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  1. thegame

    Tremol-No tonal question

    Disclaimer: Yes I researched this topic, with inconclusive results. My inquiry is a fair bit more specific than previous questions on this topic... So I have this unit in one guitar that the previous owner installed. Guitar sounds great with no tuning issues. I leave the Tremol-No set up in...
  2. thegame

    Covering up or painting over inlays

    So, I have this custom one off guitar of which I'm the second owner. Great guitar in every way. However the original owner had some custom inlay work (in abalone) done on its ebony fingerboard. They are on the small side and not that obtrusive but are of a religious nature and I'm not...
  3. thegame

    speaker reconing question (to achieve a different tone, not repair)

    Is it possible, when reconing speakers to replace ONLY the cone itself and keep all other parts original ? I ask because I'm debating having two original Celestion Rola G1280s with 1777 cones to be reconed using 444 cones, which are the superior sounding pair. All 4 of these (1777 pair & 444...
  4. thegame

    4 ohms wears tubes faster ?

    Assuming one is running a 4 ohm load (either a single 4 ohm cab, two 8 ohm cabs, or even four 16 ohm cabs paralleled down to 4) and the amp is set accordingly to 4 ohms, does this place more stress on the tubes and wear them faster than matched 8 or 16 ohm setups ? If so, could one then assume...
  5. thegame

    Sold Custom built EXPLORER project guitar - sold locally

    I'm calling this a project guitar simply because the buyer can use their own pickups & pots of their choice. Everything else is included & the control cavity has the pertinent ground & jack wires ready to go for pickup installation (jack has 3 prongs in case active pickups are used). Mahogany...
  6. thegame

    FS : Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups set

    Matching set of SD Seth Lover bridge and neck pickups. Plenty of lead wire left (single conductor), great condition (covers still quite shiny), unpotted. I purchased these new around 96/97. Screws/springs included (not pictured). $150 USD shipped/PP for the pair.
  7. thegame

    Gary Moore/EV question

    Did he use EVs in his Soldano/Marshall rig in this clip ? I have this whole show (An evening of the blues) on VHS !
  8. thegame

    Speaker experts; question about reconing.

    Finally found one last G12-80 to complete my 4x12. The owner says its fine at low-medium volumes, but when cranked (in his 1x12) it rings/buzzes/farts. I'm hoping the problem will be less noticeable in a 4x12. My question is would a recone job fix this or could there be another problem with...
  9. thegame

    Who's tried a 6x12 cabinet?

    What do they sound like? IMO 4x12s have less mids than 2x12s, which have less mids than 1x12s. Based on that, I wonder if a 6x12 would be really scooped? I also wonder if they'd be loose, considering the oversized design.
  10. thegame

    Do large dustcaps disperse highs less unidirectionally?

    Sorry if this is a dumb, or obvious question, but do speakers with large dustcaps (thats the "bubble" in the middle of the speaker right?) like the G12T75, CL80, G1265 disperse sound across a wider area in front of the cab? To put it another way, do speakers with smaller dustcaps like GBs...
  11. thegame

    Is it safe to switch impedence selector while amp is on....

    .....but in standy mode? Yesterday I hooked up two cabs (16 ohms each) to my amp, set at 8 ohms. After a while I felt like only using 1 cab, so I put the amp on standy, power still on, unhooked one cab and switched the impedence knob to 16. Took it off standy, sounded fine. Nothing...
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