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    Super Reverb trem intensity acting as master volume?

    So I have a 1963 SR. The trem didn't work when I got it; the speed and intensity knobs did nothing. When I opened the amp up I could see the neon flash when I first turned on the trem, then it would go dead. I assumed this meant a new "bug" was the ticket so I bought an nos neon bulb and an LDR...
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    can ungrounded power make tube amps sound dull and dark?

    I moved into a new house a few months ago and discovered the outlets aren't grounded. All the classic symptoms are there: buzzing, popping, electricity running through the strings, etc. I swear, however, that my amps sound dark, dull, compressed, and generally ******. Could this be a symptom of...
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    Bought a clearance DS-1 at Guitar Center for $13. Love it.

    So I walked into GC yesterday hoping to find something cool. I didn't. The used case did have a load of Boss pedals for really cheap though. Turns out they dismantled their Boss demo station and were liquidating the contents. Most were already picked through, yet a $13 DS-1 remained. I've had a...
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    Maestro FZ-1a people: could an old RCA SK3004 transistor be original?

    I'm considering an old FZ-1a I found for sale. The transistor closest to the pots is an RCA SK3004, while the other two are the expected 2N2613 parts. Any chance the Sk3004 is original to the unit? Thanks
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    Top 5 most important American bands?

    I was trying to think of U.S. counterparts to The Beatles, as far as cultural weight is concerned. No "solo" acts like Elvis, James Brown, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, etc. I came to the conclusion that only the Beach Boys could make a case for "equal" cultural relevance. I suppose cultural...
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    simple analog flanger that focuses on TZF?

    I want a simple flanger that focuses on through-zero flanging. I don't really like other flanger sounds, so TZF is all I really need. I have a strong preference for analog. Ideas?
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    Serious Rock and Roll: Good practices for wrist health as a guitarist

    I notice my wrists sometime hurt, or just feel funky, after playing guitar (or typing!). Who knows some safe, established practices, stretches, etc. for before, during, and after playing guitar? Practices that will hopefully lead to a long career playing music with wrists that are happy to...
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    modern stompbox clone of the 60's VOX Treble/Bass Booster?

    The one the Velvet Underground used. It plugs right into the guitar jack, like the old Dan Armstrong effects. Is there a true, modern clone (in a stompbox, preferably) that nails the tones?
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    Trashy little tube amp for White Light/White Heat tones?

    I can't stop listening to the Velvet Underground's White Light/White Heat lately. I just love those primal, exploding, sitar-like, screeching guitar tones. Other adjectives might be: scratchy, raw, cheap, etc. I want a little tube amp that I can chug along on to make those sounds. In my...
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    Is there a 5w amp that REALLY captures the VOX AC thing?

    I want a small combo or head around 5 watts that gets the complex, "blizzard of nails," full-range distorto-jangle of a good AC15 or AC30. I was playing through one of those little VOX AC4 reissue thingies, and it sounded surprisingly good, but maybe a bit too blurry and quick to distort...
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    Your best cell phone pedal pictures. (cell pics only!)

    Had some cool lighting while I was writing this morning. Grabbed the Galaxy s4 and snapped some pics: Wannabe artsy? Yes—but it's fun. Let's see yours!:beer
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART IV

    So Part III is over 1,000 posts now: Here's a new thread for discussing the Man on Carmine. He's had my guitar for a while, in for a new wood guard and some general TLC. UPDATE: got 'er back!
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    A gravelly fuzz that will NEVER be mistaken for a distorting tube amp

    If I hear one more fuzz that is: -smooth -singing -vocal -compressed -tube amp-like -natural -organic -infinite sustain -etc. . . . I will puke. I'm sooooo sick of big muffs, rats, fuzz faces, etc. What is a fuzz that will never be called any of the adjectives above. And I don't want the...
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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity vs. Antiquity II Telecaster pickups?

    Anyone compared the two sets? I'm hoping the II's have that classic, full-range tone. It sounds like the regular Antiquities are sort of focused and smokey in comparison. I need a bridge pickup that doesn't do that ubiquitous "pushed mids" sound (broadcaster, "lap steel" pickup tone). The...
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    I want a wah: must be vibey, weird, fat, chubby, sexy, etc

    I need a wah that really does a syrupy, gooey, sexy thing. I want it to do a cool cocked wah sound with my MKI tone bender. I want it to be a secret bullet to give me unique, nasty fuzz sounds. It should by loud, boosty, unruly, surprising, etc. guts must be sexy, full of silly mojo parts...
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    New EHX Soul Food Overdrive - Thread #3

    Super fascinated by this pedal. Thread 2 is well over 1,000, so here's a new one!
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    Anyone in Saskatoon, Canada wanna do me a solid and try a guitar?

    There's a guitar for sale, but the seller will only do local. if anybody in the area wants to help a TGP brother out, I could find a way to make it worth your while perhaps? PM me!
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    One note on fretboard just dies, no matter what string it's played on?

    What causes this? Is this different from a dead spot? Can it be fixed?
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    Bought the world's coolest guitar. Wildest braz. rosewood board. (Harmony H44 lovers)

    Just snagged this beauty. Weighs nothing, roars like a banshee. Has a tone that is truly unique in a world of strats, teles and pauls. Closest thing I can think of is a strat on neck pickup with twice the output, sustain, compression and fatness. The neck is still straight and true (and...
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    Looking for a major VOX jangle head to pair with Celestion Blue

    I want a small, hand-wired amp head to run with my celestion blue cab. I love the pure 60's jangle, sparkle, swirl sound as heard on early Beatles stuff. i don't want anything "VOX-ish" - I have other amps for that. i want pure old-school VOX tone. Ideas?
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    help! find my old CS nocaster. last sold in Utah (Intermountain Guitar) around 2006.

    This guitar has major sentimental value for me and I'm finally in a place to buy it back if I can track it down. I'm calling upon the powers of the internet to help me. Clearly beyond a long shot, but why not? I sold a custom shop nocaster to Intermountain Guitar and Banjo around early...
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    Eric Clapton Wows Audience With Even Slower Version Of ‘Layla’,34325/ DULUTH, GA—Debuting yet another arrangement of the classic song Wednesday night, singer-guitarist Eric Clapton reportedly treated a sold-out crowd at the Gwinnett Center to an even slower, somehow...
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    NPD: Acid Fuzz wedge MK1 tonebender fuzz (gut pics) *obscure fuzz lovers!*

    So I received my Acid Fuzz MK1 on Friday and it's been an awfully fun weekend. This pedal nails the classic, fat, crispy MK1 tone. It's super thick and intense with tons of sustain, yet really clear at the same time with really cool, scratchy trebles. Jittery start/stop stuff just sounds...
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    songwriting/vocals/lyrics/musicianship/taste - has anyone come close to The Beatles?

    The "full-package." The Beatles songwriting, vocals, harmonies, instrument prowess, taste, melody, lyrical ability, consistency, etc. blows me away, endlessly. How did they do so much right? From John's perfect vocals, to Paul's groundbreaking bass parts, Ringo's inimitable "melodic"...
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