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    NGD, Ruokangas VSOP

    There’s something about his builds that look so clean and crisp.
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    Sold Lentz T Custom

    I’ve been admiring that Lentz for a few weeks. That’s a great deal.
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    I’m 14 and I don’t have a whole lot of money. What telecaster+amp should I save up for in the $3000-$4000 range?

    Finally, someone under the age of 65 asks a guitar related question but then they mostly get condescending answers. I sold a Lentz T to someone who uses it in their high school band. Sorry OP.
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    Greta Van Fleet are more talented than most players here on TGP

    I used to hang out with Alvin in the 60's. He was know as the Keith Moon of chipmunks back then.
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    What is everyone's thoughts on Tim Henson's "Boomer Bends" comment?

    What's the remaining 6%? People talking when they should be playing?
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    What is everyone's thoughts on Tim Henson's "Boomer Bends" comment?

    I don't do bends, vibrato or play in tune. Kind of got my own thing going.
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    Saw ZZ Top last night

    I believe it was a hundred Bolin guitars over 20 years ago. Must be well over 200 not to mention the matching basses and gifts Billy has given to other artists.
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    Lentz T or S?

    Hi Dave! I was thinking of your awesome guitars when I posted that.
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    Lentz T or S?

    Lentz makes a hardtail strat and I think it comes with a broadcaster-style bridge pickup. Probably not easy to find used but they get rave reviews from those who have played them and could be a good compromise for you without really compromising.
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    "Summer Of Soul" on Hulu stating today 7/2/21

    What a great movie and event!
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    Lentz Croydon Carvetop, she's back!

    I was the original owner of the blac Croydon and was it was the first one built for a customer. I agree with you @mody on the brillance of the bridge pickup!
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    Any Steinberger players?

    Hey @eddie101 Here is a picture of the NS. There was a bass version as well that received great reviews. This isn't mine but I have the same violin colored model. You may recognize the headstock from other Steinberger instruments. It's a solidbody but weighs in 6lb range.
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    Any Steinberger players?

    I play a Bolin NS. A guitar built by John Bolin and designed by Steinberger with input from Steve Miller. It's a very easy guitar to play with a nice range of tones.
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    Moving away from Les Pauls. Options?

    A Lentz Croydon is worthy of consideration.
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    What happened to D’Pergo?

    I received a promotional email from him today.
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    I want a les paul that isn't a gibson.

    @zepled112 Try John Bolin. He's built LP's for Jimmy Page and some of us regular folks.
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    New Lentz Build - Who has done the same?

    Does a modern bridge work with a vintage middle and neck pickup?
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    Custom Build Luthiers Wanted

    Check out John Bolin at
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    New Lentz S

    No one does black like Scott. Congratulations!
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    Which Small Company Luthier makes your favorite SG-style?

    John Bolin builds them. Here is a fancy one he built for Billy Gibbons.
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    Gibson-Scale Neck on a Telecaster?

    John Bolin of Bolin Guitars builds these. You can select whatever bridge and other custom design features you like.
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    Sold FS: Collings & Lentz

    I second this!
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    Lentz Question

    I've found that there is a short break-period for new Lentz guitars as well. I'm not sure it I'm breaking the guitar in or the guitar is breaking me in.
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    Steve Miller proves he's rock and roll...

    I don't disagree with Steve Miller but I wonder if he says something similar to his Bohemian Grove buddies.
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