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  1. Lucky Dog Guitars

    VENDOR: Lucky Dog Guitars

    I hope I have adequately followed the rules by putting "vendor" as a prefix. I rarely post here, but we have been building SO many cool guitars at Lucky Dog. We are still building them from scratch in our small tennessee shop. Even our hardware is custom machined. Here are a few of our latest...
  2. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Lucky Dog Guitars. 1st post here in a long time.

    I 1st posted here a few years ago as a small hobby builder. We have now put out around 90 guitars. We build all of our necks and bodies from scratch (most to the spec of customers on our reservation list so a wide range of options are available). We have also designed our own bridge, knobs...
  3. Lucky Dog Guitars

    New Batch of Lucky Dog guitars recently built

    Check us out at facebook/instagram. 100% handcrafted in Cleveland, TN, no store-bought bodies/necks etc. We build each guitar, one at a time, to the spec of the customer and put our artistic stamp on it.
  4. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Video Demo: Lucky Dog Televangelist with Nashville's new hot picker on the scene

    Austin Crum with his new Lucky Dog Televangelist. My software went haywire and didn't separate the jam track from the guitar track so I didn't get to separate them properly but you still get the idea. I'm real proud of how this build turned out.
  5. Lucky Dog Guitars

    SOLD! New Lucky Dog Jazzabel Bass just completed

    100% handcrafted here in Cleveland, TN - We do not use partscaster / store-bought bodies/necks etc. We make it. Custom wound RC Split-J-bass pickups, Alder body with high grade quilt top. Flamed maple neck with 6-degree tilt-back headstock and ebony bound fretboard. Hipshot tuners, heel...
  6. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Couple new Lucky Dog Televangelist Demo videos

    My playing is lacking a little these days from doing nothing but building for the last 3 years rather than playing... But hopefully its enough for you guys to see what these guitars sound like. This one is Josh Black of Nashville, TN with his Lucky Dog
  7. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Some new stuff from Lucky Dog Custom Guitars!

    Quite a few new Lucky Dog guitars have went out recently and we've added some cool merch as well. Here are a few new ones to share with you guys. Hope you enjoy. The new Jazzebell bass coming along The Lucky Dog LawMaker Bass just went out at Christmas MORE BELOW!
  8. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Sold **SOLD** Lucky Dog TeleVangelist - flamed top - flamed maple neck - Klein pickups & hardcase

    ***UPDATE - SOLD! **** I hope this is ok, I read the rules 2-3 times & it looks like a commercial business can have 1 add in the regular emporium. This guitar is also listed in the commercial emporium. I am the owner and builder of Lucky Dog Guitars. Brand new Lucky Dog Televangelist...
  9. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Sold **SOLD** Lucky Dog TeleVangelist - flamed top - flamed maple neck - Klein pickups & hardcase

    Brand new Lucky Dog Televangelist just completed 10/30/17. Rarely are any Lucky Dog's put up for public sale. There is a 11-12 month waiting list for a build. $2600 on Reverb. $2500 for a direct TGP sale (including case and USA shipping) This one was built for someone who had a financial...
  10. Lucky Dog Guitars

    **SOLD** Lucky Dog TeleVangelist solid mahogany now available.

    2017 Lucky Dog TeleVangelist custom guitar with western tooled hardcase & flamed maple neck. Compound radius (11-16 degree). Locking Kluson tuners. Just completed 8/25/17. Solid 1 piece mahogany body that has been drying for about 5 years. Very nice open/ringing tone with just enough bottom...
  11. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Kemper question I can't find an answer for

    im getting ready to buy a kemper powerhead. My question is, are there any differences between a brand new 2017 model and older models? I wasn't sure if they had made updates to address any issues with earlier models that may have been discovered etc etc. Any...
  12. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Advice.....Really small / compact "backup" preamp/drive/multi-fx + cab simulator

    I'd like to find something that I could throw in my bag that is the size of a single or double pedal that would allow me to dial up 2-3 good sounds to plug in direct for both recording and gig-disaster use if I have an amp go down. Ideally it would have a really nice front end preamp/amp...
  13. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Howdy! We are Lucky Dog Guitars - Handcrafted One at a time in the foothills of Eastern Tennessee

    I've been a member here on TGP for years so I thought I'd start a thread to share some of my builds. I rarely post Lucky Dog stuff here because most of my guitars sell before completion on my facebook/instagram pages. I hope you enjoy what I am doing. I only work on 1-2 guitars at a time & I...
  14. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Vox VT100X vs Fractal Ultra

    I went through a stint with the Fractal Ultra twice... bought, sold, bought again, sold again throughout about a 2 year span. Eventually went back to my Bogner Shiva & pedalboard & was so much happier with the tones. However, I've always been a guy that loves programming, tweaking and quick...
  15. Lucky Dog Guitars

    **SOLD!** Lucky Dog Televangelist #17 For sale. Aged white with hardcase. NOT A PARTSCASTER!

    Just finished... about 3 months in the making & it turned out spectacular. Let me know if you have additional questions.
  16. Lucky Dog Guitars

    FULL REVIEW! Vox VT100X 100w tube hybrid modeling amp review.

    1st I'll preface this with saying I am pretty picky when it comes to amps & especially let down with any kind of digital processors/modeling the last several years. I've went through 2 rounds of buying a Fractal AXE-FX Ultra... time spent with the Kemper...Various newer Zoom offerings... and...
  17. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Vox Tone Room help

    I figured out how to build a rig in tone room.. but for the life of me I can't figure out how to save it to the amp WITH THE EFFECTS settings. All I can seem to do is get it to save the "amp" to one of the 3 user slots..but not the fx The instructions are extremely lacking & I see no demo...
  18. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Need some input from Fender Prosonic owners (or those with previous experience)

    I just got a super clean Fender Prosonic 2X10 (USA model) Soundwise it sounds great & everything seems to be functioning properly. Tubes appear to be glowing nicely etc etc. But I am struck by how LOW the overall output is of the clean channel. I mean this thing is supposed to be 60 watts...
  19. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Tele blues jam - RC handwound pickups - Tweed bassman

    One of my newest Lucky Dog Televangelist guitars. Guitars are substantially better than my playing skills! ha ha
  20. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Help! Need some tips about recording VIDEO demos using iPhone camera while using amp-sim software

    I want to keep my guitar demo's as simple as possible. I've got the Jam-Up app on my iPhone & figured out how to allow it to run in the background when minimized When I fire up the iPhone video camera & record a demo, I CAN hear the Jam-Up amp simulated sound through my headphones. But when I...
  21. Lucky Dog Guitars

    New Demo Video. Lucky Dog Televangelist Serial #000007

    Hope you enjoy! This one is loaded with RC Pickups. I used to use several of the big name players until RC sent me a sample set & I just completely fell in love with them! This is the black-tie bridge & '57 Bloodline neck position. These are not parts-casters. No off the shelf bodies/necks...
  22. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Sold SOLD! Lucky Dog TeleVangelist now available - with gatorskin hardshell case

    Handmade one at a time in Cleveland, TN I accept cash, paypal, credit cards. More pics on facebook at my Lucky Dog Guitars page. *Note, not shown in pics, but it has a 3-way Les Paul style pickup switch. Pics were taken before wiring was completed. All the pics, details & specs found here...
  23. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Sold Danelectro Reel Echo Echoplex Tape Echo simulator pedal

    You dont see these every day, I've owned it for years & it sounds great. Very little gig time, mostly just studio use. $105 shipped
  24. Lucky Dog Guitars

    A couple more LuckyDog TeleVangelist's to share with you guys.

    The red LuckyDog has already been sold last week to studio musician Preston Parris. Look for a demo to be released soon with him playing the LuckyDog on a Todd Sharp amp. The yellow one should be done in about another week. Several others in the pipeline. I hope you guys enjoy looking, I...
  25. Lucky Dog Guitars

    Sold Fender Mustang Floor. 100% MINT. Still has plastic on screen, never gigged.

    Maybe 15-20min of use around my house. I got it just out of curiosity but still use my regular pedalboard. $160 shipped anywhere east of Memphis. Add $8 west of Memphis. I can post pics tonight when I get home, but it will be the same as looking at any brand new one
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