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    Cover songs that are just as good (or you enjoy as much) as the original.

    Within the Ruins - Fight Fire with Fire (Metallica cover) Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver (Dio cover) Amaranthe - 82nd All the Way (Sabaton cover)
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    What band has the best guitar song catalog?

    Wait ... Say what?! LOL
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    How do you afford your Rock n Roll lifestyle?

    Hey, Cincy isn't all bad :roll
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    Are you "that guy" in the band?

    OP: sounds like management, which is difficult enough when people are getting paid at a job/career. When its for a hobby, they will drop like flies. I haven't been in a band since college and I was that guy. So I think its ok to be that guy. Emotional Intelligence - its what separates...
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    Die Antwoord

    Prawnz! :roll
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    Take a listen to Rude Ruth, something different for Julian Lage

    Singing was unique, guitar was good, songs were meh. As in, they didn't do justice to either of the musicians.
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