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    Noisy pedal board

    I have a small pedal board yhat is noisy. its loud when no one is playing and noticable. I run 7 pedals on a powerall or one spot chained. The noisy pedals are the boss geq7 ane older one, the mxr timmy, the fulltone plimsoul. Was winder if the new boss geq7 is not noisy and if i would grt an...
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    Strap lock question

    I put dunlop strap locks on a gibson es345. I accidentally hit the button by the neck and it fell. I caughti it in time so luckily no damage. Are the schallers better or what options do I have. I have the fender washers and they are a tight fit. I used to have a small piece of leather that I cut...
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    Princeton question

    I have a vox ac10 I been using that sounds really good. I been thru 3 sets of tubes in it so questioning the reliability of it. Anyways, my band mate got a 68 deluxe reissue which sounds fantastic thru my pedal board and guitars. Wondering how a Princeton would compare. The deluxe is way loud in...
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    Tubes for ac10

    I had a fuse blow in my vox ac10. My tech is retired but he told me to replace The power tubes and fuse so I did and it works fine with jj el84. Should I also replace the 12ax7 as well. The tubes are ecc803 and one is a groove tube premium in v2 and other is jj in v 3The amp sounds fine but was...
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    PRs 594 2020, 2021 vs older

    Is there a big difference in sound with a new PRs with the tci pickups vs an older used model. What’s year is the best way to go. I’m mostly looking at the 594 or dgt.
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    wireless xvive u2 and line6 g10

    I have the xvive u2 for my electrics and 2 other guys in my band have the line6 g10..when we first got them i could go 75 ft and they could go further. seems like now i go 25 ft out and it breaks up they can go a bit further but not much. over the last year the distance i can go from the stage...
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    Fender Acoustasonic

    I have 2 questions on the tele acoustasonic. 1) how do i thicken the sound. RIght now im playing thru a pa direct and it sounds very thin. 2) what strings guage and type, brand works best on it. I have the original 11s and thinking of trying 10 and wondered how electic strings would work.
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    Chorus and mods - Julia vs Terraform

    I just bought a Wampler Terraform and a Walrus Julia. The Terraform has many good sounds, a 5 yr warranty and really nice form factor. It’s about 1/3 the size of my m9. The only down side is that it needs a separate or dedicated power supply and makes all kind of noise on a one spot combined...
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    Wampler Terraform vs analog chorus or hx effect

    I was looking for chorus pedal and bought a Terraform. It was very noisy using a one spot so the good folks at TrueTone told me to plug the onespot into it alone and that seemed to fix the noise which means I need to upgrade my power supply or run a separate one for the terraform. It sounds...
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    Prs studio

    I played a new Prs studio and it sounded awesome. It is a bit pricey at 4K. Would an older one be the same or is the new one a revamp of it. Anyone have a new one or an older one and can comment on them.
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    Prs Se hollowbody 2 piezo or no piezo

    I played a Prs se hollowbody 2 and really liked it. There are none around for awhile with the piezo. Wondering how useful would the piezo be. Looks like a nice add on but for those that have them, is it a must have. it sound good in the clips but how often do you use it and is it worth waiting for.
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    Prs s2 594 vs s2 594 thin

    Does anyone have one of these or played them and can comment on them if they like them. Not exactly sure in the tone what the difference is.
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    Boss BF-2 flanger vs Chorus

    I been using a Boss BF-2 flanger for years to get a chorus sound as well as a few songs with flange. Would a chorus sound much better? I never had one and recently added a Mxr phase 95 and the sound is really lush. I’m wondering is a chorus would add a lusher sound or is the flange with regen...
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    SG 61 reissue or Prs s2 594

    Any owners of the 61 SG want to comment on them? How is the neck? is it this or thick. How does it sound. how is the the quality. And how does it feel playing. Was thinking about getting one or PRS s2 594. any advice thanks
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    Jimmy Paige white tele

    Does anyone have a Jimmy Paige white tele and can comment on it It they like it and why. I’m looking for a tele and try to decide. I played one a year ago and liked it.
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    Hx effect vs M9

    Is there a huge difference in sound from a m9 to hx effect? I have used a m9 for years and mostly used the tape delay, dimension chorus, flanger, and other mods. I see the m9 on a lot of pros boards and they always have a jhv mod on them. Which is not offered any more because of reliability...
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    Md200 or Teraform vs individual pedals

    i am looking for a chorus sound. I have a boss bf2 flanger and it gets close. I am thinking of a boss md200 or terraform, would I be better off just getting a chorus pedal? I might Use the term or phase but not a lot.
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    Mixer size help

    I have a yamaha mg10/2 older mixer which works great but no effects. I used it the other week with 2 powered speakers 2 mics and 2 acoustic guitars and ran a cable from the st out to another alto mixer which I then put 4 mics in and a keyboard. There are 4 other inputs on this mixer I could have...
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    Monitor screen for Mac book pro

    I’m looking to get a new monitor for my 2015 MacBook Pro. Was wondering which size 27 or 24 and what resolution do I need. I use it mostly for learning guitar on vids dvd and YouTube and Logic Pro.i May do more logic in the future but with only a few tracks. I have a 21 inch Samsung now and...
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    M9 can Hx effects can pod go

    I have an m9 I use and thinking about upgrading. The m9 still seems to work and sound good. Should I get an hx effect or the pod go. The pod go seems nice in the demos. any advice in which one. I like the price of the pod go and read all the post but since they are not out yet hard to say how...
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    Silversky owners

    are you still loving them after having them for awhile. I’ve played them in stores and like them a lot but already have a 5v Avril strat anniversary model and a g & l legacy. I still want one but wondering if they are sill being played a lot and any of them have any issues. Tom
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    Fender concert Replacement speaker

    looking to replace a very heavy 19lbs Evm12s in a Rivera concert. Looking at an eminence em12n neo which was designed to replace an ev or a wgs et90. Any thoughts? My main goal is to cut weight off it and these 2 do it and keep a good sound. It sounds great and loud now but at 73 lbs is hard to...
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    Custom shop strats

    Anyone have a custom shop Clapton strat and have compared that to an artist version. Is it much different and worth the difference. On a new artist model vs used custom shop is 400-500 difference. I played both and like both. The custom shop seemed a notch above the artist. I have no experience...
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    Fender concert - 12 speaker replacement

    Looking to replace an evm12s speaker that weights 19 lbs in my Rivera version Fender Concert. The amp weighs 73 lbs but sounds really good. I’ve been looking at 2, a wgs Et90 and an eminence evm12n neo which was designed to replace the ev. Any suggestions on which one or something else. The...
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    Favorite Silve Sky Color

    I would like to get a silver sky and can’t decide what color I like best . I seen the red, silver, white and black in person and like them all but red the best. I haven’t seen the new colors yet but like the blue and gold. Which is your favorite color.
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