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  1. BWebb

    Guitar Center sells used guitars as new

    Notice how the OP went MIA after being called out for the absurdity of his post? :jo
  2. BWebb

    New Wife & New Suhr Day

    Pics of your wife or it didn’t happen. :) j/k, congrats!
  3. BWebb

    Removing signatures from guitar body

    Nice looking bird in your avatar. A blue & gold is my wife's favorite parrot. Somehow though she ended up with a screaming Umbrella Cockatoo which I am NOT a fan of.
  4. BWebb

    Removing signatures from guitar body

    Thanks for the input. Someone on another forum said Magic Eraser might work. If I can't negotiate a lower price, I'm going to pass. Not worth the hassle.
  5. BWebb

    Removing signatures from guitar body

    There's a Les Paul I'm interested in, but the original owner thought it would be a good idea to have Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. sign the body. Has anyone been successful at removing signatures from a guitar? Is it even possible? Here is the only pic I have at the moment --
  6. BWebb

    NGD: 2013 R9 VOS

    Perfect. That is my ideal guitar right there. You done good son!
  7. BWebb

    Opinions on Price of a Gibson LP R59

    Wow, that's a killer top! Where was I when you were selling? I would've snagged that in an instant.
  8. BWebb

    Near Phila? Have you been to Roxy Guitars?

    Sounds cool. Where is it located?
  9. BWebb

    PSA: $125, decent, new guitars at Dave's

    I can't find it on the site. Anyone have a direct link?
  10. BWebb

    Surprised by a Peavey Wolfgang - Tele Player

    My favorite guitar among a pretty decent collection (Suhr, Fender, Gibson, PRS) is my Peavey Wolfgang. I absolutely love everything about it....tone, finish, neck, etc. I also have a Fender EVH but prefer the Peavey model.
  11. BWebb

    PRS SE Zach Myers Signature 2014

    I have been lusting after this guitar ever since reading this thread for the first time. Unfortunately I could not find any stores with it in stock. Checking out craigslist list the other day and someone was selling one for $575. I offered $500 and we settled on $525. Funny thing is the guy...
  12. BWebb

    Does your cat get into your music gear? (Cats in Cases)

    My wife wants to know where you got that guitar? She now says she is considering taking up the guitar, since that one matches her shoes so nicely.
  13. BWebb

    Playing bare-footed. The pros and cons

    +1. Nobody wants to see your feet.
  14. BWebb

    Pretty Killer Les Paul Craigslist Deal! Austin, TX

    Definitely a scam. Anytime you see the email listed on Craigslist as: name(at)gmail..... it usually is. Prepare for the onslaught of spam if you sent an email.
  15. BWebb

    Black Friday 2013 -- Thread for guitar shopping deals

    Same here...that was fast. I got the wife to buy it for me as an early Christmas present.
  16. BWebb

    Show Us Your RARE Guitars

    I have a pretty unique guitar that I've been on the fence about selling. It's an ESP Eclipse hand-built as a custom order by John Gaudesi at ESP Custom Shop in California in 1999. 3 EMG's, Floyd Rose, trucker girl inlay, and one of the most beautiful quilt tops I've ever seen.
  17. BWebb

    Anybody know how "RARE" my Schecter is?

    I have one I got a few years back for about $300. Not a bad guitar but nothing rare about it. I hooe you like it because resale value is terrible.
  18. BWebb

    My Ritchie Kotzen Strat has been stolen!!!!! NYC members!!! Help!!!!

    Sorry man, I really hate to hear stories like this. I hope it turns up for you. Does the hotel have any security cameras that maybe would have caught an image of the thief? Good luck!
  19. BWebb

    Which Pinup Decal

    I like the second one.
  20. BWebb

    Saw Guthrie Govan & The Aristocrats

    I thought GG was using an Axe Fx II these days?
  21. BWebb

    Not really bonding with Peavey Wolfgang

    Blasphemy I tell ya! I have 2 Peavey Wolfgang's (HT & Floyd) and they are my favorite guitars ever. I would like to try an EVH Wolfgang to see how it compares, but I really can't see it getting much better than this.
  22. BWebb

    Price check on a USA Custom ESP Eclipse

    You guys are killing me! :) I paid closer the upper-end of the ranges listed above a few years ago, and I thought I was getting a good deal at the time. Oh well! I might just throw it up on ebay one of these days and see what happens. It does have a bolt-on neck. It's a great guitar, but...
  23. BWebb

    Price check on a USA Custom ESP Eclipse

    I have a pretty rare USA Custom ESP Eclipse that doesn't get much play these days. I've considered letting it go, but it's so hard to put a value on it because there is not a lot of info out there. This one really is unlike any I've seen...beautiful quilt top, 3 EMG 81's, Floyd, trucker chic...
  24. BWebb

    Should i get brand new Taylor 816ce for $2,000

    If you're buying just to flip, it's not worth it. Check out ebay completed items and you'll see more than a handful that sold for less than $2k.
  25. BWebb

    Classy is as classy does

    Love to hear this kind of stuff. Very generous of everyone involved!
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