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  1. Jess 1971

    Bass Help!

    I am working on a solo album of original music where I'm looking to play all the instruments except the drums. I've played guitar for about 35 years, and I'm reasonably accomplished. I'm currently tracking bass parts for my record, and I'm struggling a bit, as I'm just not a great bassist. I...
  2. Jess 1971

    Flanger Title Bout: Thorpy Camoflange vs. Spaceman Aurora

    Never content to simply leave well enough alone, I find myself looking at the Spaceman Aurora despite having and (mostly) liking the Thorpy Camoflange. I think the Thorpy pedal is pretty excellent. Can get close enough to Electric Mistress tones and it also has its own unique thing going on...
  3. Jess 1971

    Sold Belle Epoch Deluxe - SOLD

    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Tape Delay - SOLD Like-new, totally clean, no velcro Comes with original box, stickers, pick, and baggie $230 shipped - PayPal, lower 48 only
  4. Jess 1971

    Iridium + Compressor?

    I'm a big fan of the Strymon Iridium, having used it for tracking almost all of the lead parts on my band's past two albums (link in sig below). The Iridium works especially well with fuzzes, and it has proven to be an indispensable recording tool. For my current recording project, I'm doing a...
  5. Jess 1971

    Sold Pedals: Boss, Skreddy, Wren & Cuff - SOLD

    ALL PEDALS NOW SOLD Skreddy BC239 - SOLD Killer Ram's Head Big Muff - killer fuzz pedal! Mint Condition No velcro ever applied $125 shipped - PayPal, lower 48 only please Original box not included I typically ship via USPS Priority Mail 2-Day Shipping. I ship quickly and my feedback is...
  6. Jess 1971


    I've actually had the pedal for more than a week, but I just got it back this afternoon from AnalogMan, who installed Panasonic MN3008 chips and recalibrated the pedal. I honestly don't know why I waited so long to finally get myself a nice DMM, but I'm glad I finally have one for my board. It...
  7. Jess 1971

    Power Question

    I am in the midst of a pedalboard rebuild, and as I increased the number of pedals to 13 from nine, I also moved to a bigger power supply, a Cioks DC10 Link. As the Cioks unit has only 10 outputs, if I'm going to power 13 pedals, I'm going to have to double up on a few ports. My more...
  8. Jess 1971

    New EP: Collider

    My band just released its new EP Collider. Includes our first ever cover song too. If you dig what you hear, please like us on Facebook!
  9. Jess 1971

    Sun Lion Question

    I recently purchased a Sun Lion from Analogman. It's a great-sounding fuzz, and the Beano Boost sounds fantastic with my Marshalls. I love the pedal. My question though is about volume. I'm not finding the fuzz face side to give much of a volume boost even when everything is cranked. The Beano...
  10. Jess 1971

    Mini Compressor for a Rickenbacker

    I am thinking about adding a mini compressor to my small board for when I play my Rickenbacker to get increased jangly tones, but I'm not really sure which one would best fit my needs. I'm torn at the moment between the Xotic SP and the Keeley Mini Compressor. I have the new Empress Compressor...
  11. Jess 1971

    Where do you put your compressor?

    I keep my compressor pedal last in my chain before going to the amp, but since I run my flanger pedal early in the chain, before dirt pedals, I'm reconsidering its placement. Is it generally a bad idea to run your compressor after your flanger and chorus pedals? Any general rules of thumb...
  12. Jess 1971

    Where do you put your tuner?

    For those of you who use a tuner pedal, where in the chain do you place it? I have always put my Turbo Tuner first because it's true bypass, I always assumed it would be the most accurate if first in the chain, and works as an effective signal mute for when I am switching guitars. But scrolling...
  13. Jess 1971

    Sold Pedaltrain Classic 2 and Soft Case

    SOLD Excellent condition Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard and original case Pedaltrain Classic 2 (24x12.5") has neatly applied velcro, and is pre-drilled for a power supply Comes with a brand new Pedaltrain soft case and shoulder strap. $120 shipped - PayPal, lower 48 only
  14. Jess 1971

    Custom Patch Cables

    I've used Lava Tightrope solderless cables for a few years now and I've been pretty happy with them. I am in the process of expanding my pedal setup and moving to a larger pedalboard, which will require new cables. I've thought about getting a kit and soldering my own patch cables, but to be...
  15. Jess 1971

    Rectifier Tube Question

    Apologies in advance for the noob question. Can I replace the Sino 5ar4 rectifier tube (pictured below) in my Friedman DS40 with any other brand 5ar4 rectifier tube (e.g., Sovtek, JJ, etc.)? Will I need to rebias the amp if I'm just replacing the rectifier tube?
  16. Jess 1971

    Sold Bear Foot Polar Bear Fuzz - $95

    SOLD Like-new Bear Foot Polar Bear Fuzz Comes with original box and packaging No velcro $95 shipped - PayPal, Lower 48 only
  17. Jess 1971

    Pedaltrain Question

    What is a good solution for better supporting a pedal on a Pedaltrain board where you want to orient it vertically but you only have the one rail to support it? I'm planning a new pedalboard but I have a few spots like in the sample image below where there isn't room to squeeze the pedal onto a...
  18. Jess 1971

    New Cusack Tremolo

    Has anyone here tried the new Cusack Tremolo with tap tempo? Any thoughts? There aren't a lot of demo clips available to check it out. Looks kind of neat, but I'm really focused on the sound quality. Currently trying to decide between this and the Fulltone ST Jr. , which seems to have...
  19. Jess 1971

    Junction Box for Pedaltrain

    On my pedalboard, I use a device called the "Interwire" made by GFI that's essentially a junction box that allows me to route some pedals to the front of the amp and some through the effects loop. It's about the size of a pedal, and it takes 9v power. The thing that makes the Interwire cool is...
  20. Jess 1971

    Sold Wampler Latitude Tremolo - $85 - New Pics Added

    SOLD Mint Condition Wampler Latitude Tremolo Comes with original box, bag, and papers Neatly applied velcro on the bottom $85 shipped - PayPal, lower 48 only Will also consider trades for a chorus pedal
  21. Jess 1971

    Sold Skreddy Echo

    Pedal is now sold. Mint condition Skreddy Echo Comes with original box and papers Neatly applied velcro on the bottom $175 shipped - PayPal, lower 48 only please
  22. Jess 1971

    Deluxe Memory Man Question

    I am considering adding a DMM XO to my pedalboard, but I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help with. My amps (a Marshall JCM800 and a Friedman DS40 [Plexi]) are generally run pretty dirty, so I have always placed my delays in the effects loop. I have read a few people suggest...
  23. Jess 1971

    At What Point Do you Give In and Get a Bigger Board?

    I've had my same Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedalboard for a few years now, and it has served me really well. I have nine pedals on it, plus a cool junction box to point things either to the front of the amp or the effects loop, as well as a nice Cioks power supply underneath. Despite my affinity...
  24. Jess 1971

    Strymon Deco: In the Loop or Out Front?

    I love the lag time effect of the Strymon Deco in the effects loop, but the saturation side sounds much better in front of the amp. I currently have my Dec in the effects loop because I have enough overdrives and boosts already, but it would be handy if I could make better use of the pedal's...
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