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    Cause We've Ended As Lovers -Tomo Fujita

    Tomo man your vibrato has so much finesse, really stood out in this one. really enjoyed this version. band was great as well
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    Would YOU Hire This Band For Your Club?

    i wish i had a 100 friends to come to every show! but seeing as though my band just finished a studio effort and are hoping it is a route to more gigs, i would say "no this would not get you hired." haha but truth is, i think as long as it looks professional, and sounds professional, and...
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    D Jam

    nice stuff! I never even considered the peizo option on my PRS HB II, but damn thats got a nice "ring" to it!
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    Couple of tracks from our new album...

    lol that's not going to sell many records
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    Couple of tracks from our new album...

    ...CD, Disc, whatever the kids call it these days :) It should be 100% done and printed within the next couple of weeks, but here is a preview. We're really excited-- and its my first all original effort. The last time I was in the studio (9 or so years ago) we did a mix of covers and originals...
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    Improvisational Jam

    thanks man, were hittin the studio next month so were pretty psyched to get this material on "record" haha
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    Wah groove! What is your wah pedal?

    siiick clip Tomo! I've never even heard of that wah :) I have played a DOD FX17 since the beginning (except for a brief affair with a VOX) and still love it. Actually just bought a "new" one since my original was almost dead. Its got a nice big sweep, and a great heel back tone. Plus a trim pot...
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    Improvisational Jam

    i enjoyed it as well! we share those influences :)
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    Tense, improvisational, funkified rock & roll

    bump! we're about to hit the studio to record most of the material in this clip (and more), so we're pretty pumped to hear how it comes out in that environment. thanks for listening!
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    Mother Time - Jam band - Youtube clip

    awesome light show man. original mutron?! i play in a similarly influenced band so i can relate, enjoyed it.
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    *i Want To Hear Your And/or Your Band's Music!*

    Check out this youtube w/some highlights from a gig from this summer...its bluesy/funky/rocky i guess :) Thanks!
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    Little bit of Blues...

    i dig it gantt!
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    Tense, improvisational, funkified rock & roll

    I edited together some clips from a gig we did back in August in Atlanta and put some pictures together and made a youtube out of it. Yes I just discovered windows movie maker :) Anyway, check it out!
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    TGP collab video!!

    thats super HD folks! haha
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    TGP collab video!!

    yeah i'm pumped for song #2!! "And this life, it's bending and swelling around me Turning and peeling into the mist around me The winds all rising in the west around me And the carosel turns into breath around me"
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    some NE Jam Band vibe for ya

    very nice! coming from a Jam-band background myself, I can appreciate the-every-song-is-8+minutes-thing! the trick is doing it well :) kudos!
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    For the Grateful Dead fans among us

    very nice john! Never seen UJB while in florida, but Crazy Fingers were always playing where i was in the mid '90s
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    Here's some swampy funk

    great groove man! making me wanna check out wooten's project tonight here in Atl
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    Live Recordings...

    The Rover-- great cover geoff!
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    our gig from this week

    Anyone wish they could play out a lot more? 37 minutes is just too short sometimes when you're playing infrequently. It is fun to put together a short, tight set though sometimes. not that it was perfectly tight, but the energy and flow was what we were going for. some great organ solos. and at...
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    Joyful Noise

    awesome tone & playing man! one of my favorite recent(ish) trucks tunes.
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    live video clip (suhr content)

    nice man! i've seen you guys around Atl before, always a great show!
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    Been a while but.......

    wow. i dig.
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    Jammy/funky clips from gigs and practice...

    are on my soundlick page. The videos are from gigs in the last year-- a couple of them are taken at this regular pizza place gig we used to have. you got peeps chomping on some pies while the band is jamming in the background! kinda funny the places you play sometimes...
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    Guitar highlights from recent gig

    great licks and great tone!
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