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  1. wraub

    Best hum free pickups for a Jazz Bass?

    I quite like some of them, and Bobby Vega does too. :)
  2. wraub

    Best hum free pickups for a Jazz Bass?

    Count yourself lucky that you've never been equipped with a Jazz Bass in a club with bad power, or just a badly grounded outlet, or a neon bar sign on the same circuit. It's happened to me and it's not much fun- you usually have to find a spot on the stage that works and stand there... and even...
  3. wraub

    If You Could Pick Any P Bass Pickup Set, What Would You Install?

    Good looking assemblies, to be sure. Details on the pickups? Wind, coil height, wire type/gauge? I didn't see much at the website.
  4. wraub

    If You Could Pick Any P Bass Pickup Set, What Would You Install?

    I read that and saw he and I had the same realization, that a pickup with a clear unhyped tone is often better because it allows for more tonal and dynamic shaping. It's a philosophy that's worked for me. :)
  5. wraub

    If You Could Pick Any P Bass Pickup Set, What Would You Install?

    I looked and found most P Bass pickups to be overwound, which ime can lead to muddy mids and indistinct bass. I opted for lower resistance pickups, and the set I have is wound right around 9k. Great clarity and punch, no mud. I'd recommend looking at lower resistance pickups, you might find...
  6. wraub

    Non bass player hunting specific bass tone.

    A lot of hip-hop bass tones are generated with an 808 or similar, as is sub-bass on most pop and rock songs. Definitely a useful thing for a lot of styles.
  7. wraub

    Non bass player hunting specific bass tone.

    Yeah, I want a Dingwall too, but it seems like a good active bass and a Darkglass will get most people there tonally, and knowing how to mix is even better.
  8. wraub

    Good '3 point' bridges for SG?

    On a $5 bass I'd get the Hipshot, and maybe price shop for a deal. I avoid Babicz stuff for personal aesthetic reasons.
  9. wraub

    Non bass player hunting specific bass tone.

    Nolly Getgood from Periphery has some really good videos on mixing, some genre-specific, lots of useful stuff there imo. Plus, a pretty good bass player, too.
  10. wraub

    New Bass! Ibanez SR505

    I have 2 Ibanez 5 straing basses, both Roadstar II. Nothin' but love for the older Ibanez stuff here, although going from 4 string fretless to 5 string fretted and playing a show that night might not have been so smart. It worked out in the end though. Congrats on the new bass. :)
  11. wraub

    Best hum free pickups for a Jazz Bass?

    Bartolini 9J1. Jazz Bass clarity with full mids and lows. Not "Vintage" but vintage-y, warm but clear and lots of grunt when you dig in, plus, hum-canceling. I like 'em.
  12. wraub

    Bass Help!

    As primarily a bass player, I tend to write a lot of songs on bass, even sorting out arrangements for other instruments. I find for a bass part, a groove or repetitive phrase can help anchor a part, or accentuate it, as needed. Counterpoint is useful. :) Agreed with above, it helps to tie in...
  13. wraub

    A bass (re)discovery

    Not great pics, but here's a couple quick ones- Jazz Precision Both
  14. wraub

    A bass (re)discovery

    I've been playing guitar a lot recently, but I was a bass player first. Spent a long time as a semi-pro, did some touring, got a couple t-shirts. I also picked up a few basses along the way, and my main for a long time has been a modded P Bass. It's really good, and always gets compliments. This...
  15. wraub

    NBD - The Grape Ape

    Wise to send it back, and let Sterling sort it out. Great looking bass!
  16. wraub

    Capacitors for Bass Guitars: which capacitors are the best for bass guitars?

    I have a P Bass that has a .022 cap and it is the clearest P bass I know of, still punchy but distinct.
  17. wraub

    Squier Affinity Jazz Bass vs Precision vs PJ

    I have a P, a J, and a PJ. The P Bass I have is special to me, and is my #1 bass for many reasons. However, all being equal, I'd probably choose a good PJ. It covers a lot of sonic territory, offers a lot of options to mod, and is easily found in a vaiety of price options. Also, often found in...
  18. wraub

    Bass guru's I need your advice! Which is the better quality bass for the money?

    Squiers have definitely improved since the 90s. And the logos often come right off with a little acetone or even nail polish remover, you could try it and see.
  19. wraub

    The Bass of Your Wildest Dreams? (be it custom made or production model)

    I already have all the basses I need, but dreaming? I'd want to be able to play every bass I thought I wanted until I played "the one", and then I'd want a fretted and a fretless version. I'd start with Wal.
  20. wraub

    Dead set on a Fender Jazz Bass, so what amp+cab or combo to go with it?

    I recently realized that a lot of my bass recordings and "idea demos" were recorded with my Jazz bass. I definitely vastly prefer playing my P Bass, and I know it records well, but I keep using my Jazz Bass on recordings. I think it may be because of the Bartolini pickups but that bass records...
  21. wraub

    Anyone ever shimmed a jazz pickup in a PJ bass?

    Could be the foam under the pickup has been over-compressed and no longer raises the pickup enough. If so, replace with standard weather stripping foam cut to size.
  22. wraub

    Anyone familiar with these Brian May signature basses? "The BMG Bass is a medium scale instrument, made in the same spirit as Brian’s iconic Red Special, with a compact, edge-bound, double cutaway mahogany body finished in a rich Antique Cherry, a one-piece...
  23. wraub

    First Bass for a Guitar Player

    A good alternative to short scale basses is medium scale basses. Personally I find 32" much easier to play than a 29" scale, and the short scale feels less like a bass to me. As always, ymmv.
  24. wraub

    First Bass for a Guitar Player

    Agreed with above bout playing everything you can. I went on a "research" trip a while back and played a few short and medium scale basses- I learned a lot about what I like and don't like. All of my basses are standard scale, and out of all of them for a beginner I'd say P or J Bass is where...
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