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  1. tweedcab

    Sold Morgan MVP23 Combo. **Price drop**

    While I am not keen on selling this amp, I can't justify keeping all my gear around given the limited playing I do anymore. This is a 2017 model in 9/10 condition. No issues mechanically or physically. Stock Celestion G12H-75. The only mod to the amp was my addition of red knobs for the Power...
  2. tweedcab

    Sold Les Paul CR8 Chambered Reissue - One-piece board

    With gigging behind me, I am scaling back my gear. I have had this CR8 for almost 3 years and it is pretty stellar. Likely the best vintage tone LP I've ever played, and an incredible midrange. It is the first of the 2012 run, SN 82000, and it has a verified one-piece board. A couple of...
  3. tweedcab

    Sold NOS Mullard CV4024 (12AT7) Tube

    NOS Mullard CV4024. For those unfamiliar, this is the British designation for a 12AT7. Nicest reverb tube I have come across. This one has never been in an amp except to test. In the original box/packaging. SOLD
  4. tweedcab

    Sold Picks and Strings Variety Package

    This deal is being offered as a package. It includes: 131 picks, all of which are unused. I had many more, but they showed signs of use. The below are unplayed: (31) Dunlop Tortex 1.0mm (12) Dunlop Tortex .88mm (19) Dunlop Ultex 1.0mm (18) Dunlop Ultex .88mm (2) Dunlop Ultex 1.14mm (5) Dunlop...
  5. tweedcab

    Sold Mesa Boogie Mark Five 35 1x12 Combo Guitar Amplifier

    Mint condition and just about a year old. No issues at all with the amp. Comes with the footswitch, cable and cover. Prefer a local pickup, but will ship in the US. $1700 shipped for TGP
  6. tweedcab

    Sold Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2014 Honeyburst 120th Anniversary

    I purchased this Les Paul Traditional new, in August of 2014. This is one of only two Traditional years ('14 & '15) with the "'59 Tribute" Humbuckers. They sound pretty phenomenal, and were only available in some CS models for a short while after 2015. It's a solid body, non-chambered guitar...
  7. tweedcab

    Sold MXR Custom Shop Bonamassa FET Driver

    I purchased this used about 2 yrs ago, and it was on my board non-stop until I started playing a low watt Marshall. nice JTM45ish vibe. Flawless function. $100 shipped
  8. tweedcab

    Sold Furman P-1800 AR Prestige Series Voltage Regulator/Power Conditioner Used for no more than a few hours. It is a backup, but not currently needed. Comes in the box with manual and cord ties. It's like new. Sold
  9. tweedcab

    Sold Fender Michael Landau Hot Rod Deville

    Purchased new in August of 2016 from Sweetwater. Frankly, I'm not sure why I'm selling, but I find myself gravitating to my Bassman for what we play. As far as 2x12 Fenders go, this is up there with the best. Amazing pedal platform. I have not come across a pedal that doesn't sound really good...
  10. tweedcab

    Sold Sennheiser e835 Dynamic Handheld Cardioid Microphone

    Purchased as a backup from Sweetwater last year. Tested for function only, and performs as it should. Box and all original items included. Sold
  11. tweedcab

    Sold Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone

    Purchased as a backup, but never used except to check function. It's like new with all the original packaging and items. Sold
  12. tweedcab

    Sold Vox V846HW Wah

    Purchased new from Analogman in 2011. $150 Shipped on TGP
  13. tweedcab

    Sold Jensen C12N 8ohm

    Pulled from a Blues Jr III soon after purchase. 8 ohm, 50w. Not even broken in. Mint condition and comes with the speaker jack. $60 shipped/paypal
  14. tweedcab

    Sold Roland Blues Cube Artist 1x12 80w

    I have had this a little over a year now. Killer, light, versatile amp that is really impressive all around. Love the power scaling feature. The amp is in very good condition with one very small nick in the tolex. Hard to photograph, but in the last picture it's to the left of the "I", on the...
  15. tweedcab

    Sold Strymon El Capistan v2

    Excellent condition. In the box with the power supply. SOLD
  16. tweedcab

    Sold Alessandro Working Dog Rottweiler 1x12

    Excellent condition. Relatively new 6L6's. RCA grey plate 12AX7 in V1, Mullard CV4024 in V2 and a Fender GT 12AX7 in the PI socket. Really amazing, light amp. Original, well broken in Jensen C12N. Sounds fantastic, and one of the nicest gigging amps around. Takes pedals like a champ. $1100...
  17. tweedcab

    Sold Bogner LaGrange

    Exc. Condition. First owner, comes in the box. $170 SHIPPED
  18. tweedcab

    Sold TC Flashback Delay

    Mint condition, in the box. SOLD
  19. tweedcab

    Sold OCD V4

    OCD V4 - $80 shipped/paypal
  20. tweedcab

    Sold Klon KTR

    Excellent condition. In the box. $225 shipped/paypal.
  21. tweedcab

    Sold Drybell Vibe Machine

    Like new V1 Drybell Vibe Machine. In the box with all swag and instructions. No velcro. As vibes go, this is among the best, but I have decided against vibe on my board.
  22. tweedcab

    Sold Gibson tuners

    Kluson deluxe tuners off 2014 Les Paul Traditional. Mint condition $30 Paypal preferred. Actual shipping.
  23. tweedcab

    Sold Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue w/ upgrades

    This is a year old BDRI in excellent condition. Enhancements include: Shellac on the cabinet (see last pic below compared to a new cabinet. it looks really nice in person) Vintage 30 speaker, broken in English version (seen with the stock speaker below which has been replaced) Philips 6L6WGC...
  24. tweedcab

    Sold KOT v4 high gain red side

    Decided that this pedal is not for me. Like new condition no velcro. $400 shipped/paypal
  25. tweedcab

    Sold Buffalo FX Rams Head

    Killer Ram's Head clone. Gilmour for days. Condition is 10/10, no issues. $175 shipped/paypal.
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