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  1. andtrea

    BOSS RV-500

    Is it possible to reduce the annoying volume bump on the hold function?
  2. andtrea

    The New Boss DD-200

    Does it go in crazy analog-style self oscillation in some setting? Video or samples would be super-appreciated
  3. andtrea

    And TPS just made the OCD 1.7 into a holy grail

    For the record, the version 2.0 finally fix the impedance problem with other pedals, that added with the confusion of the different versions always held me back from the OCD. Finally I tried a 2.0 and liked A LOT. With the tone knob just before noon is perfect for me, no crazy mids nor harshness.
  4. andtrea

    And TPS just made the OCD 1.7 into a holy grail

    Et voilà... (from Fulltone facebook page) "The lads at "That Pedal Show" just posted a lengthy comparison video between a V1 OCD and a new V2 and Cs-Ge. Aside from the ridiculous futility of attempting to set the knobs the same, all sounded good, go figure. The reason you can't set the knobs...
  5. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    Thanks a lot, I'll suggest to my tech!
  6. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    @Peps : sorry double post... Bonus internal pic
  7. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    I have the internal trimpot at about 60-70% and I think it is the sweet spot. Increasing: the hiss get less noticeable but I lose definition, the sound is flabby. Still usable with single coils but too much gated with humbuckers Diminishing : "cat in a heat" intensifies! Anyway thank for...
  8. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ - Guitar unplugged at 0:11 - Tweaking volume pot from 1 o'clock to maximum at 0:23
  9. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    I just tried and ... yes :(
  10. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    @songtalk: No, and the noise is the same with batteries or power supplies. The pedal is always the first in the chain, anyway same problem with 70 alone between guitar and amp.
  11. andtrea

    Strictly FUZZ

    Hello fuzz experts, recently I found an old '70 fuzz (blue big box) with a BC103 and BC114 (?!). It sounds big and aggressive but always musical, best silicon fuzz I evertried, really enjoying it, but there is a thing that is driving me nuts. If I max out the fuzz starts to hiss and whistle. I...
  12. andtrea

    Noisy fulltone '70

    So.. that's "rock" I guess... or do you think is faulty?
  13. andtrea

    Proco rat 2 1989 noisy

    Same problem here, I recently tested my RAT2 with my LP into a '73 Bassman 100. Same cables and power supply and a bunch of other distortion pedals (Hot Cake, distortron, tube Screamer and... HM-2), the RAT was the only one squealing with the gain from 11 o'clock. The back cover is not original...
  14. andtrea

    Earthquaker Devices Westwood vs Benson Preamp vs Timmy

    I'm considering a 2 band eq overdrive for low/medium gain to manage (better) different guitars . I used to have a Timmy but I sold it in a period of downsizing (anyway I always thought it was it a little weak, but very versatile). Benson Preamp, Westwood, and Timmy are pretty hard to find here...
  15. andtrea

    DOD Rubberneck Analog Delay

    Really? Mine doesn’t work with a single plug from Powerplant jr, it wants the 2 in 1 yellow plug
  16. andtrea

    Henry Kaiser Five Times Surprise Rig Rundown

    Very similar to Nels Cline rig!
  17. andtrea

    Strymon Mobius/Flint Headroom

    Bump! Any suggestion to improve Flint headroom lack?
  18. andtrea

    New EHX Triangle Big Muff Reissue

    Great pedal and great marketing for EHX with these reissues. But honestly I don't like Bill Ruppert's demos. Ugly and outdated video editing, the sound is always compressed and digital... ok better stop here :/
  19. andtrea

    MXR 108 Mini Fuzz

    Apart from the buffer switch and battery option ... is it basically the blue mini fuzz face pedal?
  20. andtrea

    Blackface Fender Bassman boost/od pedal?

    Interesting, I'll try as soon as i Can (rehearsal room is not nearby). Which 4x12 would you use with a Bassman 100 head?
  21. andtrea

    Blackface Fender Bassman boost/od pedal?

    It's not only a "sparkle" issue. In these years I've built my tone around the Bassman '59 LTD and I'm afraid that the Jensen P10R respond in a very different way (especially on mid-highs) from every 12 speaker that I'm trying now with the SF head. The clean sound is beautiful, rich and with the...
  22. andtrea

    Blackface Fender Bassman boost/od pedal?

    Bump! Mine is a 1973 Bassman 100. I love its clean but the od/dist that I used for years* with the 59ltd sound too midrangey. Tweaking on the head eq I can shape the sound with even dramatical results (especially the bass knob) but actually with a good clean my distorted tone has always low...
  23. andtrea

    EHX freeze vs Superego

    I had the SuperEgo a couple of years ago, and while I liked a lot for the "gliss" possibilities I remember that it was not that simple to get a simple strong frozen note. Watching the ProGuitarShop demo my impression seems definitely wrong, but I remember that I thought that the sound decay too...
  24. andtrea

    Fender Bassman Silverface 100 problem

    Hi, I bought an used Bassman 100, all original from 1973. I tried at seller's house and it sounded good, apart from some little background hum, but it didn't worried me too much, considering the age and that of course my tech will check it out. But, trying it now at my home, sometimes makes this...
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