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    Sold 1973 Gibson '54 Reissue Les Paul Custom Limited Edition

    Love mine. Incredible playing and sounding guitars (custom RI). Been my #1 since I got it. GLWS
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    Sold Gretsch Silver Sparkle Jet - REDUCED!!!!!

    I’ve been watching these for many years. This is the lowest price I’ve seen!! Still not the right time for me unfortunately
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    Sold It's the "I Got Ripped Off" sale!!! Strats inside

    I got scammed a few times just as you did. Sold both when I learned the truth as they made me angry just looking at them. Mine were small potatoes affairs though, a few hundred bucks lost at most. I have to say though that your attitude is tremendous. Good luck with your sales or legal...
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    Sold 1956 National Debonaire Archtop Gutar

    Fantastic! And beautiful. It would go well with my 59 espanada. I'd have to fight the urge to put another one of those supro pickups in the bridge. Glws
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    Rhinehart Partscaster Esquire Relic

    Don't see that everyday! That is cool
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