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  1. benifin

    Latency PT II ..... very interesting .....

    Go Boss ;) :) Ben
  2. benifin

    BOSS .... New Announcement in next day or two / < 30 June

    Hi all ! Latest Talk With Boos - and Yoshi Video - . " New [Presumably Product] Announcement in next day or two ie: < 30 June. Boss New Announcement Tomorrow Always interesting to see what they come out with .... no idea what it will be. Ben
  3. benifin

    Cry Baby Mini Wah ....... is this mod possible / do-able / easy (?)

    Hi all ! Is it possible / do-able / easy to "mod" a Cry Baby Mini Wah [or any other Wah for that matter] for it to be in full-true-bypass-signal-through-mode when the heal is all the way down so all I have to do is trigger the Wah effect is to move the pedal slightly past the heal down...
  4. benifin

    Compensated TELE BRIDGE Saddles ... getting String Breakage over the "Cut" Point .... Solutions (?)

    H all ! Am using this vv Wilkinson vv Short Tele Compensated Bridge Top Loaded [not through body] Wilkinson Tele Short Bridge Compensated Saddles I've been getting some semi-regular string breakage over the compensation cut/pivot point on the saddles (?) I was wondering:- 1 => would...
  5. benifin

    GT 1000 ..... Super Quick " Tip " You * May * Like

    Hi all ! My views on the GT 1000 are very well known ... but just tried this and it worked a treat. My presets range from "pushed clean" to crunch to rock to AC/DC'ish .... that's as "hard / heavy" as I go. For all my presets I have the Sag on 0 and the Resonance on 5 .... all sounds superb...
  6. benifin

    Complex [ for me ] Ashtray Tele "Bridge Moving" Problem .... need some help please .....

    Hi all ! Am putting together a parts Tele ...... so far all good .... Neck and Body are perfectly aligned. My Problem ? When I drilled in the 4 Hole Ashtray I wrongly drilled it into the body too far to the top side of the body by about 3mm <-> 4mm ... as such the string alignment on the...
  7. benifin

    ** SOLVED ** Looking for a Less "Plinky" Pick .... suggestions please (?)

    *** SOLVED *** See Post #45 Below Hi all ! Pardon the "technical" wording of the Thread :) Recently our Cover Band has introduced several rock/pop-punk songs .... Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, Offspring etc.... all good. Up until now I have been using a Tortex Dunlop 1.14mm hard...
  8. benifin

    Looking for a ~ 6.5k "PAF" Humbucker .... anyone know of one ?

    Hi all ! Got a 36th Anniversay Dimarzion PAF that is really nice but it clocks in at around ~ 8.6k. Am looking for a lower output ~6.5k PAF-style humbucker ..... anyone know of one ? Thanks, Ben
  9. benifin

    Boss KATANA "Bass" Amps Announced

  10. benifin

    TC Sentry Noise Gate ........ (2) Quick Questions for users ..... ?

    Hi all ! This looks - and from the demo's - seems like an amazingly non-intrusive but very effective Noise Gate ....... however ..... I have 2 questions I cant find the answers to:- 1 => is this a Fully-Digital -or- Fully-Analog -or- Digital-Analog-Hybrid Pedal ? 2 => if its a Digital -or-...
  11. benifin

    Wasn't there *supposed* to be a major L6 "release" on Wednesday ?

    Hi all ! Despite my signature block I have no idea at all ..... only posting because *apparently* on one of his most recent Podcasts, Rhett Shull mentioned that L6 had a major "drop" coming on Wed this week [now past] ? Anyone have any idea / inkling or was he just making stuff up ? Ben
  12. benifin

    Gibson ES 235 ..... thoughts / comments / opinions ?

    Hi all ! Been looking for a small light-weight semi-hollow and there is one of these for sale locally for $US 1700 with original heavy duty bag ... all in mint condition - gloss red. Its small .... its light 6 lb 13 oz .... full solid center block .....lower bout is 1/4 inch less-wide than a...
  13. benifin

    Cool L6 Design Team Video ......

    Hey all ! Nothing earth-shattering but just a nice "behinds the scene'ish" look at the L6 Design Team. Ben
  14. benifin

    "Gibson" ES 339 Serial Number and Blank Back of Headstock ?

    Hi all ! Looking at a 2nd hand Gibson ES 339. Two things have me concerned:- -> the Serial Number is " ME 402371 " - there is a blank space between the E and the 4 - and it doesn't show up on the Gibson S/N tracker I found online hosted by " " -> the Back of the...
  15. benifin

    Gibson ES 335 and ES 339 ..... which "stock" pickups are the "classic" ones ?

    Hi all ! Am I right in assuming that the "classic" sounding ES 335's and ES 339's each came stock / standard with a 57 Classic in the Neck and a 57 Classic + in the Bridge ? Thanks, Ben
  16. benifin

    Calling " Keeley Compressor Plus " Owners => 3 Quick Questions about the " BLEND " Control ?

    Hi all ! Looking for an always on Compressor with a Parallel Compression ability - so am looking at the Keeley Compressor Plus but am a bit confused about the BLEND control:- 1 => does the newer CLEAN to FULL "model" now allow for %0 Compression all the way to %100 Compression ? 2 => or...
  17. benifin

    Nano Update re: GT 1000 Future FW's .....

    Hi all ! For what its worth, I sent a question to " yoshi " on Instagram and the following is what I got back:- ME:- Hi Yoshi. Quick work question please - any plans for a new updated GT 1000 Firmware any time soon ? Many thanks, Ben. Yoshi:- @benifin not soon, but considering it...
  18. benifin

    Best Noiseless / Hum Free " Jazzmaster " Bridge Pickup .....recommendations needed please ....

    Hi all ! My Jazzmaster is fitted with Genuine Fender 1965 [ 6.5k ] Jazzmaster Pickups - super chimey / clean - classic Jazzmaster Tone. My problem ? I play a lot of rock / harder-rock with it and it does these sounds brilliantly but it is soooooo [ loudly ] noisey and humy . Looking For ...
  19. benifin

    What Fender Model is in this video ???

    Hey ! See Marty Friedman Video below - it "looks" like a Fender version of a Pete Thorn Suhr .... anyone know which model / version this Fender is ? Thanks, Ben
  20. benifin

    *** SOLVED *** Calling GT 1000 Owners .... Running Dual Cabs has me stumped !?!?!?!

    *** SOLVED *** => See Post #7 Below Hey Fellow GT 1000 users ! I've got 4 presets sounding and feeling awesome with just a single amp [ no dual amps ] and a single Stock AIRD 2 x 12 SM 57 Cab. I thought - I'd like to run a 2nd Cab Block in parallel - same AIRD 2 x 12 Cab but this time...
  21. benifin

    GT 1000 .... **extremely very early** impressions so far .....

    Hey all ! Warning - bit of a long, subjective post filled with "esoteric descriptions" :) Only had the GT 1000 for 3 days - bought it solely to try its feel and dynamics - no other expectations / real-interest. This is a very early / "honeymoon" report .... in no particular order, here are...
  22. benifin

    GT 1000 and Boss Tone Studio Users ... some very quick questions ....

    Hey all ! Just got my GT 1000 and installed FW 3.14 and did a full factory reset ..... tones and feel are coming along well -but- I have a few Boss Tone Studio questions ...... for the record I am using a fast Laptop and have tried every USB 2 and USB 3 port - including via a USB 3 Hub - and...
  23. benifin

    Helix 1/4" Out @ +4 db -into- RME 1/4" Instrument Line in ... need some quick advice ** SOLVED **

    ** SOLVED ** => see Post #9 below Hey all ! This has me a bit confused and I just wanted to check something. At the moment my connections at home for DAW Recording are as follows:- -> the Helix 1/4" Un-Balanced Output set to +4db in the Helix Global Settings connected to -> the RME UCX...
  24. benifin

    Boss GT 1000 Core .... does it have "Balanced Outputs" .... ?

    Hi all ! Does the Boss GT 1000 Core have Balanced [ TRS Cable ] Outputs -or- are they Un-Balanced [ TS Cable ] Outputs ? Thanks, Ben
  25. benifin

    Boss GT 1000 .... is development finished ?

    Hi all ! This seems like a potentially *great* unit but I just checked and apart from two exceptionally minor tweaks it has not had a FW update of any substance since March 2020 .... thats 16 months ago ?!?!? Makes me wonder if it has now been "unofficially" abandoned / orphaned in...
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