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    New version of the Skreddy Echo!

    Don't think I've seen this on here yet? Sounds pretty great to me - trails, footswitchable oscillation, lower height enclosure. The original is one of the few digital delays that I actually like, so as long as it sounds like the old...
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    Low Gain OD to replace my timmy?

    Hi Everybody, I'm looking for some suggestions for a low gain overdrive to replace the timmy on my board. I've used the timmy as a boost/od for a few years now but i'm finding it a bit bland and looking for something with a little more character in the drive sound. I've tried an arc fx klone...
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    Marshall JMP Grounding issue

    Hi, I recently picked up a '78 Marshall jmp 2204 (50w master volume) and i've been having some issues with hum. I've tracked it down to the earth wire that runs along the back of the pots - when I connect the wire to the chassis the hum is gone. So my question is where should this earth wire...
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    Can anyone identify this speaker? (g12-65?)

    I've just picked up an old marshall jcm800 1937 bass 2x12. I've read before that these came loaded with G12-65's. When I opened up the cab to take a look I was surprised to find that the speakers are labeled differently; The G12-65 is labeled T3101, 444 cone, date code 26 march 1980. The...
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