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    Zvex 59 sound pedal new pedal day

    Hi okay tried it this morning with a fender Deluxe Reverb and a Marshall 1974X. Deluxe Reverb: With the DR the 59 sound great definitief less bass as the BOR, I stacked it with a TS10 and it sounded very good. The BOR with the DR it had more low end it also has a 4 x 12 inch Cab feel to it. I...
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    Zvex 59 sound pedal new pedal day

    HI just bought one secound hand and after some trials with some amps I decided to put it on to mine pedal board. Can't wait to try it out on a gig this Saterday, I tried it out with mine Fender Deluxe Reverb and that was not bad at all. With the Les Paul I heard some nice ZZ Top tones and with...
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    Problems with 1 spot maybe OCD ?

    Hi I power the Pitch Black with the 1 spot and out goes into the daisy chain. If i go directly power the daisy chain with the 1 spot and power the Pitch Black with the daisy chain the problem is gone. So I guess the Pitch Black doesn't to daisy chain anymore ? Now on mine board is the El...
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    Problems with 1 spot maybe OCD ?

    HI, found this on the gear page: Full-Drive 2 Mosfet - 7mA (9V/Comp-Cut), 6.4mA (9V/FM) OCD - 4.75mA (9V) Is there a mobile power bank which I could use with these pedals ? Peace Strat58
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    Problems with 1 spot maybe OCD ?

    Hi folks well last Friday we had a gig and everything worked fine, I have a mini pedal board with in order: Korg Pitch Black->Fulldrive II->OCD->BOR->Zendrive->buffer Lovepedal->Carbon Copy. Everthing powerd by 1 spot power supply and a daisy chain. Today I noticed that some of the velcro was...
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    Favorite overdrives/light distortions with a Fender Princeton Reverb?

    The best overdrive sounds I get with a OCD paired with a Fulldrive, FD before the OCD, low overdrive setting, and for leads +FD insane leads +boost. It was mine speaker was going to explode during Red House with a Strat, the other soungs are played with a LP and almost always only the OCD was...
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    Let’s compare all the versions of the mighty Fulldrive!

    Hi I use a yellow (customshop)FD into a OCD 1,7 awesome sound, people said it sounded like Gary Moore but more bluesy wich can't be wrong because I play in a Blues-Rock band. Peace Strat58
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    Well I finally dropped a pick into my 335…

    Hi take a piece of duct tape fould it so very side has a sticky side, put 1 sticky piece onto a pencil and go fishing in your ES335. Thsi shoiuld be no problem try to locate the pick and position it were you can reach it eh voila you caught a pick :) Peace Strat58
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    What pedal is the one that always brings a smile to your face

    Hi a Tube Screamer, TS10, TS9 there a here to stay, simple and delivers the good. In fact just bought a secound hand TS9 this week, into a small Fender Champ (1974) just heaven it realy is. Peace Strat58
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    What kind of action do you like and why?

    Hi with a Gibson Les Paul bass 3/32 and treble 2,5/32 at the last fret with a relief about 0.10 , Fender relief 0.10 bass and treble about 3/32 sometimes treble little lower (2,5/32) at the last fret. Peace Strat58
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    Any reason to not just get a Tube Screamer?

    Hey thats great I also have a yellow Fulldrive 2 you don't see them around that much, it was also made by the Custom shop of Fulltone ? Peace Strat58
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    Do people "really" come up to you at gigs and compliment you on your tone?

    Yes always they even take pictures of mine pedals, its simple and effective OCD with Fulldrive, kind of a Gary Moore sound they say. Oh well I used to do that also when I started playing guitar, if it helps somebody I am fine with that. Its a matter off pass it on for the next generation of...
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    OCD midhump?

    Oh btw the Eternity and TS9/10 were replaced due to the mid hump so I guess the OCD doesn't has that issue. When I listen the OCD gives me more clean sound with the vol. knob and thats something I haven't heard from a TS9/10 or other OD. Peace Strat58
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    OCD midhump?

    I have the OCD and Fulldrive on mine board, 99% only the OCD is on, I played years with TS9/10 and Lovepedal Eternity's and the OCD replaced them all. For me it works with a Fender and Marshall amp. I play with Les Pauls and Straocaster it works with both guitars. I like on low gain for playing...
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    Seth Lovers in my HB Aeolus

    Hi I have Seth Lovers in mine Gold Top great pick ups there are not going to be replaced ever, other guitars have SD Ant but the lovers fit the gold top perfectly. Peace Strat58
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    Sunday Song

    Hi blame a rainy Sunday morning for this song hope you will enjoy. Acoustic Gibson Humming Bird Rhythym Fender Stratocaster Leads Gibson R9 with SD Ant. Bass Samick Amp. Marshall JMP set on 0.1 watt with SM57 Recording Boss BR800 Peace Strat58
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    If you had to limit yourself to a 3 pedal board

    Dunlop CC Zvex Box Of Rock Ibanez TS10 easy set up no need for more :) Peace Strat58
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    MIAB pedal for low-mid gain

    Hi BOR and TS pedal in front instant Page Peace Strat58
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    2021, Who Has An OCD On Their Board?

    I have and a Fulldrive in front of it. Peace Strat58
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    What drive for Gary Moore tone?

    Hi I can get that sound with a BOR and in front a TS style pedal (I use TS10) or an OCD and in front a Fulldrive instant Gary Moore, oh yeah high action on the strings, The TS style pedal smooth out the bass and it does the same into a dimed Marshall. Peace Strat58
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    Just listened to Pink Floyd for the first time.

    Oh I am jealous of you all younsters, we had to save every penny to buy a LP sometimes 2 a year, now with all that streaming you have everyhting all the songs all the music of the past and today. I well remember waiting for a new LP of Alice Cooper or Deep Purple, waiting till it hits the record...
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    60's 70s rock

    The Faces The Small Faces The Yardbirds Humble Pie Alice Cooper Slade The Sweet The Free Rory Gallagher Rainbow Lynyrd Skynyrd The Allman Brothers Tons of great music is lying ahead of you. Peace Strat58
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    The guitar I lost for 11 years….

    This a reward its Karma my friend.
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    What album were you disappointed with the most when you purchased it?

    Hi Last Concert In Japan from Deep Purple man that was disapointment, realy hated that LP. I was a big blackmore fan, Tommy was in a bad state then, great guitarplayer but not on that LP Peace Strat58
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    Am I a "blues lawyer"?

    Hi playing all kinds of music the last 40 years of so I consider myself a musican, still learning new stuff from day to day. Man can't wait to retire then I have more time for making music. In the end, I guess they will find me dead with a guitar and a smile on mine face. Theres one word that...
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