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  1. Beakertwang

    Online guitar (or bass) configurators: post your designs for fun and/or science

    I love playing with the online guitar configurators. I thought a thread full of creative designs would be fun. Here's my first entry, from Balaguer. Espada in fiesta red with Bigsby and Lambertone Cremas.
  2. Beakertwang

    Someone recommend me a good kazoo and holder (seriously)

    My wife, son, and myself have formed an acoustic cover band. I’m on acoustic and lead vocals, my wife plays a solid body uke bass, and my son plays cajon. I think I’d like to add a kazoo for lead lines, solos, etc. Wood or metal kazoo? Will a modified harmonica holder work? I need ideas!
  3. Beakertwang

    NGD: Eastman E10OM

    I certainly didn’t need another acoustic. I have a well-worn Eastman AC522CE that has served me well for the last 10 years, but I’ve been drawn to the cool vintage vibe of the sunburst OM with the square headstock for quite some time. I had this in my Reverb watch list for a while, and couldn’t...
  4. Beakertwang

    Sold Amp’d by Well Hung 3” strap with Marshall grill-cloth

    Wide, nicely padded, well-made, and comfortable to wear. Only downside—the material is fairly stiff, and hard to adjust. This is in excellent condition. He’s asking $73 plus shipping on Reverb. I’m asking $60 shipped to CONUS. I’m having a hard time uploading pics from phone, but I’ll work...
  5. Beakertwang

    Concert tickets: my favorite Christmas gift this year!

    My wife and son got tickets for me! I guess he’s touring with an orchestra—should be fun! I’ve loved his stuff since getting his first album on vinyl when I was 8. Glad I’ll get to see this American treasure before he hangs it up for good! FB9CAA41-3F0A-4521-8D87-02C4197499F2 by Beakertwang...
  6. Beakertwang

    Michael Bolton

    1D9248A2-4FF1-4AF4-BCF9-F4261EE13ADD by Beakertwang posted Nov 1, 2018 at 4:57 PM :D
  7. Beakertwang

    Sterling (EBMM) Albert Lee

    I have a thing for quirky guitar shapes, and I've always liked the Albert Lee, but I never really wanted to drop the cash for one. Today is the first I've seen of the Sterling Albert Lee. I've always been really pleased with the Sterling line. They seem to be well built, with decent...
  8. Beakertwang

    My friend says "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell...

    is objectively as good or better than "Billie Jean", and that Soft Cell didn't gain the popularity of Michael Jackson only because of Michael's financial backing. And he adamantly and unequivocally defended his position. Discuss.
  9. Beakertwang

    May 19

    We can't dance together.
  10. Beakertwang

    Introducing my son to Van Morrison's Moondance

    Traveling with my wife and 21-year-old son today, and we're listening to the complete album together. He's heard parts of it before, but never just listened straight through. Definitely a desert island album for me. "Into the Mystic" is a highlight for me; I consider it to be one of the most...
  11. Beakertwang

    Sold Trade for guitar: Behringer X32 Producer

    This is in excellent condition; only used a couple times. Original box, foam molds, rack mounting brackets, power cord and dust cover included. As for trades, I like: Reverend Jazzmasters Teles Bigsbys Maybe a 5-string bass Open to other trade possibilities, as well. +/- cash as appropriate...
  12. Beakertwang

    Electronic kick drum stomp box?

    I do some small acoustic gigs, and also lead music at my church, where a drummer is available about half the time. At church, I pull the kick from our electronic set, but I'd like not to be tethered to one spot on the stage. I'm looking for an electronic stomp drum that I can either run through...
  13. Beakertwang

    A thought on pickup position for a single-pickup guitar.

    I have a nice neck just waiting for a body. Lots of ideas have been going through my head: jazzmaster, HSS strat, 2 P90's... But I was thinking a single pickup guitar would be cool to have, but sometimes bridge pickups aren't smooth enough when played clean, and neck pickups are too muddy when...
  14. Beakertwang

    Sold 3rd Power British Dream Head, trade for Helix or...?

    Ideally looking for a Helix or Helix LT (not rack). Also open to Atomic Amplifire, or guitars. I like Reverend, Jazzmasters, HSS Strats, Bigsbys...pretty open to ideas, +/-cash either way, depending on the deal. This is the first version model. Channels: '59 AC30, and '68 Plexi (with the...
  15. Beakertwang

    Price check on a 3rd Power British Dream

    So I picked this up in trade, not sure if I wanted to keep it or sell/trade it. I let a friend try it out, and he already wants to know what I want for it. :D Here’s what I know: it’s a first version, has the AC30 and Marshall channels, with the “Orange Glow” mod done by 3P. Effects loop and...
  16. Beakertwang

    Sold Eastman T486B w/Bigsby & Phat Cats

    $825 plus actual shipping charges. Would trade for a Helix LT, or add cash for a full Helix. Open to other trade possibilities as well. PM me. Very good condition. Some light marks on top, a fair amount of worming and small indents on back. They’re hard to photograph, but they are there. One...
  17. Beakertwang

    Sold Bigsby B5 and Vibramate, roller bridge

    $145 shipped Good condition. Includes spring, washer, all the screws. Roller bridge of unknown origin. Most likely GFS or Reverend.
  18. Beakertwang

    Sold PRICE DROP!!! Six String Effects Firebreath, Ibanez JD-9

    Add $10 shipping for one or all. Six String Effects Firebreath $80 Cool high gain distortion. Very good condition, with box, a piece of velcro on bottom. Ibanez JD-9 Jet Driver $35 Good condition, no box. Diamond Memory Lane Jr $OLD Good condition, no box. JHS Charlie Brown $OLD Good...
  19. Beakertwang

    I don’t normally like _________, but I’ll make an exception for this guitar.

    There are features I usually don’t usually like about guitars, but once in a while, a certain guitar causes GAS, despite my usual preferences. For example: I don’t normally like pointy guitars, but I’ll make an exception for a Gibson Explorer, particularly in cherry. How about you?
  20. Beakertwang

    CITES and shipping a guitar through the eBay international shipping program

    I've got a guitar listed on eBay with a rosewood fretboard, manufactured in 2015. I received a message from someone in the UK to ship it. Answers seem to be all over the place, from "I wouldn't risk it" to "the international shipping program is eBay's responsibility, and they will take care of...
  21. Beakertwang

    Last time I ship a guitar with FedEx!

    I almost always purchase my shipping labels online, and drop the package off at a local parcel store. Twice recently, FedEx has sent me a notice of a rate change, and billed me an additional amount of close to $10. According to FedEx customer service, this is because the rate given before...
  22. Beakertwang

    70's CMI/Gibson SG System amp?

    This was offered to me as a potential trade, along with a guitar that I'm interested in. It's a 50W amp with a 15" speaker. He says it's one of 30 made. I really have no use for an amp, especially of this size, so it would be a flipper. I'm always hesitant to go after lower-priced vintage...
  23. Beakertwang

    Ngdx2!! Eastman, EBMM

    Got these two in a trade today. Cool guitars, and they look great on my wall! Eastman T486B I love my Eastman acoustic, and I had been gassing for one of these for a while. My first 335-type. Not yet accustomed to the feel on a strap, but it looks great, is well built, and sounds killer...
  24. Beakertwang

    Can a Bigsby B7 go on a Jazzmaster/offset body?

    I've got a sweet neck waiting for a body, and I'd like to go with an offset. I really dig a Bigsby, so I know a B5 would work. Is there enough space behind the bridge for a B7? I just think the long tail Bigsby would look cool on an offset.
  25. Beakertwang

    Sold Really cool Supro prototype (built by Sweetwood Guitars)

    This is a one-of-a-kind prototype built by Glenn Sweetwood for the relaunch of Supro guitars. If you're familiar with Glenn's instruments, you know they're fantastic. This is NOT one of the new import line. There's a spec sheet in the pics, but here are a few highlights: Mahogany body Unique...
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