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  1. wraub

    Money or 'musical integrity'

    Nobody has, so far, offered me money in place of my musical integrity, but I am ever watchful.
  2. wraub

    Best album-closing songs

  3. wraub

    Mccartney - GOAT?

    Mccartney- GOAT? No,
  4. wraub

    Name A Guitarist That Screwed Up Your Playing

    Allan Holdsworth taught me that "sloppy" playing is unacceptable in skilled guitar composition. This set me towards perfection. Guthrie Govan taught me that sometimes, it's not. This set me toward rationality. I have tried to learn from both.
  5. wraub

    Playing in bands as you get to your 40s and up.

    As a bass player I was often the most advanced player in the bands I was in, which often led to me being disappointed and leaving those bands, As a drummer or guitar player, I know I'd be the weakest link for many bands, which is why I don't play with bands.
  6. wraub

    Any Covers of ELP, King Crimson or Genesis Songs That Are Better Than the Originals?

    Try looking for good Gentle Giant covers- that's a short list.
  7. wraub

    When did "tone" become the buzz word

    SSsssshhhhhhhhh... if we get into tone quality and tone color we'll be here all day. ;)
  8. wraub

    What Bands/Artists have had a hit song later on in their careers?

    Yes- Owner of a Lonely Heart.
  9. wraub

    Khruangbin. Good, bad, don't care? Jealous brother maybe?

    I find them good but uninspiring, and their sound not compelling. To me they have a lot of solid grooves in search of a melody.
  10. wraub

    Is there a better combination of technique, melody, and catchy songwriting than C.C. DeVille?

    Page was "working studio magic" in the 70s, but Poison wasn't in the 80s? So many classic hit albums have tape tricks and unfamiliar things used that it's quite amusing and interesting, from the advent of recording to today. ProTools made some things easier, but a lot of what it allowed was...
  11. wraub

    locking guitar case

    Man, the laws in the Bagel District are tough! :D I do still miss the everything bagels with butter from Absolute Bagels uptown. But not as much as I miss Gray's Papaya. ;)
  12. wraub

    locking guitar case

    For locking a guitar case I find gaff tape to be quite effective. Just use a roll or two, that's all you need.
  13. wraub

    Biggest star with lowest gear

    Lots of good comments re the Z Customs online, they do appear to be a bit of a sleeper. I think I'm just too tied to the Zildjian cymbals I have to branch out further, but I can definitely appreciate the Paiste approach.
  14. wraub

    Biggest star with lowest gear

    Tech says upgraded the original tuners and bridge for Gotoh parts, and "the control circuit, using CTS pots and Switchcraft components, and after recutting the nut and giving the frets a little TLC". He says Rutherford quite likes the stock Squier pickups, stating "“Mike loves the sound of the...
  15. wraub

    Biggest star with lowest gear

    +1 on Boss FX users going for "good, repeatable, replaceable" for their needs. Boss pedals are easily found, well built, sound good, and are easily replaceable. On tour these things are important. Also, +1 for Paiste cymbals. The more I play the moree I find it easy to reproduce a favorite...
  16. wraub

    Biggest star with lowest gear

    Perhaps my favorite facts about Esteban? His real name is Steven Paul, and he's from Pittsburgh.
  17. wraub

    Rick Beato is not happy

    True. Should have said registered music, or material. Thanks.
  18. wraub

    Rick Beato is not happy

    True, they differ. And, I see as the right of ownership must be filed for, so must the termination of copyright. Sorry for the misinfo. -- Here are some very useful links for this conversation-
  19. wraub

    Rick Beato is not happy

    When a bar hires a band "for the exposure", they still have to pay ASCAP, etc fees for any covers played even if they don't pay the band.
  20. wraub

    Rick Beato is not happy

    True. Plus, if they don't continually exert that control of copyright it can be argued they have abandoned the copyright, thereby allowing others use of that copyright. You have to keep at it, in order to keep it.
  21. wraub

    Stage Fright at home

    Try learning drums at home, that'll get you noticed. :D I think the fam is almost used to it.
  22. wraub

    Rick Beato is not happy

    He has managed to monetize videos that complain about his inability to monetize other videos, you gotta give him that. To me his credits aren't that impressive, his videos are too long, and the "playing victim" thing when caught out is really tired at this point, but, that's me.
  23. wraub

    Biggest star with lowest gear

    Strong user name/comment irony synergy here. :D
  24. wraub

    Ultimate GnR playlist

    I was gonna comment that my ultimate GnR playlist would have all their instrumental tracks :D but then I looked online for no vocal GnR tracks and didn't find much- But, here's this: :)
  25. wraub

    On a Mission : To Like Jazz

    Well, you see, it's not very good... and it's definitely not jazz. :D I PM'd you a link anyway. Please be kind. :)
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