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    Vintage Kay Galaxie Truss rod?

    Im trying to do some research on the 1960s Kay Galaxie, Does anyone know if it has an "ADJUSTABLE" truss rod? I did some research and someone said that in the 50s kay was not putting adjustable truss rods in, but started to in the 60s. I was just wondering if anyone was a little more certain...
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    transformer codes, how old is my vibrolux reverb

    I have a vibrolux reverb but i cant tell how old it is. ive done some research and Im still not sure what is what. the tube chart is ripped all i see is one "A" and then its ripped to nothing. I have three transformer codes (if it helps) the biggest transformer is black and says CSA TEST...
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    Vintage Vibrolux Reverb Project

    So i have 1964 vibrolux reverb (im pretty sure the year is right, any help is appreciated) . My neighbor just gave it to me, because my neighbors are seriously the most amazing people, and love the young music house down the road. So that was awesome. I think all internal components are...
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    Where to buy single grover tuner

    I broke the back off a grover deluxe tuner on my bands les paul. And i just need one. It looks like the silver one in this image. Anyone know where I can get one?
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    Strymon, speculation and hopes.

    Please post what you would think, and what might be a cool pedal for you? Just seeing if anyone aggress this would be a good idea. Seeing that we all watched damage control evolve into strymon becoming one of the leaders in product quality and branding for pedals. they haven't released one bad...
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    Dating a vibrolux reverb

    So my neighbor gave me an "old fender tube amp" as he called it hahaha. It was given to him and his son likes what he calls "metal amps" and he said it needed some work. I knew what it was, to him its a beat up project amp, to me it was christmas. Well Its been really hard to date it as...
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    goodrich 120 "high life replacement pot" experiences.

    My goodrich pot is to scratchy now. I was wondering if anyone has tried this LONG LASTING replacement pot they offer now thats like 30 bucks. IF so is it worth it. I just want to know if i want to keep mine and fix it or fix it and sell it. volume pedals sucks every one of them ha.
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    technical power ? hot or cold?

    So im building a board. And i bought an Iec connector to go on the outside. So I cut the end off a voodoo labs iso 5 iec cable. I know green is ground. And i think black is hot white is not. Could any one tell if im right and what ends i need to soldier to on the iec connector. I know the top...
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    how to get a product developed

    So me and my band think we came up with this cool idea for in ear monitors. Similar to the Aviom system (if you unfortunatley have had the honor of using that system), but it would be way better in sound, controllability, and ease of use. We just started to lay the idea out. For the record...
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    (stupid ?) good material for advanced player

    Ok. I always seem to get lost in looking through these threads, so this question is probably going to be really annoying to most of the people who hang out in this area. Im looking for good material, (books/dvds preferred) My goals master my chord construction (ie making and naming...
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    timefactor update.

    anyone done the update? If so what do you like?
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    Import tax from uk to us

    Okay so i really want a guitar from a shop in england. Its a good deal on a guitar i really want. But he said i may have to pay an import tax. But how do i estimate that. I did some research and got really confused. If the guitar is 799gbp plus 89gbp shipped how much taxes do i have to pay...
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    guitar upgrade. 1980s cij/mij?

    Okay so i have been playing guitar for 14 years almost. And performing fulltime for about a year plus now. I have always spent tones of money on my amp and pedals. (when i say a ton its really not alot). But i have been playing the same mexican strat since 2000 and its almost a fretless. I love...
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    Favorite Gear Page user signatures.

    Okay so I never had a signature here in the 4 or 5 years i have been on this forum. But today i read something that i decided would be it. Tell the story behind yours Or Share your favorite.
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    where are the timelines!

    I been wanting to get one so bad lately. Am i the only person that hasn't seen but one in two months? Im kinda banking on the damage controls new pedals! hopefully the first one is a delay!
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    speakon cable for pedal board power?

    Okay this may be a little to DIY for tgp. How would i wire a power cable to a speakon end which i could plug in to a mounted speakon jack that ill put on my pedal board.
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    Guitar Center carries lovepedal?

    Walked into my local Guitar Center to exchange a bad cable. Which took them all of 20 mins behind a computer... then another 15 to ring me up for some strings and such....By this time i had looked at everything in the front store, I find a giant sign that had lovepedal eternity fuse on the...
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    powering m9

    Okay. i have searched, but with no luck. Is there any other way to power an m9. The supplied power supply is starting to come apart where the thing chords meets the giant square part of the power supply. it says on the bottom of the m9 it needs. 9v ac (i think) with 2000millamps i have...
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    best thing that could happen to a pedal junkie

    i bought one pedal, straight from the builder. He shipped me two! but i can't just keep it I contacted him and will be shipping it back.
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    compressor PEDAL on SNARE OR KICK DRUM

    Okay this sounds crazy and I want to try it. People use rack compressors all the time on drums. What it sound like to add a guitar compressor pedal on a snare drum or kick. I mean whats different about a compressor pedal and a rack compressor. I know people use sansamps on drums sometimes.
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    high headroom 6l6s

    Alright so in two years i have had Jan philips small bottle 6l6s and TAD (tube amp doctor) 6l6s in my amp. I bought the tads because the jan philips went up in price and I wasn't making alot of money at the time. So today i put back in the jan philips (that barley have any life in them). BUT...
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    what will happen to the klon value?

    What do you think will happen to the klon value after the rerelease. Ftr i dont really plan on buying one untill the new one comes out, just wondering?
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    My guitar work for Hispanic artist.

    Okay someone told me i could get some session work done for a hispanic artist to make some cash..... this is not what I expected. Turned out cool. Heres the link. Songs are on the right side of the page halfway down. I did all the work on AHora tu And rhythm and solo on Cayendo en tu red...
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    70s princeton at pawn shop ?

    alright called the shops in town, ones got a 70s princeton for 400.... worth it. Either i like it and keep it or i hate it and want to profit. If i hate it will i profit.
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    make my own cables

    Would it be a bad idea to make my own instrument cables? What i was thinking is getting eveidence audio cable by the foot from music toyz and then order nuetrik ends. Is this an exspensive or stupid way of doing it. I have been playing monster cables forever now just want to make some really...
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