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  1. stuco

    Electrified: The Guitar Revolution

    Just watched this and really enjoyed it, I figured a lot of you all would too...
  2. stuco

    GC used gear online question

    Has anybody purchased a used guitar from guitar center online? Do they charge shipping or any other fees or is it just like buying new from
  3. stuco

    New Gibson Model The Midtown Standard
  4. stuco

    Your Favorite "80s" Guitars!

    Of all decades of the electric guitar, the 80s guitars (especially the more radical ones) seem to get the least respect and attention these days. It's amazing how you can often get what were then high dollar instruments for very reasonable prices today. With all the interest in 80s culture I...
  5. stuco

    Zac Brown has it down

    I don't know about you but I am really glad to see this band attain the status that they have in the past couple of years. Just about everything they have done has been quality and most importantly they are doing it the right way, their own way. Mainstream artists with this kind of integrity...
  6. stuco

    Neck humbucker in bridge?

    I've got a neck humbucker that I'm planning on putting in the bridge position of my strat, will there be any problems? Should I flip it around where the adjusters are near the bridge? I will be splitting the coils, should there be any problems with this? Any problems with playing it with the...
  7. stuco

    Albert Lee MusicMan, show and tell!

    I've got serious GAS for a Music Man Albert Lee. If you have one please show us and tell us what you think about it.
  8. stuco

    If you're looking for a languedoc style guitar...

    ...there is a nice resurrection guitars copy on ebay right now. No affiliation, I just know how hard it is to find one of these.
  9. stuco

    Anyone make a strat hardtail conversion bridge?

    Are there any good options other than filling the trem cavity, using a block, using extra springs, etc? I'd like a permanently converted hardtail bridge from my am standard strat.
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