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    My hideously beautiful partscaster is complete

    Love the guitar except the dragon burst, but that’s just taste. I have an original P13 in the bridge of my 50s Silvertone espanada- great tones there, especially with some overdrive and/or a slide . Now that you’ve mastered the partscaster, next up for you - scratch build
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    Hey guys, I bought a new guitar strap. Show us yours!

    Another vote for Well Hung straps. I’ve never played another strap that’s even half as comfortable. The Well Hung Shock Absorber had a small stretchy piece in the middle so there was flex in the strap to allow you more movement while playing. I absolutely love it and have never seen...
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    What's your favorite Les Paul bridge pickup?

    WCR crossroads is friggin amazing, both clean and with gain. My favorite bridge pickup I’ve ever played. I now understand when people describe a “3D sound”. For a hotter pickup - Dimarzio super distortion. Lots of fun. After reading this thread I want to try a WCR Godwood!
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    When things don't work out and you miss out on an awesome guitar. Oh, the pain...

    I’ve had that happen a few times. Still recall each time... If it’s a good deal on a production guitar - I get over it pretty quick. if it’s a one off type guitar, or rare or vintage - that I know I will never see again at any price, those are the ones that still burn.
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    1964 Fender Stratocaster Original Fiesta Red 100%

    2 dream guitars! (For many of us). HNGD!
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    One pickup guitars, lets see them.

    This thread is so cool. I just got into one pickup guitars with an esquire build. Love the tele bridge pup. I really want a 1 bridge pup humbucker guitar in a LP JR or SG JR but they don't seem very common. A vintage routed melody maker or junior would be perfect.
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    Vintage PAF for R8 Les Paul...can you really beat a SD Antiquity that much?

    Those custom shop pearly gates sounded pretty good to me. I need more guitars to try more pickups... (famous last words)
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    Vintage PAF for R8 Les Paul...can you really beat a SD Antiquity that much?

    WCR pickups are excellent as well. I got a crossroads bridge fairly cheap used from the classifieds, and put it into a 70s Univox LP custom. Holy smokes it made that guitar sound like a million bucks. I finally got what it meant to have a 3D sound, and the note bloom was just incredible...
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    Les Paul converts

    I've always gravitated towards the LP, but I really like the single coil sound. The worst is a muddy humbucker! The answer is an LP with P90s, or perhaps minihumbuckers. My top two ladies are a '75 goldtop deluxe with a neck P90 and bridge hot firebird minihum, and a '72 '54 custom reissue...
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    Who here has experience with an actual late 50's Les Paul?

    Looks like my 72 reissue. staple and P90 are a perfect combo, very versatile, especially middle position. Mine was refretted with jumbo frets when I bought it which I loved because it lowered the price and I can bend all day long. I played a R7 at GC the other day. It played pretty dang good...
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    is it common to prefer single coils with light gain/OD vs humbuckers

    +10 Big fat single coil tone with dirt. That's why the best Gibsons are described as a "tele on steroids" how about dynasonics with some hair on them? or P13s!!?? PHAT tone right there
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    NGD- weird vintage Gibson SG!

    Just read page 2 about the headstock break. Because of that, I'd send it back.
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    NGD- weird vintage Gibson SG!

    very cool guitar. I too was obsessed with SGs, pelham blue, and ebony boards. I had a 03 that I refinished in ReRanch pelham blue. looked amazing. took me 3 tries to That looks way more green than my ReRanch blue, but still cool.
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    Suggested wiring for P-13 pickups?

    Subbed. I've got a 59 espanada I'm restoring and (so far) a P13 I'm going to put in the bridge. the guitar was a husk so it will be all new electronics.
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    NGD Agile 3001

    HNGD! I love my 3100. I put a rio grande texas / BBQ set in. Whoa! Killer tonez. 50s wiring too.
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    Cabronita build.. Filtertron style pickup options?

    The powertron bridge is an amazing fantastic and great amp overdrive pickup. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
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    NGD-Custom Build. Billy Gibbons and/or Malcolm Young fans will like this.

    That is hot! The powertron bridge is one of my all time favorite pickups. I would be very happy with that guitar. How about a junior esque pickguard, raised off the body like a normal standard pickguard? It would give it even more of a hybrid look
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    Chris' Guitars?

    The site is kind of fun - scrolling down, deciphering descriptions, trying to wade through the wall of text description. Then you find a gem - Supro thunderbolt! :bow. Overpriced though. Some fair prices on other stuff though. Having said that I will probably never go back.
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    The Perfect Les Paul?

    That's been a favorite clip of mine too! The 54 goldtop is my dream guitar. My GAS has subsided this past year when I acquired a 71 custom 54RI. Not a wraptail, but it plays fantastic and the staple neck pup and P90 bridge are a perfect combo.
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    First gig with Trussart Steelcaster! NICE!!

    Beautiful guitar! Rev Billy G would be proud
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    Gretsch Early 1950s. What is this?

    Dynasonic ... Oooohhhh I like. That pickup is 1/3 the value of the guitar. Have to agree about no bridge pickup though, can't do without it.
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    Gotta Love The Double Bound Tele - NGD!

    I've been eyeing that guitar on CL as well. It was pretty much my perfect tele, but I've had too many gear purchases this past year so I couldn't move on it. Congrats on a cool guitar. What band are you in and where are you playing out? Maybe I'll come see it in action :rockin
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    Les Paul Deluxe-value?

    Goldtops fetch a premium. Clown bursts not so much. Pre-75 from Kalamazoo are slightly more desirable. Deluxes are not highly desirable compared to standards and customs. So, all in all with damage etc. 2300 is high. 1700 max, 1500 would be fair. I hate Norlins sun bursts (clown...
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    If my wife wanted to buy me a guitar with P90's........

    If its your only P90 guitar I'd go with the original mfr - Gibson. They do it right. I also agree with the poster who said make it special. A custom shop Gibson would be a fantastic guitar (with strong resale). It would have to be a used Jr or special though at the 1500 range.
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    Should I go for this 1970 Gibson SG? Help me make a decision already!

    That's not a great price for it, maybe a fair price as someone said. Seems as though you like it, so its probably worth the plunge. Haggle of course. If you sell it don't expect to quickly get that price though.
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