
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    New DLS (Leslie) Rotospin at NAMM?

    I've had a rotosim for a couple years so i was curious what the difference would be with the rotospin. BTW, have you ever tried running it at 12v? i like the rotosim better with some more juice.
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    NPD - Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Wah - Replaced my Cry Baby GCB95

    i love it, except that it doesn't play nice with my astrotone
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    Lovepedal Les Lius vs Tweed '57 Wampler Pedals

    i bought a LL about 5 years ago- total impulse, had no expectations. it hasn't been off the board since! just something about it. especially with my SG. love it.
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    How to keep pedal knobs in place?

    O rings and hose washers work great for me
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    Single-Size Rotary/Leslie pedal with Overdrive?

    DLS Rotospin:
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    Crest Audio Fuzz Face vs Foxrox Hot Silicon

    The Hot Silicon is one of my favorite fuzzes. I think it has a very vintage sound to it.
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    Delay Guys: Like a Nova Delay, But Less Clunky?

    Man I love the Nova Delay. Presets are easy on the fly, esp. with the limiting of the number to scroll through. I keep about 4 in the bank. Have only tried it with the power supply, but sounds great.
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    need for Tweed

    Love the Les lius.
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    Get the regular VL Micro Vibe or the JHS mod?

    i think it does exactly what JHS says its going to do, make a good vibe better. i've had the mod for about 5 years now. couldn't be happier.
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    Tube Screamer appreciation

    Totally appreciate. It was my first OD pedal, and although I've gone from TS9s, to AnalogMans, to now my BYOC TS. there's been one on my board since the beginning. I still probably use it the most. Its in my Tim's loop, so always stacked with that slightly dirty boost.
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    Best rotary speaker effect

    Same here. I like it at 12v a little better.
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    FoxRox CC Hybrid.....awesome fuzz

    doesn't surprise me- I need to try one at some point! the Hot Silicon is one of my favorites
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    Show Your Pedalboard Thread #40-49 And Following

    Just added the Nova Delay (loving it), and moved around some other things + organized the wiring a little better underneath with cable tie mounts etc.
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    Best Budget univibe type pedal

    used Microvibe + JHS mod = profit
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    Do-everything Swiss Army knife fuzz? Astrotone? Rat

    Astrotone is so good. so much range when using your guitar's vol knob. and if you have humbuckers with separate volume knobs, even more sounds. i crank the fuzz full and tone all the way ccw and let 'er rip.
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    Anybody use Fuzz pedals with PV classic 50's?

    i've always had success with Fuzz and my classic 50. currently using an Astrotone and absolutely love it.
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    Any successful Voodoo MicroVibe mods?

    i've had a microvibe for 10+ years and got the JHS mod about 5 years ago. its a great improvement IMO. expanded range both in terms of intensity and speed. overall frequency response is improved as well, but it still adds some color to your tone. sometimes it sounds better at less than 9v, so...
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    Jhs micro vibe mod

    i got the mod done about 5 years ago and love it personally. it increases the range both in terms of intensity and the speed. i find it plenty throbby. so if you like the vibe already, but you just want it to be a little better overall its probably a good move.
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    King of Tone vs Tim

    I can't imagine not having both! I run the Tim on 18v and put a TS clone in its FX loop to use those in conjunction. I love the Tim stacked with the Yellow side KoT, but usually use the red side on its own.
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