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    Mesa Fillmore gain channel?

    I'm torn between this amp and a Marl I reissue. I played the Fillmore 50 and it is an amazing amp, but it didn't have the bottom end thump that the Mark had. I'm wondering whether or not the Fillmore 100 will give me that bottom end that I found a little lacking in the 50. Thoughts?
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Sorry. I need to speak on this a little bit more. I would rather play than tweak. The Helix could probably get that sound if you are a tweaker. But for me some of the things in the Helix doesn't feel organic under my fingers. Don't get me wrong, there a few patches in the GT that don't feel very...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    I've just been playing and tweaking.preset 9-2, the Experience Blues preset. Just running it into the front end of a Mesa mark v and a Roland blues cube artist. No special routing. Giving me goosebumps!
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    This! I've been playing this thing all day with the neck pickup on various strats and it's just so good and chewey. Very woody sounding. The one thing that I could never get out of the Helix.
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    There's some truth in that.
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    NEW line 6 HX EFFECTS multieffect

    Returning mine. Has a terrible hiss when plugging direct into a board. Had an amp die on me Sunday after the first three notes of a gig. Ran the HX into my Ethos pedal into a DI and got decent results. No problem. Had a gig last night that. Had a tight setup schedule and a smaller space. Ran...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Really digging this thing since I downloaded the editor. Just touching the tip of the iceberg.
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Hey Glenn is there a manual mode on this thing? Can I use all 10 footswitches as individual stomp boxes?
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Can this thing do stomp box mode like the Helix, i.e., converting all 10 footswitches into individual on/off stomp boxes? Couldn’t find that feature when I was playing through it. Can I create custom signal paths? Maybe I just want 1 amp, a tube screamer and a delay in the signal path. Is there...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    This. As I said in an earlier post, if you like Boss effects, this thing is a huge leap forward for them. I just bought the HX effects. I may pick this thing up. Just for its size alone.
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    No. I didn't try it. I will do so when I get my hands on it again. I do wish they could have implemented some color in there somehow, but that probably helps keep the cost down. I am highly interested in how bluetooth will be implemented in the unit. That could push me way over the edge and...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    That's sort of what i mean. There isn't a ton of Dumble this or Marshall that or 12 different Fenders in the unit. This does Boss to the max, which I think is a good thing. If you need updates for Amp X, Y and Z, I just don't see that happening with Boss. I see this as a powerful tool for...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Well, thought I was gonna spend a lot more time with it today, but only got to play it for about 5 minutes before I had to run out the door. Will go back to Guitar Center and play it again tomorrow, but just a few things: 1. As others have said, it is Boss. If you like Boss sounds then you...
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    I was told that it came in yesterday and they can't sell any until next week. If I recall that model was a demo model and not for sell.
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    New BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

    Ok. I’m in St Louis and the Guitar Center here (Bridgeton) has one on display. I’m not getting in depth because I’m a player that’s not really deep into programming anything. I just bought a HX last week so here are my brief thoughts: The amps are very good. I found a handful of usable tones in...
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    Questions for Line6 HX Effects users...

    Got mine yesterday. Sold my H9 and my Strymon Riverside for this thing. Took it straight to a sound check and set up 6 quick pedals that I could toggle through just for some cool sounds for the gig. Super easy and worth every penny I spent for it.
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    Mesa transatlantic TA30-212

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    R.I.P B.B King

    Just heard the news myself. I am saddened. Rest in peace.
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    NGD! PRS Brent Mason

    That's the way the PRS knobs are. I like them because I'm always doing volume swells so they feel great to me. Looking forward to a tone report!
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    John Mayer Incase Gig Bag

    This was the FIRST gig bag of its type. Mono and all of the other guys came along many years after. That is why there is so much hype about this thing. It was probably the first hybrid type bag on the market that offered great protection. In 2003-2004 there was nothing like it. As far as...
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    Tell me about this PRS CU22 Soapbar Please

    Loved the two that I had. Absolutely amazing guitars! Had problems getting them quiet enough to record with. In the 2 and 4 positions the pickups were a little too noisy for me to track with. Sonically robust. I miss them.
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    Caring for a rosewood neck

    PRS told me to use Pledge. Yes, the furniture polish. We are talking a solid rosewood neck and not just the fretboard, correct? I do it maybe once a year.
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    All St. Louis Made Gear Expo

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