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  1. Fifthstone

    What was your first tube amp

    Fender Blues Junior v1. Still have it.
  2. Fifthstone

    Best ‘clean tone’ pedal?

    Best cleans ever!
  3. Fifthstone

    Fender Blues Junior

    The Blues Junior V1 was my first tube amp and I still have it. I also have a V4 with Western Tolex and a Cannabis Rex speaker. The V4 is an excellent amp for how I use it - verge of break up with pedals for variety. Mic’d for larger shows. It sounds open vs the boxy V1. Nice reverb. Decades...
  4. Fifthstone

    Discovering the Keeley Katana

    I’m very late to this party. I’ve got dozens of overdrive pedals, including a V2 Fulltone Fat Boost. Many of the overdrives work very well as clean boosts when dialed right. I wasn’t looking for a clean boost, though I had been on the fence about picking up a Keeley Katana for a long time...
  5. Fifthstone

    Absolute BEST Big Muff you've ever heard/played?

    I haven’t had a huge amount of variety in my Big Muffs but I love my Wren and Cuff Caprids.
  6. Fifthstone

    JTM45: Germino vs Superplex vs Bogner

    I’ve had my Germino Classic 45 for a long time now. It is a true and authenticate recreation of the Marshall JTM-45. It’s built like a tank and sounds like the voice of rock. Greg is a great guy and a true Marshall amp guru. If you are looking for the true JTM-45 experience, you don’t need...
  7. Fifthstone

    First Two Rock: Studio Signature? Combo or Head/Cab?

    Very glad to hear that the tiny combo cab still sounds big.
  8. Fifthstone

    What's everyone rocking this weekend?

    Haven’t decided yet but have been spending time with this one lately.
  9. Fifthstone

    First Two Rock: Studio Signature? Combo or Head/Cab?

    Funny reading this thread as I am in the same exact boat as the OP and have a SS combo on order. I went with the combo to actually cut down on my choices and instead spend my time learning the amp with its stock speaker on e I get it. Because the amp is supposed to have good headroom at 35...
  10. Fifthstone

    PRS McCarty 594 vintage tuner change out on Hollowbody 2

    Can you please share the link to these locking tuners? I’ve not been able to find them.
  11. Fifthstone

    NGD McCarty 594

    Congratulations! Beautiful guitar. I am a recent convert to the 594. Tremendous guitar.
  12. Fifthstone

    NGD Epi Joe Bonamassa Black Beauty

    I managed to resist one whole day. Then ordered from Sweetwater. Won’t see it until December.
  13. Fifthstone

    Your Pedal With the Most Mojo

    Man, the looks pf that pedal had been on Google to find out more. I love my Whiteface Rat Reissue for lower gain tones. Resisting temptation to pick this up. For now!
  14. Fifthstone

    Your Pedal With the Most Mojo

    There’s at least one in every crowd. So no pedal you have has inspired you?
  15. Fifthstone

    Your Pedal With the Most Mojo

    Whatcha got? What makes you smile and lose track of time and go down musical paths less traveled? Mine at the moment is the Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay. Unpredictable and ambient and organic. Fantastic!
  16. Fifthstone

    Best overdrives for Telecasters

    I play mostly Tele these past few years. The Rat, OCD and Tube Screamer are all good low-cost options. Lately I’ve been reminded how versatile the Rat can be, even for low to mid gain tones. My vintage big box Rat is proving to be versatile and provides inspiring tone with gain at 10 o’clock...
  17. Fifthstone

    low gain sweetener to thicken up a strat?

    Love my J Rockett Archer for this. Also their Dude pedal works well with more gain on tap. Also very compact and well-built. Peter Thorne has a great test drive below.
  18. Fifthstone

    Catalinbread Adineko

    Well, I had been on the fence for a while about getting yet another delay. This thread pushed me over the edge. On order!
  19. Fifthstone

    Fuzz is my favorite clean tone

    Sweet tones and pretty piece!
  20. Fifthstone

    Fuzz is my favorite clean tone

    Was just riffing on my Fender American Professional Telecaster into a Tone King Falcon Grande with a Fulltone 69 Mark II germanium fuzz in between. It reminded me why I love fuzz faces so much. It’s not for the heavy saturated aggression. It’s about the shades of clean I get from rolling my...
  21. Fifthstone

    Epiphone using Gibson headstocks now?

    Yes this is about right. I have an Elitist Les Paul with the tombstone headstock. It is a really nice Les Paul, comparing favorably with my 2019 50’s Goldtop. I prefer the tombstone to the standard Epi headstock and like the new version with the cutout even more, and even though it’s not a...
  22. Fifthstone

    What's in the mail?

    Fulltone 69 Mark II. My second 69. Oh yeah.
  23. Fifthstone

    Germanium Fuzz Pedal recommendations?

    I don’t have the Ranger, but that is supposed to be like a treble booster so two different flavors.
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