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  1. Fifthstone

    Discovering the Keeley Katana

    I’m very late to this party. I’ve got dozens of overdrive pedals, including a V2 Fulltone Fat Boost. Many of the overdrives work very well as clean boosts when dialed right. I wasn’t looking for a clean boost, though I had been on the fence about picking up a Keeley Katana for a long time...
  2. Fifthstone

    Your Pedal With the Most Mojo

    Whatcha got? What makes you smile and lose track of time and go down musical paths less traveled? Mine at the moment is the Catalinbread Adineko Oil Can Delay. Unpredictable and ambient and organic. Fantastic!
  3. Fifthstone

    Fuzz is my favorite clean tone

    Was just riffing on my Fender American Professional Telecaster into a Tone King Falcon Grande with a Fulltone 69 Mark II germanium fuzz in between. It reminded me why I love fuzz faces so much. It’s not for the heavy saturated aggression. It’s about the shades of clean I get from rolling my...
  4. Fifthstone

    Which Tone King to Buy?

    I play mostly Fender Telecasters and Stratocasters, though I do hit the Gibsons from time to time. I lean more toward Fender Blackface tones, though I like Tweed as well and have been curious about Brownface. I also like vintage old school Marshalls, but not as much as I like Fenders. I gig...
  5. Fifthstone

    Please help me pick an amp

    Guitar player for 30 years and newbie to bass, and loving it. I love my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass. Currently using an SWR 30 watt practice amp at home. Looking for a rig that I will eventually be able to gig doing Motown, classic rock, as well as some funk and metal. Usually to an indoor crowd of...
  6. Fifthstone

    Finally got a Tubescreamer

    Almost embarassing to say, but after 32 years of playing and tons of pedals I finally own a bona fide Tubescreamer. I went with the Ibanez TS9. I gave it a spin for a half hour today, running a PRS S2 Singlecut into a Reeves Custom 12. I have a Green Rhino and Fulldrive II's already, as well...
  7. Fifthstone

    OCD - tranaporting a tube amp

    MIs it best to transport standing, face down or face up. Standing is not an option in my car. I think I read somewhere that face down risks throwing the speaker cone out on a big bump and having it lock up in that position. What say ye?
  8. Fifthstone

    NAD: Reeves Custom 12 with Power Scaling

    Disclaimer: I do their website. Actually just relaunched. Please have a look. Anyway, here is my new Custom 12 with power scaling. I've put in an hour with my PRS S2 Singlecut. Holy crap! Clean tones are big and bold, round and firm. Plenty of highs if you want them. The mid sweep has a...
  9. Fifthstone

    How to choose a volume pedal

    in the market. What do you look for? What affect does the pot value have on function? What features to look for? Thanks!
  10. Fifthstone

    NGD - My First Semi-Hollow

    My gift to myself this season, an Epiphone Sheraton Pro II in sunburst. Loving it. Beautiful to look at and sounds amazing. The Alnico Pro pickups do a great PAF impersonation and this guitar cleans up really well for a wide variety of tones. Neck profile has nice girth. The Epiphone logo...
  11. Fifthstone

    Is Epiphone bind real...

    ...or just paint? Binding that is.
  12. Fifthstone

    Hercules mic stands are sticky

    I purchased a couple of Hercules mic stands a few years ago. Great stands, but the rubber grip that you use to release the vertical part of the stand to go up and down has gotten crazy sticky, like the material is decomposing. I don't touch it with my bare hands setting up for a gig because it...
  13. Fifthstone

    Should I get a Gibson Flying V?

    Like many of you, I need another guitar like I need a hole in the head. But I've been itching for one for a while now and am putting this out there to see if TGP can tip me one way or the other. I play classic rock and blues mostly, but venture into pop now and again. I have Stratocasters...
  14. Fifthstone

    Band conflict over song selection

    I've been in many cover bands over the years, and one of the recurring points of conflict has been agreeing on the songs to perform. Even in bands where there was a lot of overlap as far as musical taste there would still be cases where a member would refuse to perform a song or a particular...
  15. Fifthstone

    NPD - JHS Pulp 'n' Peel

    Spent an hour with the V3 this afternoon, doing mostly old Mark Knopfler-style noodling into a Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb. Very transparent compressor. Adds a nice roundness to my clean tone. Very quiet, adding no additional noise whatsoever, and great headroom and output. The blend...
  16. Fifthstone

    Neutrik combo jacks- WTF?!!?!?!

    I have a Tascam DP33 and a Zoom H4N. Both nice units, but I can't for the life of me get 1/4" unblalanced jacks to maintain a tight connection and send uninterrupted signal. XLR is fine. Am I missing something here? Is there a secret to getting quarter inch jacks to play nice with these...
  17. Fifthstone

    NBD - Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

    Should be here Wednesday. A Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass in sunburst. It's my first non-starter bass, my previous being a Squier Precision that I had bought sometime in the mid-90's. I am mainly a guitarist, but wanted a good bass on which to learn and to record. Ain't she perty?
  18. Fifthstone

    RolandCube 80 XL First Impressions

    Just got mine from Sweetwater today and took it for a quick spin. And I have to say I am impressed. Plenty of clean headroom on the JC channel. I took it up loader than my 68 Custom gig levels and it stayed clean. So the fear of 80 solid state watts versus 22 tube watts is unfounded. This...
  19. Fifthstone

    Ferrules dropped out!

    I hadn't played my 2012 American Standard Ash Tele for a couple of months. Took it out of its hardshell case to change strings and all string ferrules dropped out once I removed the strings. This has never happened with any of my Telecasters before. I am going to guess,that the body wood...
  20. Fifthstone

    Getting high notes to sustain

    I've been playing Fender guitars for most of my 30 years of playing. For the most part I don't venture much above the 15th fret, even for solos. But tonight I was playing the solo to Another Brick in the Wall with my American Standard Ash Strat and was reminded that I have always had trouble...
  21. Fifthstone

    My new pedalboard - Pedaltrain

    My new pedalboard. Picked up the Pedaltrain II with softcase. What a great product and deal. I finally bit the bullet and put some stickies on my pedals, Dual Lock in this case. Holds like a bad habit and the adhesive seems like it would not permanently mar my pedals. The pedals...
  22. Fifthstone

    NGD: PRS S2 Singlecut

    I have been GASing for this guitar for a few weeks now. I wanted the Singlecut in dark cherryburst. Found this one on Sweetwater, nice flame, the finish I wanted, so jumped on it. Initial impressions are very good. The finish is flawless. The neck feels perfect. Not too thick, not too...
  23. Fifthstone

    PRS S2 Singlecut or Starla?

    I am suffering some serious GAS for either of these two guitars. I am looking for my new workhorse guitar, one that I can use as my main axe for gigging without switching up. I like that both these guitars have coil tap and are MIA. I am not a tremolo guy, so am not crazy about the Bigsby...
  24. Fifthstone

    My first pedal board is done!

    And my choice for first pedal board was the Chemistry Design Werks Holeyboard Standard. I don’t think it’s too heavy for what it is, though certainly not as light as a Pedal Train. I like that the design is not the usual pedal board, but the key selling point for me was the ability...
  25. Fifthstone

    NPD - Catalinbread Goodness

    I had been fighting GAS for months while reading threads and watching videos. Pulled the trigger and bought both the Echorec and Belle Epoque. These have to be two of the most beautiful looking pedals ever. Two pieces of brick art. The graphics, the finish, they are like jewels. Total...
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